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E-Wrestling is an internet variation on creative roleplay, based on the world of professional wrestling. The basic idea is that the player (also called a handler) creates a character and manages his or her career in a fictional professional wrestling promotion, called an E-Federation (or E-Fed). Most E-Feds allow the use of either custom-made characters such as DJ Hipp, Brett Unknown and Kevin Kompiler or real-life wrestlers such as Edge, Kurt Angle or Triple H, although some insist on exclusively using one or the other.

Much like the term "e-mail" became the abbreviation for electronic mail, the term "e-wrestling" became a common abbreviation of fantasy wrestling in the early-to-mid-1990s as the hobby began to move from a primarily play-by-mail format and instead began to use online bulletin boards, then internet service providers (ISPs) and web pages. Some E-Feds still use the e-mail variation, although most either use a web site or a forum provider such as InvisionFree or ProBoards.

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