Immortal Sinners

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The Immortal Sinners

DJ Hipp

Kenny Dykstra


Carari Grey

Jennifer (valet)


Mike Vengeance

Luke McQuillan

The Rock

John Cena

Leader DJ Hipp
Promotion DXX
Brand Mayhem

The Immortal Sinners were a faction and tag team led primarily by DJ Hipp and consisting of a host of DXX Superstars throughout its life. They were formed in early 2008, and by the time WrestleMania 2 came around in March they were already the most dominant and feared group in DXX history - at one point holding every title available to them on the Mayhem brand. The group eventually disbanded in September 2008, soon after the DXX Anniversary Pay-Per-View. At the end of 2008, the Sinners were awarded the "Stable of The Year" honors at the DXX award show.

The Beginning

When DJ Hipp was in a feud with Randy Orton's "Evolution" faction and Mr McMahon's "Corporation 2k8", Jay decided it best to get some back up. After scouting Mayhem's finest athletes for weeks, he ended up picking Kenny Dykstra and The Rock to join up with him. This three way stable war had gotten intense quickly, producing many legendary matches, including the final match between Hipp and Orton in which the Sinners leader came out the winner and new DXX World Heavyweight Champion. On that same night, The Rock won the Television Championship, and Kenny already had beat Slain to win the United States Championship, leaving only the Tag Team Championships for them to gain. They did just that on the next Mayhem show when The Rock & Kenny Dykstra defeated Edge & Zachory Jones, placing The Immortal Sinners on top of the Mayhem brand for the next month leading into Wrestlemania 2.

Total Dominance

At WrestleMania Hipp defeated Kenny, The Rock & Floyd Mayweather to win all the belts and fuse them into the DXX Universe Championship. After the match The Rock left the company entirely and later re-signed on Massacre, but later left again for good. He was replaced by Mike Vengeance, and in later weeks the Sinners added Angel, FleX, Carari Grey and Jennifer to their ranks (among others) as well. For a while the Universe Title was the only belt available on Mayhem which Hipp held for some time, but after the introduction of more gold the faction were soon back on top of DXX as Hipp held not only the Universe Championship but the DXX Universe Tag Team Championships with Kenny Dykstra. Mike Vengeance held the Trans-Continental/MisFit and Dykstra eventually beat Hipp for the vacant DXX Millennium Championship for the Sinners to once again hold all the titles available to them for several weeks. They continued to dominate Mayhem for the majority of the summer.

The End of An Era

On the 5th August 2008, FleX confirmed he had left the stable which riled the remaining members, much to their opponents delight. Early September saw another blow for what was Mayhem's biggest faction when Grey was fired from DXX, causing DJ Hipp to request a release from the company in defiance. This was later accepted and both he and Jennifer quietly left the company leaving only Kenny Dykstra to carry the Immortal Sinners flag as the rest of the members gradually branched off to pursue successful solo careers.

When DJ Hipp and his wife Jennifer resigned with DXX, rumours sparked that the Sinners may reunite.

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