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Background Information
Ring Name(s) Assassin
Nickname(s) The Metal Messiah
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Resides Anaheim, California
Nationality British%20flag%203.PNG
Height 5'11"
Weight 224 lbs
Billed From Kent, England
Ring Debut August 2006
Current Brand None
Win/Loss Record 22W 13L 1D

Assassin is an English professional wrestler, musician and record producer who is best known for competing in DXX: The Rebirth on almost every brand the company has created to date. He is a former Intercontinental Champion, Trans Continental Champion, General Manager and Hall of Famer (class of 2006) and has also held titles in other federations, at one time becoming the first and only WFI Heavyweight Champion in the short-lived promotion WWE Federation Inc.

In May 2008 he made his return to the wrestling business after more than an eight month hiatus, albeit in a non-wrestling role on Friday Night Mayhem as a member of the DXX Board of Directors. In mid-July 2008 he stepped back into the ring for the first time in nearly a year, but again left it that November. He now blogs for and fronts the band Metal Funeral.



The Early Days

Assassin and Mr McMahon competed for the $10,000 briefcase in 2006

Assassin started his DXX career in August of 2006, almost immediately after the federation was created. He began as a mysterious yet likeable babyface from the county of Kent, England, winning early matches against the likes of Triple H and earning himself his first title match against GAWD for the then-vacant DXX Intercontinental Title. During the build-up to this feud Assassin developed personal differences with the owner of DXX, Mr McMahon, which led to the first ever '$10,000 Ladder Match' at Cyber Sunday. On that occasion Assassin came up short thanks in part to Randy Orton, but that didn't deter him as something far more memorable was about to happen that would change not only Assassins career, but the course of DXX history as well.

The New Corporation vs X-Factor

Soon after Unforgiven Assassin began teaming with X-Pac, due to the hatred they both had for Mr McMahon at that time, and both having a personal dislike for Kurt Angle as well who had slapped the ankle lock on both Superstars to prove he was supposedly better. After notching up several wins the team became a force to be reckoned with in the tag team division, causing McMahon and Angle to form a team of their own to take them out. Rey Mysterio also became involved in the problems, as did CM Punk and T-Mac. Eventually both Mr McMahon and X-Pac decided to form their own factions to wage war on one another, and Assassin decided to be a part of the idea as he wanted rid of the McMahon's group more than anyone else. The factions became known as X-Factor and The New Corporation.

The feud between the two factions lasted for several weeks, eventually ending at the Survivor Series, but along the way something extraordinary happened - McMahon challenged Assassin for the right to become the rightful Commissioner of DXX, as Rey Mysterio had been cheated out of the position before. This match took place at No Mercy with Assassin claiming victory and the job. At the Survivor Series X-Factor proved to be too much for the New Corporation, defeating them in a traditional Survivor Series match. After this the team split on good terms, having accomplished their main goal.

Commissioner of DXX

Assassins reign as Commissioner didn't get off to a good start, with all hell breaking loose early on. Members of the New Corporation began issuing demands, and one Superstar even attacked him and several other people in his own office. Eventually the situation was under control and Assassin asserted his authority as commissioner, as mentioned putting the New Corporation out of action in the process with the help of his X-Factor team mates and McMahon making a few mistakes a long the way. Things ran relatively smoothly for the rest of the year.

2007 And Beyond

Resigning as Commissioner

The Remastered Edition of Assassins 2006 'Assassination' DVD

Assassin started 2007 by challenging Randy Orton for his Intercontinental title, as the two had personal issues with each other spanning most of his Commissioner days. Orton ultimately defeated Assassin to retain the belt, and because of this and several other issues that were making Assassins job difficult he called it a day on the 10th January. A tournament took place that night to find a new Commissioner that very night, which was won by Edge.


Assassin spent the remainder of his career floundering around the midcard/upper-midcared tiers of DXX, finally winning the DXX Intercontinental title late in the Summer but losing it the very next night to John Bradshaw Layfield. After this defeat he left the company completely in September, rather strangely taking the fans to his home village (which resembled a 19th century village complete with horse transportation and no electricity) to say goodbye and start a new life. It wasn't revealed where he resided, and he wasn't seen or heard from after that.

The Return

After more than eight months out of the spotlight Assassin made a shock return in late May of 2008, returning as a Board of Directors member on the Friday Night Mayhem brand of DXX immediately after a handicap match featuring DXX Universe Champion Doctor Cube taking on both General Manager of Mayhem Carari Grey and DJ Hipp. According to the man himself he had been a Board member for several months before appearing on television, but wanted more of an important role to play since Grey was abusing her power and people were doing little to stop her. As one of his first acts he made a handicap rematch at the upcoming One Night Stand Pay-Per-View, only this time for the Universe Title and also in something called a 'Pit of Death' match. Two weeks later on the June 20 episode of Mayhem Assassin's work was undone by the Board of Directors however, as Carari was removed from the match to be replaced by Randy Orton (who had attacked Assassin previously) and another opponent of the General Managers' choosing later revealed to be Slain - making the match a Fatal 4 Way bout.

