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DJ Hipp
Daughter Girl Hipp
Son Boy Hipp
Ex-Wife Jennifer
Brother-In-Law Shad Moss
From Chicago, Illinois
Born 1978
Debut 2007
Death 2011

DJ Hipp was a professional wrestler, who worked previously for DXX on Friday Night Mayhem. He was part of the Immortal Sinners, and a DXX Universe Champion. He briefly left DXX in 2008, but rejoined after his induction into the DXX Hall of Fame. After his Hood Tribe was starting to fall apart, Hipp left DXX again. He would undergo a grave transformation in 2010, before joining Evolved, and later World Combat League. When those two companies fell, DJ Hipp teamed with Steve Storme to create Fourth Dimension Kombat, aka 4DK. At the final 4DK show, DJ Hipp was killed after saving the crowd from a bomb explosion.





A man by the name of DJ Hipp made his DXX debut on July 19th, 2007. Immediately, he found himself on a losing streak, being placed in 4 ways and Hardcore matches, he wasn't too comfortable in DXX. Soon, he gained the nickname of "The Anti-Hardcore Superstar" due to his disgust of Hardcore Wrestling. For three or four months, he put on many great matches but always came up short.

DJ Hipp is the only man in DXX history, to hold a DXX title before he even won a match. Ace had previously won the DXX Tag Team Titles, but when his partner got injured he needed a new one or he would have to vacate the titles. DJ Hipp accepted Ace's offer to team up, officially becoming one half of the tag team champions. Ace and DJ Hipp would lose the Tag Titles to Rated HBK, when DJ Hipp walked away from the match, letting Ace get beat. It was later revealed DJ Hipp had found a new partner, James Kidd.

James Kidd, who at the time was United States Champion, saw potential in DJ Hipp. They formed a team called the Better World Order, and Hipp was finally getting some wins. When James Kidd won the US Championship, Chloe Layfield became his number one contender. Being James's friend, Hipp got involved after Orton tryed to cheat to help his girlfriend Chloe. Hipp fought Randy a few weeks later but Orton sneak attacked him at the start of the match. DJ then fought Chloe and just as DJ was about to win, the ref was distracted and Orton ran in the ring only to give Hipp an RKO. Chloe ended up winning after Orton's blatant cheating once again. But it didn't really escalate like they hoped as James Kidd got arrested for attempting to blow up a building,leaving Hipp with no partner for the Survivor Series tournament to crown a new Hardcore Champion. DJ ended up teaming with, and eventually defeating The Boss to become Hardcore Champion.

After James Kidd was arrested, Chloe left DXX and Orton became the new Mayhem GM, so Hipp had nothing to do. He formed "The Fight Club" which includedThe Rock, Trish Stratus, and Daniel Micheals. When the other three members of the Fight Club all left DXX, Hipp's plans went down the drain and it was back to singles competition.

On November 11, 2007 DJ Hipp became the new DXX Hardcore CHampion, defeating The Boss, who he had teamed up with a few weeks before to defeat Undertaker and Rey Mysterio which is what got them to the title match in the first place. 4 months later, DJ had still held the championship, having defended it against Wes Zephiniah, The Rock, and Angeldust. The belt was never lost by Hipp as it was instead fused into the Universe Championship.

In what started out as a (Hardcore) Champion vs (World Heavyweight) Champion match, DJ had beaten down Nabz for the whole match until the opppurtunistic Nabz rolled up DJ and stole the victory. Then, DJ Teamed with Trish Stratus to defeat Nabeel Nawaz and Brittany Rivers after Orton attacked Rivers for reasons unknown and Hipp beat down Nabz on the outside. At Final Destination DJ and Nabz fought once more, this time for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship. Just when everyone thought DJ had the match won, Nabeel once again used his "tactics" to get a victory against The Lucha Thug. Soon after, Nabz was traded to Massacre and this feud had been put on hold. Then, a few months later Nabeel was traded back to Mayhem. Just two weeks later, DJ was granted his third chance at Nabeel, and as they say "The third times the charm" as now DXX World Heavyweight Champion DJ Hipp defeated Nabeel with a Cop Killa to end this feud.


After finally getting his re-match against Orton in the Semi Finals of the DXX WHC Tournament, he had the match won until new Mayhem GM Carari Grey changed the rules in Ortons favor causing DJ to lose after four RKO's and suffering a de-tached retina. Soon, Hipp entered a heated fued between Orton and McMahon, creating a 3 way fued. Hipp single handedly dstroyed Vince's faction, The Corperation before getting a stable of his own to face Orton's squad Evolution.

The Immortal Sinners was formed in February 2008 on Mayhem, when DJ Hipp, The Rock, and Kenny Dykstra attacked Orton's Evolution after a match. The next week, Carari Grey would join the Sinners, superkicking Vince McMahon and turning her back on him. At Dead On Arrival, DJ Hipp defeated Randy Orton to win the DXX World Heavyweight Championship for the first time, in a Security Prison Guard Death Match. As a result, Orton left Mayhem and his fued with Hipp finally ended.

