Dead On Arrival 2008

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PPV Info
The theme poster for Dead On Arrival made by AGFX (Assassin).
PPV Name Dead On Arrival
Brand(s) Massacre/Mayhem
Date February 24th 2008
Venue Staples Centre
City Los Angeles, California
Last Event The Rebirth
Next Event WrestleMania 2

Dead On Arrival is an annual Pay-Per-View event produced by D-Generation XX and is shared by both Massacre and Mayhem. So far only one event has aired, which took place on February 24th 2008.

The shows main events were both gimmick matches. Massacres main event featured Rocco Ross defending his DXX Title against Jordinator, Rob Van Dam, James Manson, Nabeel Nawaz and Triple H in an Elimination Chamber, and Mayhems featured Randy Orton defending his DXX World Heavyweight Title against DJ Hipp in a Security Prison Death Match.


The DVD cover of Dead on Arrival 2008
(image courtesy of Alex Idol)
  • DJ Hipp defeated Randy Orton to win the DXX World Heavyweight Title in a Security Prison Death Match
    • Hipp pinned Orton after hitting the Cop Killa through a ladder and a table that was on fire. Orton then couldn't answer the following ten count
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