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Ring Name(s) Ken Kahuna, Kevin Kompiler
Handler N/A
Height 5'8"
Weight 198lbs
Date of Birth November 2nd 1988
Home Town Leeds, England
Other E-Feds WWE Evolved, WWER, XIW, WRFLC, XRAR, WWFS
Win/loss Record 12-8
Debut January 2008
Retired N/A


Growing Up

Kevin Kompiler was born in Leeds, England at the St. James' hospital on 2nd November 1988. He grew up in the town of Middleton with long time friend and band member Jans. Middleton was and is the worser side of Leeds untill his Mother married a wealthy man and they moved to Roundhay, a famous side of Leeds, home to many famous people. Kevin at the age of 10 was taken to the Morley guitar school, once there they found he had a gift. He continued his life through high school, where he enrolled in the school wrestling team. At the age of 14 Kevin Kompiler was given a choice, he could either choose to further his guitar and vocal skills, or he could train with famous wretling coach, Buster Manyarki. Kevin clung onto the chance to train in proffesional wrestling. Whilst training with Buster, Kevin found out about a music school, just down the road. And when he wasn't training, he found himself there, chasing his dreams.

Strolling in the Indys

By the time Kevin was 16 (playing the gimmick of a snob) he was in the YWA (Yorkshire Wrestling Association). The YWA travelled accross Yorkshire attracting small crowds. Accross Leeds, Sheffield and Hull. Their main stage was the crown court in Leeds. Kevin held the main title there (The youngest ever at the age of 15) for a good 5 months untill he dropped it to current DXX superstar Dan The Man. After that he travelled around the Indys, but couldn't find a place to settle. He soon enough at the age of 17, on January 6th 2007 signed with the BAF (British Association of Wrestling). BAF was the biggest wrstling organisation in England, Kevin signed a 1 year contract. After a month in BAF Kevin was holding the BAF Tag Team Championships (still with the snob gimmick) with Mark Anson (who also was playing a snob) for around 7 months untill they fell out as part of a storyline. Kevin (wrestling by the name of Ken Kahuna) wrestled in the BAF for 2 years, untill he finally won the BAF Championship at the age of 19, contraversialyy on his birthday. He then left BAF a month later, to fly to America, where he immediatly signed with OVW. Kevin was in OVW for a good 10 months, not holding championship gold once. DXX scouts then got him over to DXX where they told him he was going to drop the snob gimmick, and begin with a rockstar gimmick, Kevin loved the idea as his band was now getting decent gigs opening for huge concerts. Kevin was now in the big leagues!

Early DXX Career

Kevin Kompiler made his debut in a dark match battle royale on DXX's newest brand, Monday Night Massacre, he prevailed in the open battle royale. And in the next week he found himself in a threeway DXX Tag Team Title match in which he teamed with Rob Van Dam. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Fusion came out on top only to lose them the next week to the Motor City Machine Guns.

The ConnXtion

After the first couple of weeks Kevin Kompiler teamed up with DXX veteran White Cloud, they called themselves The Cross Con-X-tion. At DXX's January PPV, Rebirth, The Cross Con-X-tion took on the Motorcity Machine Guns for the tag titles, they failed to capture the titles. But at February's PPV, Dead On Arrival, they had another shot at the DXX Tag Titles, they once again failed to capture the titles although they took off with the Tag Titles after taking out the Tag Champs. The Cross Con-X-tion faded apart for awhile. Kevin Kompiler began to hate White Cloud. After White Cloud was destroyed and injured in a match with Angel Of Death, Kevin came down to the ring and began to pick up the pieces and furthered White Cloud's injury.

Wrestlemania 2

A four man battle royale took place where the winner would get the final spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania 2. After Rob Van Dam and John Cena were eliminated Kevin Kompiler managed to get Angel Of Death out of the ring with a dropkick. The next week in a contrevertial 6 man tag team Kevin Kompiler was victorious along side Kurt Angle and former partner White Cloud. White Cloud and Kevin worked things out and The Cross Con-X-tion reformed.

