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Vince McMahon also known as Mr. McMahon, is the chairman of DXX and formerly WWE until its merger. He also competes in the ring on occasions.



The Early Days

Mr. McMahon was the chairman of DXX's own version of RAW is WAR, essentially acting as commissioner at the time, presiding over the very first edition of DXX Raw is WAR on Monday 4th September, 2006. The very first Main Event was a 2-on-1 Barbed Wire Steel Cage Handicap match between Shawn Michaels and ICP, which saw Shawn Michaels taking the very first main event honours in DXX history.

Mr. McMahon had some notable feuds back in this time, including the likes of Assassin.

However, his first real storyline on DXX airtime was an epic feud, still considered to this day as one of the greatest, between McMahon's own New Corporation and a new group of guys calling themselves The X-Factor.

The New Corporation vs X-Factor

As much as McMahon and Assassin never got on in DXX, they both still agree that this is one of the most memorable feuds either have been involved in. A recent head to head had occurred between the chairman and creator of DXX, and the most popular young superstar around at the time, Assassin. Both had their own ideas on how a company should be run, and who exactly the guys to lead the company should be.

At Cyber Sunday 2006, a $10,000 ladder match with Assassin occurred. McMahon had earlier offered a young superstar by the name of Randy Orton a place by his side, and together they would rule the promotion.

Orton appeared towards the end of the match, and RKO'd Assassin, helping McMahon pick up the win and the $10,000. Orton soon showed his true colours however, RKO'ing McMahon face first into the ladder.

The feud between McMahon and Assassin had descended and become personal, and before too long McMahon crossed paths with one certain X-Pac, who was to lead the X-Factor in their rebellion against TNC. Assassin quickly signed up to X-Pac's cause, with McMahon enlisting the likes of Batista, T-Mac and ICP - the losers in the first ever Main Event - as his partners.

Before too long, Kurt Angle had become a part of the fray - on the side of TNC - and this feud threatened to tear DXX apart, with several names being linked with one faction or the other. Indeed, Angle's various battles with X-Pac are still regarded to this day as some of the most entertaining encounters in DXX history.

At the time, Mr. McMahon was the man with the plan, and an apparent masterstroke saw him book an Intercontinental Title match at No Mercy on the 24th October 2006, between then-Intercontinental Champion Wayne Gallagher (X-Pac) and his then stablemate, Assassin. The match ended in controversy with the lights going out, and re-emerging with Mr. McMahon and ICP (TNC) unconscious in the middle of the ring too. It was a match Gallagher won, thus retaining the IC belt, and X-Factor seemed unaffected.

Months later, the feud culminated at Survivor Series on 26th November 2006, when TNC (consisting of McMahon, ICP, Batista and Kane - their latest member) took on the X-Factor (X-Pac, CM Punk, Assassin, Holy Man and Kurt Angle - who had since defected to the X-Factor).

An astonishing face turn late on in the match saw McMahon turn on his friends ICP, which eventually left Kane and Assassin as the final competitors. Kane pinned Assassin, seemingly taking the match for the Corporation. However, Gallagher - injured earlier in the match - re-appeared, having never been officially eliminated, and pinned Kane to take the match in favour of the X-Factor.

The reason for McMahon's betrayal was later revealed to have stemmed from that fateful night of 24th October 2006, with McMahon and ICP planning to ambush the IC title match. They soon discovered however, that both parties had differing views on the matter - ICP wanted to assault Gallagher and help Assassin win the belt, causing some much-needed friction in X-Factor quarters. McMahon disagreed however, and felt that Gallagher should retain. Wayne was the longest serving IC champ at the time after all, and McMahon wanted to keep that going and protect his business. As it turned out, McMahon got his way, though somewhat inadvertently. Whilst the lights were dimmed, McMahon saw that ICP were still going to assault Gallagher, and quickly intervened by attacking Assassin, and the ensuing confusion saw both McMahon and ICP knocked out by each other for their efforts, though this seems to have been a mere last minute collapse in TNC's plans, and nothing premeditated. The effects lingered though, culminating in McMahon costing ICP their places in the match at Survivor Series, and signalling the end of The New Corporation.

Late 2006 / Early 2007

A brief face run ensued the Survivor Series Main Event match, with McMahon feuding primarily with ICP, even partnering his former foe CM Punk (a former DXX Champion, and X-Factor original) for a tag match against the former tag champs.

However, before too long, a very much babyface McMahon soon crossed paths with the heel nWo - starring Randy Orton (a great long-time personal foe of McMahon) and Edge (Edgehead Forever, later to become known as Josh Impact). Before too long, Orton had won the IC title, with Edge taking the DXX title.

A power struggle broke out, and culminated in a match between McMahon and Edge for the rights to claim true chairmanship of DXX. Edge won having screwed McMahon out of the match, and McMahon was gone from DXX TV apparentely for good.

The Return

On the 2nd November, 2007, the Friday Night Mayhem show was continuing as normal. That is, until a video, entitled Safe_Exempt_Target_1 aired. This video got workers and fans of DXX into a frenzy about the true identity of an apparent pair of men calling themselves MB 22:13 and ED 10:9.

Over the following weeks, more videos aired, namingly Our_Hell_2 (which aired, significantly, at Survivor Series 2007), New_Age_3, Over_The_Horizon_4 (which was the first to state the full names of the subjects - Magnus Bulla and Extremus Domino, as opposed to MB & ED), Two_Loners_5 and Brothers_In_Conquest_6 (the first to show the perpetrator's faces).

