WrestleMania II

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PPV Info
PPV Name WrestleMania 2
Brand(s) Massacre/Mayhem
Date March 30th, 2008
Venue Citrus Bowl
City Orlando, Florida
Last Event Dead On Arrival
Next Event Road To Redemption

WrestleMania 2 was a Pay-Per-View event produced by D-Generation XX. The show was a joint-promotion extravaganza featuring Superstars from Monday Night Massacre and Friday Night Mayhem, and it was aired live on Sunday March 30th at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando Florida. Massacre's main event featured James Manson taking on Triple H for the DXX Championship while Mayhem's saw an 'All or Nothing' match for the newly created DXX Universe Championship which featured DJ Hipp, Kenny Dykstra, Floyd Mayweather and The Rock.

WrestleMania 2 was, according to Mayhem General Manager Carari Grey, "the biggest PPV in DXX history" and, according to Massacre General Manager Rocco Ross, "the dawn of a new era".

"Double J" Jimmy James also made a special guest appearance.


The DVD cover of WrestleMania 2
(image courtesy of Alex Idol)
  • Nabeel Nawaz defeated Crisis
    • Nabeel Nawaz pinned Crisis with an inside cradle. After the match, Crisis F5-ed Nabeel through a flaming table.
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