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Ring Name(s) Chris Jericho, Y2J
Handler Triple H, Assassin, Trey Union (Current)
Height 6'0"
Weight 226 lbs
Date of Birth 9/11/1970
Home Town Manhasset, New York
Other E-Feds None
Win/loss Record Unknown
Debut October 1st 2007

Chris Jericho (born November 9, 1970) is a professional wrestler best known for wrestling under D-Generation XX on its Monday Night Massacre brand, where he is a former DXX Champion. He also wrestled on Friday Night Mayhem before becoming the General Manager of Massacre, but later handed over his duties to Triple H and once again retuned to compete on Mayhem.



Debut in DXX

Jericho began his DXX career by signing an exclusive contract on the one show they had at the time. He promised the fans that he would 'save them' from boring matches, unimaginative storylines and dull characters, immediately establishing himself as a heel with the fans and unpopular with the wrestlers backstage. He wouldn't wrestle his first match until over a fortnight later, where he took on one half of Rated HBK, Shawn Michaels, in a singles match as he had begun a personal rivalry with both members of the group. He won his first match, and the very next week defeated Edge. These wins were significant to Jericho's early rise as Rated HBK were DXX Tag Team Champions at the time, and from there he defeated the then-Heavyweight Champion Nabeel Nawaz to take his win/loss record to 3-0 - all of his defeated opponents being a champion at that point.

Title shortcomings

Because of this impressive start to his career Jericho was granted a Tag Team Title shot against Rated HBK, rather reluctantly teaming up with Dead Level. The team did not get along and Jericho walked out on his partner mid-match, enabling the Tag Team Champions to retain with ease. From there he gained a DXX World Title opportunity only a few days later, but again both he and Josh Impact came up short against the champion Nabeel Nawaz in a triple threat match. In Jericho's final match before the Massacre/Mayhem roster split he got back to winning ways, defeating Kevin Kbango.

Drafted to Massacre

At the end of November Chris Jericho was drafter to Monday Night Massacre as the second pick. In his first match he teamed with The Undertaker - again reluctantly - to compete in a seven team elimination match. This time however he stayed in the ring until his team were eliminated, presumably out of fear and respect for his partner. Jericho's next match was against John Cena where again he showed signs of respect for another member of the DXX roster, and he beat him cleanly thanks to his finishing move The Walls of Jericho.

By mid-December the General Manager of DXX Rocco Ross was developing difficulties with Rated HBK, who had been drafted to Massacre along with Jericho. Ross hand-picked Jericho as his partner to teach them both a lesson, and they were successful in doing so. This not only ended the differences the former Tag Team Champions had with the General Manager but it was also a personal measure of retribution from Jericho himself, finally defeating both men in a tag team bout.

The following week Jericho was somewhat unhappy to find that his Massacre opponent was the most dominant force on the brand, Crisis. This led to a rather amusing interview in his locker room where he hid behind and overturned table wearing an air raid helmet, notably terrified of what was potentially in store for him from 'The Man From Hell.' Jericho managed to avoid a potential confrontation backstage and the two met in the ring for the main event of that evening, with Jericho coming up short on that occasion.

DXX Title reign

Jericho celebrates successfully defending his DXX Title against Ace

On Christmas Eve 2007 Y2J and Rocco Ross teamed up once again, this time to take on Jaden Russo and Zach Marlow. The stipulation for this match was that the winning team would then face each other at the Final Destination Pay-Per-View. Rocco and Y2J successfully won, booking their place in the main event to wrestle for the vacant DXX Title.

Leading up to the match Ross showed a great amount of respect for Jericho, meaning that the title match wasn't a typically personal feud where two men wanted to kill each other but rather a match built on respect and trust - neither man would have made it to the main event if they hadn't worked together. In that match Jericho successfully defeated the General Manager, thus crowning him the first ever DXX Champion.

On the first Massacre show of 2008 Jericho took on a newcomer to DXX, Kaz, in a non-title match. Kaz was determined to make the most of the opportunity he had to make an immediate impact on the company, and in what many consider to be a major upset he he did just that, pinning the DXX Champion right in the middle of the ring. After this match some fans thought Jericho wasn't fit to wear the biggest prize in the industry, so in his first title defence since winning the belt he took on the returning Ace, a former Tag Team Champion himself. Y2J absolutely dominated the match and silenced any critics he had from the previous week, and from there he once again defeated his old nemesis Shawn Michaels to really close the proverbial book on the matter.

Jericho's opponent for the next Pay-Per-View The Rebirth was James Manson, a Superstar who'd sensationally worked his way up the roster to earn his shot at gold and glory. During the course of the match Jericho embarrassed both himself and the Massacre brand by getting himself intentionally disqualified, cheating the fans out of a match they had paid good money to see. Rocco Ross decided to profit from this mistake by making the two men team up a fortnight later on Massacre, and they somehow worked as a cohesive unit to defeat Mr Kennedy and Jordinator. In what can only be considered as one of the shocks of 2008 Rocco Ross then immediately made a title match - there and then - seeing himself as the challenger vs Jericho as the champion. Rocco won the match, meaning Jericho's title run was over in controversial fashion.

Traded To Mayhem

After Jericho's title run ended he wasn't seen on Massacre television for several weeks, eventually causing Rocco Ross to make a decision and trade him to Friday Night Mayhem. Almost a month after losing his DXX Title he had his first match against Eddie Guerrero, a match which he won. The next week he faced the re-debuting Doctor Cube, and this time he lost. The very same night he competed in a ten man Battle Royal with the winner earning a title match at WrestleMania 2, but was eliminated.