Carari Grey made an announcement that in the main event of Wrestlemania II, all Mayhem champions would face off, in a match where the winner would get all the titles, as they would merge into the new Universe Championship. DJ Hipp was both the Hardcore Champion and the DXX World Heavyweight Champion. The Rock was Television Champion, Kenny Dykstra was the United States Champion, and the fourth man in the match, Floyd Mayweather Jr., did not have any title. DJ Hipp would win the match, winning all the titles and becoming the first ever Universe Champion.

Pic from the videopackage highlighting the feud between Mr.McMahon , and DJ Hipp

After DXX Wrestlemania 2, one half of the DXX World Tag Team Champions in the Rock left DXX which left Kenny Dykstra without a championship partner. It was obvious who Dykstra's pick for a replacement would be, his stablemate, DJ Hipp. Hipp & Dykstra became Tag Champions and would never lose the belts, which they held for a record long time. They defeated Vince McMahon & Slain on the May 2nd edition of Friday Night Mayhem.

When his original opponent, Chris Jericho, quit DXX, DJ successfully defended his Universe title against replacement opponent,Mr.McMahon at DXX Road to Redemption in a match of his own creation, the Convict's War Deathmatch with the Cop Killa.

On May 2nd's Mayhem, DJ proposed to long time girlfriend Jennifer. She accepted and they got married on August of 2008. Jennifer now joined him on-screen, as not only his manager and fiancee, but a member of the Immortal Sinners.

In the summer of 2008, Carari Grey made a match between DJ Hipp and Doctor Cube for the Universe Championship, thinking it would be an easy win for DJ. However, Doctor Cube shocked the world by defeating DJ and becoming champion. Over the next month the Immortal Sinners and Doctor Cube would feud. This lead to the infamous Pit Of Death Match at DXX One Night Stand, between Randy Orton, Slain, DJ Hipp, and Doctor Cube. To win the match, you had to put your opponent in the pit of death, and you would become Universe Champion. If you lost, you would have to retire. DJ Hipp won the match by Yakuza Kicking Cube into the pit, retirng Cube, and making DJ the only ever two time Universe Champion. It also made Cube a laughing stock, lawl.

A couple months later, DJ Hipp lost the Universe title to Josh Impact at Declaration Of Retribution.

Carari Grey was granted her release from DXX in August of 2008, after issues backsatge. Similiar to Carari Grey, DJ Hipp requested a release from the comapny on 1st September, out of loyality to Carari. His departure means Jennifer was also released.


DJ Hipp during his time off from DXX, decided to join a company called AoA, run by former Immortal Sinners stablemate, Carari Grey. There he became the first and only holder of the AoA World Heavyweight Championship, gaining two wins in one night. He briefly met Ghost on his way out of AoA, which closed down about a month later.


Hipp was inducted into the 2008 DXX Hall of Fame. Shortly after this, DJ Hipp resigned with DXX, and readied himself to return to Mayhem. Upon return, he made it clear his respect for Crisis. But he then suprised everyone by challenging Crisis to any match Crisis wants at the next Pay-Per-View, Crucifixtion. Crisis had picked an Ambulance match, which Hipp would later on win. A month later, Hipp would again defeat Crisis. DJ would pick up more wins over former foes Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr, and Randy Orton.

DJ Hipp announced the reason for his return was the bias against minorities he saw in DXX. He started a stable called The Hood Tribe, with their goal being for each member of the tribe to be elevated to main event status, or better yet, a world champion. Members of the Hood Tribe included other DXX greats such as Chad Jennings, Shad Moss, Kwhame Myles, and Doctor Cube. Cube and Chad Jennings both had success as DXX World Champions, but Shad Moss and Kwhame Myles did not reach that height. Then, a match was made where one of them would have to become champion. Kwhame Myles called Shad Moss a "maggot," which lead to the downfall of the entire Hood Tribe. It got so bad that Cube, Hipp, and another Hood Tribe member, Pete, all retired temprorarily, not wanting to pick sides. But then, when one of Shad or Kwhame was guaranteed to become champion, the racist GM added Ted DiBiase Jr. to the match, and Ted got the win and the title. The Hood Tribe officially split up.

DJ Hipp was basically done with DXX at this point. He made a few appearances in cameos in [N.Average]]'s promos, as well as managing Average a couple of times. But as far as he was concerned, he was retired.



In 2010, DJ Hipp came out of retirement to team up with Doctor Cube, and Carari Grey, in order to form wrestling's evilest stable, the Heirarchy Of Evil. They joined Evolved wrestling, where DJ Hipp had previously had success as a World Heavyweight Champion, though for some reason he doesn't have many memories of that, while Kevin Kompiler remembers it clearly. Odd. Anyway, DJ Hipp and Doctor Cube took on Steve Storme and Kyle Deathlocke in a tag match. Storme and Kompiler, dubbed by the Heirarchy as "The Silent E's" would win the match, some say due to politics, others don't care tbh. Hipp and Carari said screw Evolved and left, but Cube was stuck there under contractual obligations, until Evolved closed a few months later.

