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<tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Handler </th> <td>Bengamer </td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Height </th> <td>6.0ft</td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Weight </th> <td>245ibs </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Date of Birth </th> <td>9 march 1987</td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Home Town </th> <td>Columbus, Ohio, United States </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Other E-Feds </th> <td>International Championship Wrestling,Online Football Association </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Win/Loss Record </th> <td>15 win 10 loses 1 draws </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Debut </th> <td>18/8/08 </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Retired </th> <td> N/A </td> </tr></table> Shad Moss is a professional wrestler, currently working for DXX as a superstar on Monday Night Massacre. He is a member of the stable, The Hood Generals.He Joined DXX in high hopes for his career and has had a great one thus far.
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Ring Name(s) Shad Moss </th>


Early Life

Shad Moss was born in Columbus, Ohio, United States together with his twin brother Toni Moss, he never saw his mother. He and his brother was found by some Nuns by the door step of their orphanage home. At the age of 9 they ran away from the orphanage home and started to live under a bridge they was found by a member of the Street cross gang by the name BRUISE. They grew up with the gang and are very much a part of the gang. Shad Mosses brother Toni Moss got killed in a cross fire.


He started his career on DXX most superstars looked at him as a kid with so much potential which he proved to the world by winning his debut match against Ca$h. Ca$h later on arrested the Hood Generals who had left video proof of them robbing him, but with a bail from DJ Hipp both men were set as they have a match for they vacated DXX Tag team title against the team of Johnny 08 and John Cena and also Chase Andrews and Abdul Shabazz. The Hood Generals(Khwame Myles and Shad Moss)Won the title at DXX Anniversary, both men having their first title rain.Having won the title they where set to face the team of Tristagi and Kevin Kompiler Team XXXplosion, they where the underdogs in the match but where able to pick up a fair victory by Via pinfall, with both men celebrating their victory from the match it only lasted for few moments as they found out they will for the first time take on each other and Mike Kelly also an opponent Tristagi. Shad Moss ended up winning the match continuing his a very progressive career, the following week he faced Tristagi once again in a Hardcore match, he won the match with the help of his close friend and team mate Chad Jennings who interfered in the match, but nonetheless Shad Moss sustained a brutal head injury. With an injury he went into the next match against Wes Zephaniah which he came up short but non the less he claims he wouldnt have lost the match if he wasn't injured. Shad Moss also had a few matches at rated one of them a tag team match with himself and Khwame Myles VS The Rock and Tristagi, the match was very brutal but at the end of it all was a draw after an attack by Chad Jennings with a steel chair to the back of The Rock causing a call for the bell. Shad Moss went on to a short period without any title in mind to go after but soon the champion Tristagi announced his retirement at the time causing the belt to be vacant and non other than Shad Moss was called up to take on Matt Hardy for the title but ended a Sad and bitter night for Shad Moss, it all seemed like all was won for Shad Moss but was then attacked by Foley who wrapped him in barbwire soon followed by a twist of fate by Matt Hardy. Again Shad refused to admit defeat saying "I would have won if I wasn't jumped". The next week he then took on Greg Parker in a match which he won but the following week lost to Petey Williams followed with a brutal attack by the Canadian causing a surprising injury to Shad Moss. Shad Moss returned just two weeks later,m a surprise to the fans because of the intensity of his injury but Shad moss only faked yhr doctors statement to get back, he wasn't medically cleared but he returned and was looking to take out Matt Hardy in a first blood match, once again Matt Hardy can out on top which made really mad, he talked about Matt at every chance he got, but kept on losing. The next week he would proceed to face one of the infamous on the roster Greg Parker, Shad Moss showed his frustration on Greg as he took him apart and picked up a victory. The next week Triple H returned to raw as general manager and following that HHH had plans for the world title which was vacant, the plan involved Shad Moss and it was a tournament. Shad Moss had to face his Conrad Chad Jennings to get to the Main event at the next PPV Facing Extinction. Shad Moss together with Matt Hardy and Tristagi went into that match, Shad Moss familiar with both and of course didn't like both men but alas Matt Hardy beat Shad Moss once again. Following this Shad Moss refused one more match on Massacre and requested a trade but with some promos from Matt Hardy Shad Moss got ticked and requested one more match. At this time Shad Moss had signed a contract for another promotion GWWF(Global World Wrestling Federation). Both his contract allowed him to fight outside their promotion. At the pay per view Road to Redemption Shad Moss lost to Ted Debiase in a hard fought 5 men elimination match, the competitors Khwame Myles, Dustin Carter, Nabeel Nawaz