The Road To WrestleMania

Jericho's future plans were relatively simple leading into the biggest DXX Pay-Per-View of the year - qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2 by taking on another old nemesis in Edge. The two squared off on the March 14th edition of Friday Night Mayhem, and Jericho was successful in qualifying by making Edge submit to the Walls of Jericho. Immediately after the match Carari Grey announced that various participants in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match would be facing each other in singes matches, and Y2J was drawn against Josh Impact.

Y2J discusses Universe Title plans with DJ Hipp

On the final Friday Night Mayhem match before WrestleMania the match took place mid-way through the show, and Jericho looked impressive leading into the event. He dominated Impact almost from start to finish and showed great heart and determination by kicking out of several pinning predicaments, ultimately winning the match by hitting a Codebreaker followed by a Lionsault.

At WrestleMania itself Jericho ultimately did not claim the Money In The Bank briefcase, eventually losing out to Kevin Kompiler.

Feud with Carari Grey

After WrestleMania Jericho wasn't seen on Mayhem television for two weeks, when out of the blue on the April 11th edition DXX Universe Champion DJ Hipp unexpectedly offered him a title match at the upcoming Pay-Per-View Road To Redemption. Previously on the fans learned that Y2J was also involved in a tournament for the vacant DXX Millennium Championship, leaving a dilemma of sorts regarding what to do. Mayhem General Manager Carari Grey soon sorted the problem by leaving Jericho in the tournament and also making the match with Hipp for the Universe Title, meaning the possibility was there for Jericho to win both titles. He gladly accepted both challenges, although problems started to occur between Jericho and Carari leading up to the Pay-Per-View.

During the April 18th edition of Friday Night Mayhem an altercation took place between the two, during which harsh words were exchanged which ultimately culminated in Carari throwing hot coffee over Jericho before storming off. A little later the same evening Mayhem interviewer Sarah Green caught up with him in the parking area of the arena while retrieving his wrestling gear from his car, and upon noticing Carari's limousine parked nearby he promptly placed a large scratch along the side of it using his car keys. Later that evening a fatal 4 way match between Jericho, DJ Hipp, Doctor Cube and Nabeel Nawaz took place, with three men going through to the Millennium Title Tournament and the fourth - the man who got pinned - being eliminated entirely. Towards the end of the match Jericho looked like he had it won, although interference from Carari Grey meant Hipp picked up the win instead by pinning Doctor Cube. Luckily this had no major impact on Jericho's title hopes as he had qualified for the tournament, but Carari had succeeded in taking the feud to the next level.


On April 24th 2008 Jericho suddenly decided to quit DXX altogether, informing but giving no information on why he called it a day.

Taking Over the Show

After a three month absence Chris Jericho made a return to Massacre, announcing that he was the new General Manager and succeeding James Manson who was removed after failing a drugs test. Jericho announced he was aiming to take the show into a new era of wrestling, reverting it away from Rocco Ross's regime and making it his own starting with two major trades and reverting Massacre back to Monday Nights.

Critics have reported he put Massacre on top following a roar in ratings. However later in his reign Jericho's personal life interfered in his business, meaning that Steve Austin had to take over on two occasions as Acting General Manager. Jericho did return to active duties but left his job soon afterwards in early December allowing Triple H to take over.

Return To Mayhem

Immediately after leaving his job as Massacre General Manager Chris Jericho re-signed a contract to once again appear on the Mayhem Brand of DXX, immediately becoming involved in a backstage altercation with Dolph Ziggler. His first match back saw him team with Ted DiBiase Jr. to face both Ziggler and Kevin Kompiler, with the stipulation being that if Jericho's team won Jericho would go on to face Khwame Myles for the vacant DXX Trans-Continental Championship at Crucifixion and the same would apply to Dolph Ziggler if his team won. Jericho and DiBiase won when the Million Dollar dream was slapped on Kompiler, forcing him to submit, but Y2J came up short in his championship match against Miles at the Pay-Per-View.

Team Mayhem

After his title loss Jericho was seeded in the tournament to crown a new DXX Magnum Champion, successfully beating both Lucas King and Ghost to make to to the semi-final stage of the Magnum Title tournament, and then successfully defeating Ted DiBiase on the January 16th episode of Mayhem for the right to face both DJ Hipp and Doctor Cube in the final. Before his match with Ghost he revealed himself as a member of Team Mayhem, a group of self-proclaimed DXX legends who want the respect they feel they deserve. At The Last Stand the two Team Mayhem members faced one Hood Tribe member, currently the most heated feud on Mayhem, and on the night Cube picked up the win brining another Championship to Team Mayhem along with the Universe Title held by Nabeel Nawaz.

Singles Success

Soon after Team Mayhem's triumph Doctor Cube defected to The Hood Tribe and Nabeel Nawaz was injured, leaving only Jericho and the absent Crisis fronting the group. Jericho ended rumours of the two soldiering on as a tag team and announced his return to singes competition, ranting about his former team members turning face in the process. He was immediately put in contention for the Universe Title, ultimately picking up a win over DJ Hipp to book his place in the main event of Dead on Arrival in February. That match ended in a controversial draw and in the six man tag team rematch two weeks later he came up short to Ryland Deathlocke, but he will feature in the main event of WrestleMania III where he will get one more chance at glory.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • The Walls of Jericho
  • The Lionsault
  • The Codebreaker
  • Theme Music
  • Break Down The Walls
  • Nicknames
    • Y2J
    • The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla
    • The Messiah of Mayhem
    • The King of The World
    • The Sexy Beast
    • The Messiah of Massacre

Championships and Accomplishments

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