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Jennifer Moss
Husband DJ Hipp
Daughter Girl Hipp
Brother Shad Moss



Jennifer Moss also known as Jennifer, is a DXX manager working alongside her husband , DJ Hipp on screen on Friday Night Mayhem. She also managed his stable, The Immortal Sinners. She had left the company alongside Hipp in 2008, but after his induction in the 2008 edition of the DXX Hall of Fame, Hipp renegotiated his contract issues and the two were welcomed back to Mayhem.

Relationship with DJ Hipp

Ever since she was about 5 or 6 years old, Jennifer and her husband DJ have been good friends. Sometime during High School, the two began dating. They have been together ever since and the two got married on the 8th August 2008.

Relationship with Girl Hipp

Jennifer Moss is the mother of DJ Hipp's daughter and DXX Wrestler, Girl Hipp.



Her relationship with DJ Hipp then transpired over onto the screen as Jennifer signed a contract with DXX and became his valet and fiancee as of May 2nd 2008. The two got married on-screen on 8 August 2008 with Kenny Dykstra as Hipp's best man and Raisha Saeed and Sylvia as her bridesmaids.

In early September, DJ Hipp requested a release from the company, with this decision made, Jennifer was also be relased with no purpose left to serve. However three months later, Hipp had sorted his issues with the company and was reassigned to Mayhem. It is expected that Jennifer too will rejoin the company as his manager.

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