DXX Magnum Championship

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DXX Magnum Championship
Current Holder Magnus Bulla 22:13
Date Won 6thth February 2009
Next Defence Unknown
Promotion DXX
Brand Mayhem (2009)
Massacre (2009-current)

The DXX Magnum Championship ia a professional e-wrestling championship, and the third-highest ranked championship on the Friday Night Mayhem brand of D-Generation XX. It was first announced and revealed on the December 19th, 2008 episode of Mayhem and is currently held by Magnus Bulla 22:13. It was later traded to Massacre.


The DXX Magnum Championship was revealed to both the fans and Superstars of DXX on the December 19th, 2008 of Mayhem by General Manager Lucas Mitchell, who also announced that he wanted to be known as 'Director of Authority' at the same time. The title replaced the DXX United States Championship and started speculation that the change was due to a hatred of America from the British Mitchell, but this has yet to be confirmed or denied.

During Mitchell's announcement he informed everyone of his decision to literally sit and dwell on who he wanted as champion, but initially gave no indication of when his decision would be reached. It was later announced that a tournament would take place to decide the champion, finishing with the two finalists competing against a third opponent who won a special 6-man match previously. The two finalists were DJ Hipp and Chris Jericho, and the third opponent to complete the final match to decide the first Magnum Champion was Doctor Cube. Cube was able to defeat his two opponents to be crowned the first ever DXX Magnum Champion. Cube's title reign was not particularly successful however, as he lost it less than two weeks later on the February 6th episode of Friday Night Mayhem. On the night a special match was put together featuring Cube, Cody Lawrence, Johnny Relentless and Lucas King, where the idea was that one man had to literally put another through the ring to win the match. On the night Lucas King won by driving his body into Relentless with a cross body from the top rope, starting his first reign as DXX Magnum Champion. Cube later won it back however.

Current Champion

At Eye For An Eye, Magnus Bulla put Cube through the rin in Cube's Magnum rules match to win the title. Bulla later took the title with him to Massacre.

Championship timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Doctor Cube DJ Hipp/Chris Jericho The Last Stand
(January 25th, 2009)
Crowned the first ever Champion 1
Lucas King Doctor Cube/Johnny Relentless/Cody Lawrence Friday Night Mayhem
(February 6th, 2009)
Won the title in an unusual Fatal-4-Way match 0
Doctor Cube Lucas King ???
Magnus Bulla 22:13 Doctor Cube Eye For An Eye
(March 26th, 2009)

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