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Ring Name(s) Randy Orton
Handler Campbell
Height 6'5
Weight 265lbs
Date of Birth 1st April 1980
Home Town St Louis, Missouri
Other E-Feds None
Win/loss Record 40-12
Debut 23rd October 2006
Retired N/A

Randy Orton is a 28 year old professional wrestler who currently wrestles on Monday Night Massacre for the DXX Promotion. Randy Orton moved away from wrestling when the WWE was taken over by DXX but shortly after this he agreed terms and rejoined DXX: RAW. His time at DXX has seen him hold various titles.


The Beginning

Randy Orton arrived on the DXX scene late October 2006. His debut was made on the 23rd October 2006 when he defeated Samoa Joe with an RKO. The Legend Killer quickly found himself in a feud with JJ James and some may say that JJ James won the feud 2 - 1 but Randy will forever see it as 1 - 1. This is due to the fact that in their second encounter Randy got himself purposefully disqualified after an RKO to the referee. It was the first match between JJ James
and Randy Orton that Orton's first PPV win came in, in only his second match.

The nWo

It wasn't long before Randy Orton had made a name for himself amongst the DXX locker room. It was then when he caught the eye of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. McMahon was currently in charge of The Corporation and wanted Randy Orton. It seemed as though Orton was neglecting to make an answer when it appeared to be Orton joining The Corporation at Cyber Sunday 2006. It was here that The Legend Killer RKOed Assassin and allowed Mr McMahon to collect the $10,000 that hung above the ring. From here things turned sour though as Randy Orton give McMahon his real answer with an RKO proving actions speak louder than words.

Only a matter of weeks after Cyber Sunday Randy found himself preparing for a huge Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series to determine who will face Edge in the main event that very same night for the WWE Championship. The Legend Killer won the Triple Threat Match and went on to win in the main event but by disqualification. On RAW the next night Orton failed in his quest to capture the DXX Intercontinental Championship from Wayne Gallagher after Vince McMahon got his revenge from Cyber Sunday. This was also the night that Randy Orton joined Raiden X and Edge in the nWo.

The 4th December 2006 on RAW marked the first time The Legend Killer would touch gold as he made the most of a Triple Threat Match between him, Wayne Gallagher and Kurt Angle. Kurt was down and out following a Canadian Destroyer but Wayne Gallagher wanted to add something before he picked up the win only for him to topple over the top rope which was lowered by Orton. Randy crawled over Kurt to get a cheap but crucial win as he became the new Intercontinental Champion. Following on from this Edge and Randy Orton made a pact that as the nWo they would hold all the gold and with the two singles belts in their possession it was only The Rock and Samoa Joe standing in their way. This would lead to a feud between the two teams with Commissioner Assassin also trying to make it harder for Randy Orton who he still had major issues with. After three failed attempts at trying to capture the DXX Tag Team Championships Assassin drew the line and told nWo they would not be allowed anymore shots until The Nation lost the belts.

The feud with Assassin continued on after this incident as The nWo made his life a living hell and after a couple of failed Intercontinental Championship matches Assassin resigned as Commissioner. Edge became the new commissioner by winning the tournament so it seemed as though nWo would rule over RAW. However the nWo died a mere week later at New Year's Revolution in an Elimination Chamber Match. Edge and Randy worked together to eliminate the four other contestants when it seemed Randy was willing to simply take the Spear from Edge for his team mate to pick up the win but, The Legend Killer screwed Edge by tossing him into the turnbuckle and rolling him up for the win. This sparked the dawn of a new era; The Legend Killer era as he became DXX's first double champion, holding both The Intercontinental Championship and The WWE Championship.

Full DXX Take Over

DXX may have taken over WWE in mid 2006 but they had kept the names of titles and shows as they were. This was until March 2007 when RAW and Smackdown merged to make the show DXX. Rey Mysterio was named as general manager and he immediately put the now vacant DXX Championship on the line in a Triple Threat match between Randy Orton, CM Punk and Wayne Gallagher. Orton picked up the win, becoming the first ever DXX Champion after winning with an RKO to CM Punk. In the first ever DXX Wrestlemania Randy Orton successfully defended his DXX Championship in a Fatal 4 Way Match involving CM Punk, Edge and Christian Cage. Towards the end of the match The Holy Man emerged and injured Orton with a guillotine with a chair. The week after Wrestlemania Randy Orton vacated his DXX Championship due to injury.