This is a promotion Shad Moss moved to after complaining on getting cheated over on DXX. He went into his first match and beat his opponent who was Tom Vanguard in a single match.


As Shad returned he got transferred to Mayhem, where he continues his career today his first match was at Wrestlemania 3 against Magnus Bulla, he lost the match but went on to Mayhem the next week and defeated Affliction. Shad Moss then teams up with team mate DJ Hipp the following week against Kevin Kompiler and Travis Hero. The Hood Tribe came out victorious but once again Shad Moss got put in a tag team match the following week this time with Khwame Myles as his partner. Shad Moss continued to stress his inability to apply himself when he wasn't getting what he wanted which was a shot or at least a chance to prove he is worthy of going for the Trans-continental Championship.

The Hood Generals

The Hood Generals is a Team formed by two superstars both familiar with life on the streets Khwame Myles and Shad Moss. The Hood Generals where added to the match for the vacated tag team titles after it was vacated because of the Trade of the Tag team champions to the Mayhem brand. The Hood Generals went on to win the Tag Team Championship at the biggest DXX Pay per View DXX Anniversary. Khwame and Shad Moss decided to extend the team and add more to the team first was the addition of Khwames girlfriend Brittney soon followed by Shad's Brook Adams, it felt like the dream of taking over the brand was drawing closer but with the addition of Chad Jennings that definitely said they where gonna take over. The Hood Generals where one of the few superstars featured in the first DXX ®ATED show, which ended up as a draw with Chad Jennings interfering in the match. The Hood genrals lost the title as Khwame Myles moved over to Mayhem leaving only Shad Moss as champion and of course he vacated it.

Hood Tribe

With both teams being linked together(The Immortal Sinners and The Hood Generals)the leader of The Immortal Sinners DJ Hipp brought up an idea of putting both teams together which will be the most dominant force to ever hit DXX but it was not long till the Immortal sinners fell apart starting from Flexes departure from the stable which was soon followed by an unpredicted sacking of another member and general manager of the Mayhem brand Carrari Grey after she didn't fulfill her duties at the biggest pay pay view on the years calender the DXX Anniversary, then was followed by DJ Hipp failing a drug test thus had to be released, at that point in time it left only Kenny Dyktra as an Immortal Sinner, and for the fact that there is no one man team the Immortal Sinners era came to an end leaving only The Hood Generals behind who intend on taking over the Massacre brand. The Hood Tribe was reopened with MVP joining the hood generals as a mayhem superstar but once again it was closed up as he picked up a devastating injury which prompted him to retire. Shad Moss left the hood tribe at the pay per view Road to Redemption after some nasty comments from former team mate Khwame Myles.

In Wrestling

-Atomic Drop -Dragon Sleeper -German Suplex -Heart Punch -Monkey Flip -Scissor Kick -Slingshot Suplex -Sunset Flip -Tiger Suplex

-Boston Crab

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • AIR
  • Brain Damage
  • Lights out
  • Bulldog
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Theme Music
  • No Matter What by T.I

Championships and Accomplishments

  • won debut match
  • DXX Tag Team Campion(X1)
  • Nominated for Best Superstar of The Year 2008
  • Nominated for Best Newcomer of the Year 2008
  • Nominated for Best Stable of The Year 2008
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