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DXX Mayhem Hardcore Championship


Current Holder Fused into the Universe Title
Promotion DXX
Brand Mayhem
DXX Hardcore Championship


Current Holder Kyle Evers
Promotion DXX
Brand Massacre

The DXX Mayhem Hardcore Championship was a title belt on Friday Night Mayhem only having two holders in the history of it run. It was later fused along with The World Heavyweight, United States, and Television Championships to create the first ever DXX Undisputed Universe Championship.

Immediately after Mayhem gave up the title Rocco Ross created his own version for Monday Night Massacre, the DXX Hardcore Championship, which is still an active title and has been since WrestleMania II.



The Hardcore title was first won by AngelDust in 09/30/2007 and he went to hold the championship never defending it up to 10/13/2007 where he would vacate the title. From there a tournament for the championship would take place where on November 11th 2007 DJ Hipp would win the belt and become the second and last DXX Mayhem Hardcore Champion. He would also become the longest Hardcore Champion in
history holding the belt for the next four months with three successful title defenses to his name against the likes of Wes Zephaniah, The Rock, and Angeldust before the belt was fused.

After the fuse Massacre General Manager Rocco Ross created a similar title of his own, the DXX Hardcore Championship, and the title is defended under the same rules as its Mayhem predecessor. The first holder of the title was Tristagi who beat seven men at WrestleMania II for the prestige, however he lost it in his first defense to Jimmy James the next month at Road To Redemption.

After Jimmy James successfully defeated Johnny Relentless in his first defense he lost the title back to Tristagi on the June 24th episode of Mayhem. Tristagi successfully defended his title for the first time against Jeff Hardy on the 22nd July 2008 edition of Massacre. Since then he has defended his championship against the likes of Steve Austin at DXX Anniversary. It was Tristagi was forced to vacate his title after mounting pressures in his life in early September, however Nuclear Wafare confirmed Tritagi as champion still when he'd defend it against Shad Moss.

On 20th October Edition of Massacre, Tristagi's reign as longest Hardcore champion thus far was ended when he vacated the title. Matt Hardy was crowned the new champion and fourth in its history after defeating Shad Moss. Matt Hardy then later lost it to Kyle Evers in a Hardcore Match on Monday Night Massacre, and after renaming the title the DXX Pure Championship Evers successfully retained against KaGe at WrestleMania III.

Current Champion

After a hard fought brawl, the returning legend The Undertaker won the title from Evers on the 4th May edition of Massacre. Its unknown whether the title remains Pure or Hardcore.

Mayhem Championship History

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Angeldust Kenny Dykstra, The Rock and Floyd Mayweather ???
(September 9th, 2007)
• For vacant title • 0
DJ Hipp The Boss Unforgiven
(Novermber 11th, 2007)
• Title was later vacated and merged into DXX Universe Championship • 3

Massacre Championship History

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Tristagi White Cloud, Howler, Rob Van Dam, Seth Jacobs, Sabu, "The Roller" Joseph Price and Danny Stone WrestleMania II
(March 30th, 2008)
• For vacant title; First To Hold Such Title • 1
Jimmy James Tristagi Road To Redemption
(April 27th, 2008)
• None • 2
Tristagi 2 Jimmy James Monday Night Massacre
(June 24th, 2008)
• Became The Longest Running DXX Hardcore Champion. Title Vacated later • 2
Matt Hardy Shad Moss Monday Night Massacre
(November 20th, 2008)
• None • 2
Kyle Evers Matt Hardy Monday Night Massacre
(March 2nd,2009)
• None • 1
The Undertaker Kyle Evers Monday Night Massacre
(May 4th,2009)
• None • 0

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