Assassin eventually commented on the development of the match stipulations, essentially feeling useless as a board member and requesting time to plan his next move before making a final decision on where he stood in DXX. He spent the duration of that weeks Mayhem show in the front row off the arena, deep in thought. The next week on Mayhem he caused another shock, this time answering the open challenge of Ted DiBiase. The match was scheduled for the July 11th episode of Mayhem, and marked the first time Assassin had entered a wrestling ring in almost a year. In the days leading up to the match he called a meeting with the Board of Directors, explaining his feelings towards them before quitting - not before firing each of them however. Nobody was sure if he could do that at the time, but if nothing else it was a moral victory to get his own back on the very people who embarrassed him several weeks earlier. The same night Drake White confirmed that the decision stood by becoming the newest replacement of The Board of Directors - temporarily replacing Carari Grey as General Manager in the process.

Assassin filming his latest entrance video

Assassin successfully defeated Ted DiBiase in his first match back on Mayhem, and on July 18th he teamed up with MVP and beat Owen Hart and AJ Styles after MVP hit his Playmaker finisher to get the win. His next match was against Slain in a number one contenders match for the DXX Trans-Continental Championship at SummerSlam 2008, his first Pay-Per-View appearance since September 2007 at Unforgiven. He won a hard-fought victory by hitting Slain with two of his own finishers followed by the Assassinator to earn the right to face FleX at the Declaration of Retribution Pay-Per View, a match in which he came up short. However he was granted a rematch for the following Mayhem event on Friday 8th August, and this time successfully defeated the champion to begin his first reign.

Since winning the Trans-Continental Championship Assassin only competed once leading up to the DXX Anniversary 2008 Pay-Per-View, in a losing effort against Kenny Dykstra. He was controversially left off the match card for the celebratory Pay-Per-View event on August 24th despite being one of only a few surviving original DXX Superstars left on the entire roster, however he did commentate on the match between Mr McMahon and Randy Orton on the night. This still upset him however as he talked about on Mayhem five days later, vowing to put the disappointment of his lack of participation at Anniversary in the past and move on with his career much like Mayhem itself was doing after the dismissal of Carari Grey. Despite feeling under-utilized in the dying weeks of Grey's reign he immediately got back to winning ways that same night with temporary General Manager Nabeel Nawaz in charge, winning his first ever battle royal and grabbing the attention of whoever the permanent GM will be as he had set out to do.

Blogging on

Once Nawaz had become permanent General Manager Assassin felt a lack of direction with his character, repeatedly being placed in matches against random opponents and not defending his Trans-Continental Championship. In early October he was briefly hospitalized by Christian Cage and Nawaz for reasons that were never discovered - Cage left DXX soon afterwards. Upon returning from injury Assassin announced his intentions to leave DXX once again, vacating his title at the same time.

Currently Assassin spends his time blogging for, the first of which was posted two days after the Pay-Per-View Facing Extinction in which he talked at length about the show and who he considers to be the future of the company. In his second blog he talks about how Crucifixion was a narrowly-avoided disaster.

Assassin (centre) performing live with Metal Funeral

Metal Funeral

At the beginning of his wrestling career Assassin became part of a local metal band known as Metal Funeral, joining in 2003. Between then and mid-2008 they capitalized on the success of his wrestling career to gradually gain popularity, and upon his retirement from active competition in August 2008 the band started work on their debut album The Dirge. The album is rumoured to be released in February 2009, although no official release date has been confirmed.

The band have also expressed interest in performing at WrestleMania III as the finale of their American tour, but nothing official has materialised.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • Assassinator (Stone Cold Stunner)
  • Full Metal Fusion (Sharpshooter)
  • Spinebuster
  • Spike DDT
  • Top rope leg drop
  • Theme Music
  • In Flames - Man Made God [1]
  • In Flames - Cloud Connected [2]
  • Naildown - World Domination [3]
  • Nicknames
  • Metal Messiah
  • The Metal

Win/Loss Record

As of August 29th 2008 Assassins DXX record consists of twenty-two wins, thirteen losses and one draw.

Championships and Accomplishments

  • CWI
  • 11jbxg8.png CWI Extreme Champion (1 time)
  • WFI
  • 11jbxg8.png WFI Heavyweight Champion (1 time)

List of Blogs

  1. Dawn of A New Era?
  2. Controversy, Controversy...
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