Magnus Bulla 22:13

Magnus Bulla 22:13 and Extremus Domino eventually made their debuts on the 14th December 2007 edition of Friday Night Mayhem, and even aired a new video - To_Night to hype it up. The pair impressively defeated Triple X and Leatherface in a tag team encounter. Bulla and Domino won the encounter, and after the match Triple X vanished, only to emerge a few moments later with the word "Lowly" written on his chest in blood. Bulla and Domino claimed right from the start that the "Lowly" were to be punished.

The pair quickly made their way to a tag title battle with Cryme Tyme at Final Destination 2007 - the show at which the pair promised to unveil their true identities. The show went out live on New Years Eve in 2007.

At Final Destination 2007, after winning the tag titles, Extremus Domino 10:9 was first unveiled as being Josh Impact ("Extremus Domino" being translated from latin as "The Last Lord", one of Impact's nicknames at the time), and Magnus Bulla (translated from Latin as "The Big Boss") was then revealed as Mr. McMahon. The numbers after the names were the core of the code - 22:13 being that the 22nd letter of the alphabet is V, and the 13th is M - VM being Vince McMahon's initials, with 10:9 representing Josh Impact's initials in the same way.

The inevitable questions arose quickly - such as why would McMahon side with the very man who caused his year long hiatus? McMahon quickly answered those questions by stating that Impact was an equal - another genius in the industry treated like crap. Now it was time for 2008 - the year of the Corporation!

The Corporation 2008

2008 started well for McMahon and Impact, with the pair being regarded as the best team in DXX, at least by themselves. This claim was soon backed up by the recruitment of the current Mayhem GM, Carari Grey, to their team, and later AngelDust.

However, many others disagreed, and were soon to be proven right as the combined ambition and greed of both men drove them apart, losing the belts to two members of the latest faction on the block, Evolution. Those two members were Zachory Jones and the very man McMahon targetted on his return - Randy Orton, who had defeated McMahon and Impact in a Triple Threat Casket match for the vacant DXX Title at The Rebirth 2008 in January 2008. The reasons McMahon had targetted Orton were copious - such as Orton rejecting McMahon's offer of friendship two years previously, and also with Orton playing an instrumental role in McMahon's loss of his empire one year previously. However, things were not to last, as Orton and his pals getting one over on McMahon once again.

Impact left the Corp bitterly, leaving McMahon and Carari Grey, as AngelDust had been traded to Massacre by this time. McMahon enjoyed a brief feud with DJ Hipp (who would later take the title from Randy Orton), before Grey betrayed McMahon's trust by siding with DJ.

Going Solo

Currently, Vince has stated that he is leaving Carari to sweat for a little while whilst concentrating all his efforts on regaining control of "The craphole of a promotion that is DXX", starting with disabled Massacre GM, Rocco Ross. The pair met at Wrestlemania, with McMahon proposing an Inferno in a Cell, and his opponent counter-proposing a Hangman's Horror. After a week-long poll on, Hangman's Horror won out by just one single vote, and so at Wrestlemania McMahon made good on his word and attended the fight, coming up short against Rocco's superior ring prowess.

In the build up to Mania, McMahon had defeated both DJ Hipp and Floyd Mayweather - two of the Mania Main Eventers - and hoped to continue his winning street past his latest target, Rocco. That never happened, and McMahon has not been seen or heard from since Wrestlemania, with rumours abound that he is still recouperating from the injuries he sustained during the match at Mania.

McMahon returned, however, in a fatal four way match on Mayhem on April 18th 2008, against Danny Stone, Mike Vengeance and Slain. The stipulation basically stated that 3 of the 4 men survived - the only man eliminated was the one who was pinned. McMahon emerged victorious however, having pinned Danny Stone. This ensured that he, Slain and Vengeance survived.

Mr. McMahon next competed in a Triple Threat match with Vengeance and AJ Styles in an effort to continue his run in the tournament. McMahon was victorious.

Whilst Mr. McMahon advanced from this round, little did he know his time on Mayhem was limited. A trade from Friday Night Mayhem over to Massacre - run by his arch nemesis Rocco Ross was completed, and McMahon was instantly thrown into Massacre PPV action in a Devil's Playground match.

McMahon was battered and bruised throughout this match, and was not seen again until Summerslam 2008 - where he appeared to challenge Randy Orton for stealing the $10,000 in McMahon's ladder match with Assassin eighteen months previously.

The match was slated for DXX Anniversary - the 2nd birthday of McMahon's creation - and was set to be battled in a ladder match once again. Orton won - no thanks to some hefty interference from McMahon's old buddies, CM Punk and Assassin (who was guest commentator for the match).

McMahon has not been seen since Anniversary, but rumour has it that his full-time return as an on-screen character is impending - and, whats more, further rumour has it that he has left Monday Nights - and will be doing battle again under the blue banner of Friday Night Mayhem.

Return 2009

On 4th March 2009, McMahon returned to DXX screens, this time once again under his former guise of Magnus Bulla 22:13.


- DXX Founder and Chairman

- 1x DXX Tag Team Champion (With Josh Impact)

- 1x Commissioner / General Manager of RAW is WAR


A seventh Magnus Bulla 22:13 and Extremus Domino 10:9 video, named Reveal was later found to have been in McMahon's profile / signature since "a week before the MB storyline started", though this video was never aired on DXX TV. The video basically explained the code involved for the MB pseudonym, though one was never found for ED 10:9.

Also, a previous promo on DXX back in May 2007 had hyped an eventual McMahon return, with the tagline "No Man is Safe, No Man is Exempt, Every Man is a Target". This was also the tagline for the first MB & ED video, though no-one seemed to pick up on the connection.

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