Final Destination 2007

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PPV Info
Image:Final Destination.jpg
PPV Name Final Destination
Brand(s) Massacre/Mayhem
Date December 31st 2007
Venue Unknown
City Unknown
Last Event Survivor Series
Next Event The Rebirth

Final Destination is an annual Pay-Per-View event produced by D-Generation XX and is shared by both Massacre and Mayhem. So far only one event has aired, which took place on December 31st 2007.

The show featured three main events, one by each brand and a special cross-brand match. Massacres main event featured Rocco Ross vs Chris Jericho wrestling for the vacant DXX Title, Mayhems featured Nabeel Nawaz defending his DXX World Heavyweight Title against DJ Hipp and the special cross-brand main event saw Crisis taking on Angel of Death.


  • Luke McQuillan defeated Scottie and Chris O'Leary in a Bar Room Brawl Triple Threat Match
    • McQuillan pinned Scottie after hitting his LMc on his opponent through a pool table
  • Chris Jericho defeated Rocco Ross to win the vacant DXX Title in a Ladder Match
    • Jericho climbed the ladder to grad the title after hitting Ross with a missile dropkick
  • Crisis defeated Angel of Death
    • Crisis pinned Angel of Death after hitting him with a fire extinguisher
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