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DXX World Heavyweight Championship
Current Holder Vacant
Promotion DXX
Brand Mayhem (2007-2008)
DXX Rated (2009-current)

The DXX World Heavyweight Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship, contested on Friday Night Mayhem between September 2007 and April 2008 before the Universe Championship took its place. It was brought back to DXX Rated in 2009.


The first World Heavyweight Champion was Rocco Ross, who won the title by defeating Josh Impact on the September 14th edition of Mayhem. From there the two had a bitter feud revolving around the title, with Impact eventually winning it at Unforgiven later that month. His title run would be short lived however as Nabeel Nawaz defeated him in early October on Mayhem, holding the gold for nearly four months - the longest Heavyweight Title reign on record.

After Nawaz's unprecedented run came to an end Randy Orton started his legacy by defeating Mr McMahon and Josh Impact in a Casket Match at The Rebirth Pay-Per-View in January 2008, and also successfully retaining the following week on Mayhem against DJ Hipp. However Hipp was granted a rematch at the Dead On Arrival PPV in a Security Prison Match, successfully winning the title.

Final Mayhem Champion

The final DXX World Heavyweight Champion on the Mayhem brand was DJ Hipp. For weeks DJ had been
feuding with then World Champion Randy Orton, and another contender in Mr McMahon.
The final World Champion on Mayhem, DJ Hipp
After Hipp
successfully killed McMahon's faction "The Corporation," Vince left the feud and it went back to Orton vs Hipp, which saw DeeJay win the 5 month war in a Security Prison Match, with the Cop Killa to become World Heavyweight Champion. DJ Hipp was in the match thanks to his wins over Angeldust and Josh Impact. Orton was traded to Monday Night Massacre for Nabeel Nawaz, that and Hipp's win at Dead On Arrival saw the death of Randy's faction "Evolution" leaving Jay's "Immortal Sinners" standing tall over the Friday Night Mayhem brand.

In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 2 Mayhem General Manager Carari Grey decided to make every title on the brand defunct in favour for a series of new titles, in the process making a main event match on the biggest show of the year that featured World and Hardcore Champion DJ Hipp taking on United States Champion Kenny Dykstra, Television Champion The Rock and the wildcard of the match Floyd Mayweather in an 'All or Nothing' match for the DXX Universe Championship. Hipp successfully won the match to claim the new title. When DXX Rated became a third main brand, General Manager, Steve Omar brought back the title in favour of the DXX Rated Championship, thus making it active again.

Championship timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Rocco Ross Josh Impact Mayhem
(September 14, 2007)
• None Impact
Josh Impact Rocco Ross Unforgiven
(September 30, 2007)
• None Nawaz
Nabeel Nawaz Josh Impact Mayhem
(October 5, 2007)
• None Impact, Jericho, Hipp
Randy Orton Mr McMahon/Josh Impact The Rebirth
(January 21, 2008)
• It was a Casket Match Hipp
DJ Hipp Randy Orton Dead On Arrival
(Febuary 24, 2008)
• Security Prison Match • Unknown

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