Girl Hipp

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Girl Hipp
Father DJ Hipp
Mother Jennifer
Brother Boy Hipp
Uncle Shad Moss
From Chicago, Illinois
Born 1994
Debut 2012

Girl Hipp is a professional wrestler, who works for DXX on Monday Night Massacre. She is the daughter of DXX Hall of Famer DJ Hipp and Jennifer. She is part of the Fuck DXX Movement, and one half of the current DXX Tag Team Champions, with Steve Storme. She is currently undefeated at four wins, zero losses. Girl Hipp is generally quiet, and only speaks directly to her friends and family.



Girl Hipp made her wrestling debut on July 23, 2012 for DXX's Monday Night Massacre. She teamed up with Steve Storme to annihalate The Shabbazz Militia.

Girl Hipp and Steve Storme (Fuck DXX Movement) won the DXX Tag Team Titles on July 30, 2012 by winning an Open Invitational against Nabeel Nawaz & Ryan Black.

Girl Hipp and Steve Storme (Fuck DXX Movement) successfully defended the DXX Tag Team Titles on August 13, 2012 by defeating John Cena and Justin Matthews.

Girl Hipp defeated Kevin Kompiler on the August 27, 2012 episode of Massacre.

Other Appearances

On the August 6, 2012 episode of Monday Night Massacre, Girl Hipp and the rest of the Fuck DXX Movement sent a message to Carari Grey and DXX Management. They did this by lighting the ring on fire, cutting through the ropes with a chainsaw, and a Justin Beiber mini-concert. They also beat up all of DXX's security.

On the August 13, 2012 episode of Monday Night Massacre, Girl Hipp attempted to kill Carari Grey, but was stopped after being possesed by Deity Cat.


Girl Hipp is the daughter of DJ Hipp and Jennifer. Her brother is Boy Hipp and her uncle is Shad Moss.

Girl Hipp's only friends are Jason and Steve Storme, but she also hangs out with Affzilla and La Castellan, the other members of Fuck DXX Movement.

DXX Championships

Inside the Ring

  • Finishing moves
    • Vagina Cutter (Girl Hipp jumps on the opponents shoulders as if she were going for a hurricanrana, and drops them to the floor with her knees.)
    • Vagina Fist (Girl Hipp starts in spear position and runs at her opponent hitting them with a running fist to the genitals.)
    • Call To Daddy (Yakuza Kick.)
    • Dead Cop (Cop Killa.)
  • Signature moves
    • The Paradox Portal (Girl Hipp sets up three boxes in the ring while her opponent is downed, and hides outside the ring waiting for the opponent to fall for her trap.)'
    • The Paradox Box (Girl Hipp sets up three boxes in the ring and hides in one of them while her opponent is downed.)
    • The Moon & The Stars (Ground and Pound.)
    • Puffin Lah De Dah (Busaiku Knee Kick.)
    • Wake Up Bitch II (Slap followed by an Irish Whip into a Axe Kick.)
  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Her Bandanna
  • Nicknames
    • GH
    • The Smoke Girl
  • Theme Music
    • Next Hype by Tempa T
    • Look Me In My Eyes by Scarface
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