Survivor Series 2006

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PPV Info
PPV Name Survivor Series
Brand(s) RAW
Date November 26th, 2006
Venue Unknown
City Unknown
Last Event Cyber Sunday
Next Event Armageddon

Survivor Series was a DXX Pay-Per-View event produced by D-Generation XX for its Monday Night RAW show. The main event saw The New Corporation taking on X-Factor in a classic Survivor Series elimination tag team match.


  • Randy Orton defeated KT-Mac and JJ James to become the number 1 contender for the WWE Title later in the show
    • Orton pinned T-Mac after the RKO
  • The Undertaker defeated Tito in a Buried Alive match
    • Undertaker successfully buried Tito to win the match
  • Randy Orton defeated Edge in a WWE Championship match
    • Orton won the match by disqualification after Edge speared him into a chair, meaning the title could not change hands
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