General Manager and Reformation of RAW and Smackdown

Randy Orton was out for a month with injury when he returned on the 4th May to defeat The Holy Man. A week later he stepped down as a superstar in order to be a Co-General Manager of Mayhem with Edge. After several weeks he became the full time General Manager; unassisted. His reign lasted until just after The Great American Bash when he stepped down in favour of wrestling again. During his reign as GM WWE invested money into the company and RAW and Smackdown were re-launched.

Following stepping down as General Manager Randy Orton got involved with DJ Hipp, Chloe Layfield and James Kidd. Only weeks after stepping down as GM Randy was able to win The United States Championship. This lead him onto defeating JBL, RAW's Intercontinental Champion at Summerslam. After Summerslam Randy was forced to vacate his championship as RAW and Smackdown merged once again to form Friday Night Mayhem. After many on camera spats between The Legend Killer and DJ Hipp, including Randy helping Chloe Layfield pick up a win over him, Orton was able to face his long time foe one on one. The match was an epic with neither man wanting to lose to the other. It ended after a deadly RKO planted Hipp face down in the middle of the ring allowing The Legend Killer to get the 1,2,3. This was Randy's last match before he took up The General Manager's Job again.

Return to the Ring

Randy Orton stepped down from General Managing once again after Final Destination in time to start wrestling again with the start of 2008. His return match was a victory over Triple H and of course it was after a hellacious RKO. Carari Grey entered Randy into a tournament to decide The DXX World Heavyweight Champion after Nabeel Nawaz was fired. During his first round match with Luke McQuillan, The Legend Killer witnessed the return of Josh Impact and Vince McMahon as they ambushed him mid match. Somehow he still managed to get the win but afterwards hew as assault again by The Corporation. Orton's second round match was against DJ Hipp a match that he again won but he also nailed Carari Grey with a chair as she showed an alliance with The Corporation. The final match in the tournament came at The Rebirth, a casket match against Mr McMahon. However, Carari Grey opted to add Josh Impact to the match to ensure The Legend Killer would not win but it was all to no avail as Orton managed to put Impact in the casket to become the DXX World Heavyweight Champion.

During the month leading up to his World Heavyweight Championship victory; Randy Orton had been mustering together a faction, Evolution. The faction consisted of: Randy Orton, Zachory Jones, Edge, Slain and Melina. After Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship he tried to focus on gaining the faction some gold and that goal was realised 15th February 2008 when Randy Orton and Zachory Jones won The DXX World Tag Team Championships; once again becoming a double champion. After this match though The Rock, DJ Hipp (the new challenger for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship) and Kenny Dykstra took to the ring and stood triumphant when all was said and done. Carari Grey announced that these were the new faction on the block and they had her backing.

For the first time in his DXX career, at Dead On Arrival, Randy Orton lost a championship to another superstar; his prized World Heavyweight Championship to DJ Hipp in a Security Prison Death Match. Both men pulled out all the stops in this match but it would be DJ Hipp walking away with the gold. The Legend Killer was immediately traded to Monday Night Massacre following this match from Nabeel Nawaz. The reason behind this was that she wasn't prepared to let Randy near the DXX World Heavyweight Championship. The DXX World Tag Team Title in his possession was given to Edge, another Evolution member.

Monday Night Massacre

After being traded to Monday Night Massacre Randy Orton was shaken up and down to say the very least. However his mood dramatically improved over a week with the help of his girlfriend, Melina. A week after being traded Randy faced his first opponent, Chris Sabin, in a Money in the Bank qualifier. The Legend Killer picked up the win following his ever so lethal RKO. The week after this Randy was not in action but he appeared on the show seemingly to make a declaration about his win last week but it was not to be as he proposed to Melina instead who accepted joyfully.