World Combat League

World Combat League or WCL, was said to be the spiritual successor to DXX. It was owned by Kwhame Myles, and the weekly show, Wildfire, was GMed by Carari Grey. However, much to his surprise, DJ Hipp was never offered a contract by Carari Grey, nor did Doctor Cube or Kwhame Myles ever mention WCL to him. Feeling betrayed by his so called friends, DJ Hipp underwent a transformation. He put on a mask, trenchcoat, and long pants, took off his shirt and grabbed a nearby magical staff named "The Hippnode," and decided to invade WCL. He also gained the ability to turn the lights off, and smoke grenade himself out of bad situations.

DJ Hipp
DJ Hipp's new look during WCL and 4DK

A few weeks into WCL's debut, WCL's staff team lost control of its broadcast one week, and for one match every week after that, a commentary team of a mysterious woman named Z.C.M. and Carari's cat Ko-Ko would call the action, despite not working for WCL. A few weeks later it was revealed this was all DJ Hipp's doing, as he'd recruited Z.C.M. and Ko-Ko to join him to make The Legion, a faction of WCL invaders. DJ Hipp and The Legion continued to wreak havoc over WCL for the next few months, even threatening to kidnap Carari's adopted daughter (that has since been retconned), Olivia, if Carari did not give in to their demands.

But Carari, who the Legion had nicknamed "Grey Fox", did not take The Legion seriously. At WCL's Winter Of Our Discontent Pay-Per-View, Carari Grey and Doctor Cube were set to take on Stephanie McMahon and Hollywood Hogan, in a match billed as the finale of the feud dubbed "Pro Wrestling vs Sports Entertainment." Before the match could start, DJ Hipp and Z.C.M. came out and demanded to be added to the match. Carari accepted the offer, and The Legion would go on to win the match when DJ hit his finisher, the Stunt Ryder Kick on Hollywood Hogan.

Carari Grey was livid. A few weeks later, DJ Hipp added Steve Storme to The Legion. With "Sports Entertainment" still against Carari, and The Legion getting bigger and better, Carari quit WCL. Within a week, WCL had died, and The Legion split up, having accomplished what they set out to do.

Sometime during his WCL tenure, DJ's wife Jennifer divorced him and told him she was Shad Moss's sister. It was a devastating hit to a broken man.


Fourth Dimension Kombat

After the fall of WCL, DJ Hipp and Steve Storme couldn't find another wrestling company worthy of their status, so they built their own. Fourth Dimension Kombat aka 4DK was built on the concept of we make our own reality cause its funnier. Hipp and Storme formed The Un-Civil Rights Movement. On commentary was Queen Z, DJ's new love interest who some thought was Z.C.M., and a puppet named Ellie Phantom that Queen Z used to talk to herself on commentary. Because it was such a different product from the rest of the wrestling world, Fourth Dimension Kombat couldn't find a TV network, and as a result lasted only a month.


At the final 4DK show, DJ Hipp was killed after smoke grenading the 4DK fans away from a bomb explosion that hit him.


DJ Hipp's family has a lot of history in the wrestling buisness. His daughter is DXX Tag Team Champion, Girl Hipp. While his son is Boy Hipp. His ex-wife is Jennifer Moss, and his Brother-In-Law is Shad Moss.

At the time of his death, his only friend was Steve Storme, as he his wife had left him, and he had left his daughter's side in order to protect her from "the man," and he faked loving Queen Z also to protect his daughter. He did not live to see the birth of his son, whose mom is Queen Z, while Girl Hipp's mom is Jennifer Moss, who had her by DJ years before they ever got married.

DXX Championships

Other Championships

Inside the Ring

  • Finishing moves
    • The Instant Sentance (Doublestomp off the top rope)
    • Yakuza Kick
    • Cop Killa
    • Tornado Bomb
  • Signature moves
    • Recording Session (ten punches to the jaw followed by a body blow)
    • Running Lariot
    • STF
    • Shining Wizard
    • T-Bone Suplex
    • Super Ace Crusher
    • Diablo Armbar (Top Rope Armbar)
  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Ghetto Fork
    • Baseball Bat
    • The Hippnode
  • Nicknames
    • Top Of The Line (2007)
    • The Lucha Thug (2007)
    • Anti-Hardcore Superstar (2007)
    • The Immortal Goon (2008)
    • The Hood Immortal (2009)
    • The Evil Hood Immortal (2010)
    • The Smoke G (2011)
    • Ruler Of The Universe (2011)
  • Theme Music
    • Hail Mary by Tupac (2007) (DXX)
    • Krazy by Tupac (2008) (DXX)
    • Last Muthafucka Breathin' by Tupac (2008) (DXX)
    • Definition by Mos Def & Talib Kweli (2008) (DXX)
    • The Rain by DMX (2009) (DXX)
    • Lose My Mind by Young Buck (2009) (DXX)
    • What Kind Of Man by Trae Tha Truth feat. Lil Boss (2010) (WCL)
    • Swords Of Doom off the BlazBlue official soundtrack (2011) (4DK)
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