With Wrestlemania 2 approaching Kevin Kompiler was put the challenge of Mayhem's Christian Alexander at Supershow. After defeating Christian Alexander at Supershow and getting his 4-3 record he and his partner White Cloud were awarded with the D-Generation XX Tag Team Championships that they had been going for for 3 months. At Wrestlemania 2 Kevin faced off against Randy Orton, Doctor Cube, Brett Unknown, Chris Jericho, Josh Impact, Mike Vengeance and Kurt Angle in the Money In The Bank ladder match. Kevin walked in the underdog, and walked out Mr. Money In The Bank!

Career Continues

On the 14th April 2008 edition of Monday Night Massacre, Kevin and his partner White Cloud were to defend their DXX Tag Team Championships against The Exilers (Brett Unknown and James Manson) after losing them, Rocco then fired Kevin's partner and good friend White Cloud ending their one month title reign. At Road To Redemtion, the four man tag team Monday Night Massacre main event will feature Team Rocco Ross vs. Team Triple H. Kevin Kompiler being a part of team Triple H, with him being money in the bank, people where wondering whether he could cope with teaming with his bitter rival, wondering if he would be unable to fight the temptation to screw The Game. The RTR match worked out fine, Kevin was the second to last eliminated, by Wes Zephaniah, Team Triple H eventually won the main event, this was Kevin's first main event win. On the following Massacre, Kevin Kompiler fought rookie Dead Zero in an X-Division title contenders match. Kevin won the extreme rules match and had guarenteed an X-Division title match against Wes Zephaniah. The following week Wes and Kevin were put in a match against the DXX Tag Team Champions Triple H and Rocco Ross (Black Hearts), after they were defeated, Kevin began to grow more hatrid for Wes. The following week Kevin suffered a defeat to DXX Intercontinental champion Chad Jennings, Kevin said he was off balance that night. Later on following the loss to Chad, Kevin's close friend Jans was in a car crash, adding to the stress of Kevin. After a while, Kevin finally defeated Wes Zephnaiah for the X-division title he longed for all his DXXcareer.

As the weeks passed Kevin became more egotistical, which reached atop when he teamed with Tristagi to make XXXplosion. On the same night of the formation of the tag team reeking of massive ego, Kevin Kompiler finally cashed in the Money in The Bank breifcase, defeating James Manson for the DXX World Championship. Kevin later vacated his X-Division championship putting it up for grabs in the glory hunt tournemant that would end at SummerSlam.


  • YWA
  • YWA Championship (2 times)
  • BAF
  • BAF Tag Team Championships (1 time)
  • BAF Championship (1 time)
  • DXX

In the Ring

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Stars Bleed (Main finisher) (Kevin darts his hand under an opponent's chin and grabs a hold of a pressure point above the throat, squeezing the nerve. This cuts off the air supply and the opponent fades out and everytime bleeds from the mouth)
    • Exodus Device (Twisting inverted brainbuster)
    • Starstruck (A Canadian Destroyer sometimes with a Lionsault after)
    • The Element (A sitting Powerbomb but onto Kevin's knees)
    • The Facializer (Flying Facebuster sometimes off the top rope)
    • T2S (450 Splash)
    • The Awesomebomb (Death Valley Driver)
    • The tale of the tape (Super Tigerbomb)
    • Running Enzurigi
    • The Compiler (A modified version of CM Punk's Anaconda Vice)
    • Un tu a servi (Fireman's carry then a throw, opponent's back lands on Kevin's knee)
    • Lift And Cutter
    • AOK (Styles Clash)
  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Kendo Stick
  • Signature taunts
    • The Awesome Taunt (Sticks tongue out and holds hands round waist)
  • Nicknames
    • The Element of Awesomeness
    • a'Rebours
    • The Exodus of Greatnes
  • Theme Music
    • Hey John what's your name again? by The Devil Wears Prada
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