Alex Shelley was the opponent for Randy Orton heading into Wrestlemania and he fell to the same fate as his tag team partner Chris Sabin. Rolling into Wrestlemania with a truck load of momentum Randy Orton give one of his finest displays and came so close to being Mr Money in the Bank but it was not to be. The match in turn was won by Kevin Kompiler. Despite this loss The Legend Killer was still in high spirits the following Monday on Massacre as the marriage between him and Melina was the talk of the show. Everything went smoothly and according to plan while the details of the honeymoon were unknown. The week after the wedding a revitalised Orton was back in action as he ripped apart Blue Panther with ease.

King Of The Ring Tournament

Following his victory over Blue Panther signalled the point in time where Randy Orton really became involved in Monday Night Massacre. It started off with two major events. The first, Rocco Ross announced the start of the King of the Ring tournament. This was followed by Rocco asking Randy to join him in Team Rocco. The Legend Killer seemed set to be joining the Massacre GM when he opted to join Team Triple H instead as the two paired up for a little D-X tribute.

In the first round of the King of the Ring tournament Randy Orton defeated Wes Zephaniah who replaced Edge following an RKO. Later on in the night The Legend Killer made his presence felt in the main event as he strived to stop the numbers catching up with Triple H. However, in the Semi Final his dreams were shattered as Chad Jennings cheated to defeat The Legend Killer.

Squared Circle Assassins

After the King of the Ring tournament, Randy Orton took time away from DXX in order to sort out some personal issues. Sadly these ended in him being divorced from Melina. Upon his return he reunited with former girlfriend Trish Stratus. In his first match back Randy Orton defeated the DXX Universe Champion, Doctor Cube in a non title match which got him into a DXX Universe Championship Fatal Four Way Security Prison Deathmatch at the One Night Stand PPV which was eventually won by DJ Hipp. On the special Mayhem before One Night Stand however, Orton did pull off an impressive victory over Evan Grey.

It was fair to say that Randy's relationship grew with Trish but still, no real bond was formed with the Squared Circle Assassins. Randy suffered a minor injury to his right hand in the Deathmatch at One Night Stand and was forced to team with Slain to compete for the DXX Tag Team Championships. Slain was pinned in the match which saw a bitter Randy Orton pick up another defeat at the hands of DJ Hipp and the Immortal Sinners. The Legend Killer then suffered an injury to his right hand at a house show and would recieve surgery which would leave him out of the ring for 2 - 3 weeks.

Return To Massacre

Randy Orton was traded to Tuesday Night Massacre for Triple H. He was invovled in an incident in which Traci Brooks kissed him causing his relationship with Trish Stratus to almost disintegrate but, Randy helped her see the truth. It was also reported that a few days before the final Tuesday Night Massacre that Randy Orton ahd been robbed and attacked in the streets of Arizona. There was no follow up report. Despite these claims that Randy refused to comment on he succesfuly defeated Kwhame Myles following an RKO.

Wrestling Information

  • Match Record
    • 40-12
  • Finishing and signature moves
    • RKO
    • DDT
    • Snap Suplex
    • Full Nelson Slam
    • Overdrive
    • Top Rope Crossbody
    • Wheelbarrow German Suplex
    • Body Scissors with Chin Lock
    • Dropkick
  • Managers
    • Trish Stratus
  • Nicknames
    • The Legend Killer
  • Theme Music
    • "Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive

Championships and Accomplishments

  • DXX
  • 1x DXX World Tag Team Champion (with Zachory Jones)
  • 1x WWE Intercontinental Champion
  • 1x WWE United States Champion
  • 1x WWE Champion
  • 1x DXX World Champion
  • 1x DXX World Heavyweight Champion
  • Best Superstar (2007)
  • GM of the Year (2007)

Handler Notes

I live in Newcastle, England and I'm 16. I'm a huge football and American Football fan. My favourite football team is Newcastle United while my favourite NFL team is the New York Giants. The others sports I like are hockey and motorbike racing. I support Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL and back James Toseland and Valentino Rossi in the MotoGP.

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