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Magnus Bulla 22:13 was a masked wrestler on the DXX promotion, appearing in one form or another for almost two months before being unmasked.


The First Signs

On the 2nd November, 2007, the Friday Night Mayhem show was continuing as normal. That is, until a video, entitled Safe_Exempt_Target_1 aired. This video got workers and fans of DXX into a frenzy about the true identity of an apparent pair of men calling themselves MB 22:13 and ED 10:9.

Over the following weeks, more videos aired, namingly Our_Hell_2 (which aired, significantly, at Survivor Series 2007), New_Age_3, Over_The_Horizon_4 (which was the first to state the full names of the subjects - Magnus Bulla and Extremus Domino, as opposed to MB & ED), Two_Loners_5 and Brothers_In_Conquest_6 (the first to show the perpetrator's faces).

The Debut

Magnus Bulla and Extremus Domino eventually made their debuts on the 14th December 2007 edition of Friday Night Mayhem, and even aired a new video - To_Night to hype it up. The pair impressively defeated Triple X and Leatherface in a tag team encounter. Bulla and Domino won the encounter, and after the match Triple X vanished, only to emerge a few moments later with the word "Lowly" written on his chest in blood. Bulla and Domino claimed right from the start that the "Lowly" were to be punished.

The Unveiling

At Final Destination 2007, on New Year's Eve 2007, Magnus Bulla and Extremus Domino fought a match with Cryme Tyme for the DXX Tag Team Titles. Bulla and Domino were victorious, and had previously promised everyone connected with DXX that they would reveal their true identities at the event.

Extremus Domino was the first to unmask himself, revealing himself to be Josh Impact.

He then went and introduced the true identity of Magnua Bulla 22:13, and the man behind the mask was soon revealed to be Mr. McMahon.

The Code

"Magnus Bulla" literally translates from Latin into "The Big Boss". Seeing as how McMahon created DXX and was the first Chairman and effective Commissioner, both McMahon and Impact agreed this to be a good name for the character.

The 22:13 after the name stood for McMahon's initials - V being the 22nd letter of the alphabet, and M being the 13th. Impact's initials in Extremus Domino 10:9 were reflected in an identical fashion.

9, 10 - Bulla's Back Again

Early March 2009, a promo featuring a familiar house - thought to be McMahon's mansion - was published to DXX fans.

The scene was of a very dark and sombre nature - with a single candle being visible from the other side of the window.

As the scene progressed, it slowly teased that Magnus Bulla had risen again. This was confirmed at the very end of the segment, when the light reflected on his steel mask, and his catchphrase could be heard - "No man is safe, no man is exempt, every man is a target."

This was the precursor to a number of similar promos leading to his in-ring return two weeks later in a triple threat match with Lucas King and Robert Roode - a match in which Bulla came out on top, for a glorious return to DXX.

The following week, however, Bulla fell victim to a shocking defeat at the hands of DJ Hipp. Ironically, this was being billed as the first ever meeting between the pair, though Hipp was involved in many battles with Bulla's alter-ego, Mr. McMahon.

It has also been implied that Bulla was behind the kidknapping of Lucas Mitchell a few months back, but this issue has not been fully confirmed nor addressed on Mayhem to the point of stating this as fact.

Memory Loss

Over the course of the weeks since returning to DXX TV, it has become slowly apparent that Magnus Bulla has no recollection of his alter-ego. The world knows it to be Mr. McMahon, but for some strange reason, Bulla's final recollection was winning the World Tag Titles with Extremus Domino 15 months ago, and then nothing until very recently. This time gap is clearly when McMahon was wrestling un-masked and under his own guise, though Bulla seems unable to recap this time.

He does have memories that seem subconscious, however. He has claimed to have known DJ Hipp from somewhere before, but he knows not where. He pictures epic bloody battles, but yet he cannot seem to reason as to why both men are still alive - battles are to the death in Bulla's opinion.

Plotting Against The Hood

Magnus Bulla now seems to have a score to settle with the Hood Tribe - led by his conqueror DJ Hipp - and the seeds have been planted for a feud.

He hacked DXX's website,, and posted an ominous video prophesizing the destruction of the Hood Tribe, with some of his old style text comments accompanying the visuals.

He has implied that a ministry is coming - though admits himself he does not know where, when or who this "Ministry" is.

Magnus Bulla is currently embroiled in a feud with Magnum Champion Dr. Cube, and has a shot at Cube's Magnum title at the DXX PPV Eye for an Eye (2009).

Wrestlemania 3

Magnus Bulla made his first Wrestlemania appearance at Wrestlemania 3, where he defeated Hood Tribe member Shad Moss in the curtain jerker of the evening.

Despite Bulla's existence before Wrestlemania 2, by the time the event came he had returned to his alter-ego Mr. McMahon, who was defeated by Rocco Ross at the second annual Wrestlemania.


A seventh Magnus Bulla 22:13 and Extremus Domino 10:9 video, named Reveal was later found to have been in McMahon's profile / signature since "a week before the MB storyline started", though this video was never aired on DXX TV. The video basically explained the code involved for the MB pseudonym, though one was never found for ED 10:9.

The concepts of Magnus Bulla and Extremus Domino were initially discussed between Impact and McMahon way back in the May - some 6 months before the first video aired on Mayhem. Many accused the pair of copying some well known hype tactics from a bigger promotion, but a promo which aired back in the May of 2007 proves this to not be the case. It teases an eventual McMahon return, with the tagline "No man is safe. No man is exempt. Every man is a target". This is also the tagline for the first Bulla & Domino video, Safe_Exempt_Target_1. No-one seemed to pick up on the connection.

McMahon claims that the original vision of Magnus Bulla was the demon on the cover of the old "Carmageddon" PC Racing game, and most of the videos were written and encoded using this image. However, a man in a steel mask was later used to portray the character.

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