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DXX Tag Team Championships
Current Holders Girl Hipp & Steve Storme
Date Won July 30th, 2012
Promotion DXX
Brand Massacre

The D-Generation XX Tag Team Championships (formerly known as the DXX World Tag Team Championships) was a professional e-wrestling championship. It is the only tag team championship on the Massacre brand of D-Generation XX. It is important to note that champions are only recognised from when Massacre began in November 2007.


The DXX tag Team Titles were first won by William Regal and Dave Taylor in early December 2007. They successfully defended the titles in a subsequent rematch, but vacated them in late January 2008.

Steve Austin and Fusion claimed the gold by defeating Rob Van Dam & Kevin Kompiler plus White Cloud & Steve Corino in a triple threat tag team match on the February 4th edition of Monday Night Massacre. However their title reign was short lived as they were defeated the very next week by the
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) again in a triple threat tag team match.

At the Dead On Arrival Pay-Per-View event The X Connection stole the titles from the Machine Guns,
and eventually were officially crowned champions due to Chris Sabin's departure from DXX.
After a good run of success complimented by two impressive title defences they were eventually
beaten by James Manson and Brett Unknown.

Chad Jennings and Triple H, collectively known as The Black Hearts. On the April 30th edition of Monday Night Massacre Ross saw fit to strip James Manson and Brett Unknown of their titles as Unknown had been traded to Friday Night Mayhem. Their first defence was against Kevin Kompiler and Wes Zephaniah in a match made by new Assistant General Manager Shawn Michaels, during which Kompiler walked out on his partner allowing the tag champs to pick up an easy win.

On the May 19th edition of Massacre Jimmy James won the right to become General Manager for the week after beating Rocco Ross in a card game, and one of the matches he made for the show will feature Triple H defending the Tag Team Titles by himself against Stevie Richards and James Phenomenal in a handicap match. After Triple H successfully put both men away the team faced their next challenge, defending against Johnny Relentless and John Cena on the May 28th episode of Massacre. Once again they successfully retained after Rocco Ross hit his Power Trip finisher on Cena on a steel chair.

The teams' next defence was against Wes Zephaniah and Chad Jennings, collectively known as the Chaos Legion Mafia. The team impressed Rocco Ross the previous week and thus they were granted a title match, but their opportunity was short lives as The Black Hearts retained. For the Black Hearts' fifth defence they took on the makeshift team of Angel of Death and Raven. Once again the champions retained.

Eventually the titles were vacated due to the trade of the tag team champions to Friday Night Mayhem. At the DXX Anniversary Pay-Per-View they were on the line in a three way tag team match between The Hood Generals (Khwame Myles and Shad Moss), Abdul Shabazz & Chase Andrews and Johny08 & John Cena. The Hood Generals won the match by via pinfall. Once again however the titles were vacated after Myles' trade to Mayhem.

Currently the DXX Tag Team Championships are vacant. They were briefly retired after the Anniversary Pay-Per-View, with General Manager Triple H stating that the lack of a decent tag team division was the reason for the decision. However, with tag teams like The Awesome Union and The Miz & John Morrison emerging the titles were brought out of retirement in early January 2009, and a triple threat match between the two aforementioned teams as well as the team of White Cloud & Mitch Miles was scheduled for the January 20th edition of Monday Night Massacre to decide new champions. Cloud and Miles successfully captured the titles, both of whom belonged to the DXX Infection at the time.

Currently the DXX Tag Team Championships are held by Tyler Kingman and Kyle Evers. Before the titles were won the DXX Board of Directors released a statement on DXX.com on February 10th 2009:

"Due to an unfortunate incident with one of our Massacre Tag Team Champions we are vacating the titles. As of this moment they are now vacant, and we will have ourselves a Tag Team Title Match the week before the next pay-per-view including the Number One Contenders Tyler Kingman and DeAngelo Brown. Please be aware that the champions prior to the titles being vacated will have a shot at the titles no matter who are the present day champs at a time when everything is well."

Kingman and Brown ultimately won the titles in a three-team tables match on the February 16th episode of Massacre, however Brown ultimately vacated his half and Assistant General Manager Ricky Spears awarded it to Kyle Evers in his place.

On a special Champion vs Champion edition of Massacre, Team Camaro faced the DXX Tag Team Champions, Hayden Cameron and Kyle Evers. The team lost due to Wallace's injury, following the match it was announced that due to their win, The Brotherhood members would be the new DXX Unified Tag Team Champions and that both sets of titles would now be retired.

Current Champions

DXX made its return in 2012, and as a result, the DXX Tag Team Championships were brought back. On July 30th, 2012, Girl Hipp and Steve Storme of the Fuck DXX Movement, would win the titles in an open invitational against Nabeel Nawaz & Ryan Black. Despite them being the tag champions, Fuck DXX left DXX along with pretty much everyone else in September, and DXX has been dead since.

Championship Timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Notes: Defenses:
William Regal & Dave Taylor Rated HBK Massacre
(3rd December 2007)
*Title were previously vacant. Titles vacated after Regal & Taylor left Massacre. 1
Steve Austin & Fusion RVD and Kevin Kompiler & White Cloud and Steve Corino Massacre
(4th February 2008)
* This match was for vacant title. 1
Motor City Machine Guns RVD and White Cloud & Steve Austin and Fusion Massacre
(11th February 2008)
* Motor City Machine Guns were added by Rocco Ross, just before the match. 2
The X Connection (White Cloud & Kevin Kompiler) N/A Massacre
(26th March 2008)
* Kompiler & White Cloud stole the titles from MCMG at Dead on Arrival. Almost a month later, They were officially crowned champions. 2
James Manson & Brett Unknown The X Connection Massacre
(8th April 2008)
* None 1
The Black Hearts (Rocco Ross & Triple H) N/A Massacre
(30th April 2008)
* Ross stripped the Manson and Unknown of the titles as Unknown left for Mayhem and awarded them to himself and Triple H 5
The Black Hearts (Chad Jennings & Triple H) N/A Massacre
(2nd July 2008)
* Ross was stripped of the title as an ultamatumn from the B.O.D., in his palce Chad Jennings was awarded the title. Titles were later vacated after both members were drafted over to Mayhem. 0
The Hood Generals (Shad Moss & Khwame Myles) Chase Andrews & Abdul Shabazz, Johny 08 & John Cena DXX Anniversary
(24th August 2008)
* The titles were vacant 0
DXX Infection (White Cloud 2 & Mitch Miles) John Morrison & The Miz Massacre
(20th January 2009)
* The titles were vacant 0
Tyler Kingman & DeAngelo Brown Mike Carter & Blaze / Rey Mysterio & John Morrison Massacre
(16th February 2009)
* The titles were vacant 0
Tyler Kingman & Kyle Evers N/A Massacre
(21st February 2009)
* Brown vacated his half of the titles and it was awarded to Evers 0
Fuck DXX Movement (Girl Hipp & Steve Storme) Nabeel Nawaz & Ryan Black Massacre
(30th July 2012)
* The titles were vacant 1

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