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These are named the Tag Team Championships, but in the RAW days would have been the World Tag Team Championships, however the Tag Team Championships were the name given to the SmackDown/Mayhem equivalent before they became the Universe Tag Team Championships. It jsut makes things confusing and the fact that the Universe titles were reintroduced with a new name, means that some of the history is wrong because there were previous champions before that as given by the history on the roster page.

I just need help trying to clear this up.

I've looked through old records, and although I'm not clear on this I don't think Mayhem ever had DXX Tag Team Champions. The "All or Nothing" match at WrestleMania 2 that merged all the titles was for the major singles titles - no mention of tag titles. From what I remember Mayhem had a really poor tag team division at the time so Carari didn't bother with tag titles until the introduction of the Universe Tag Team Titles. - Assassin

Right then, well the previous holders are all Mayhem superstars, so I'll leave it as it is because Carari never mentioned a defunct Tag Team Championship basically it was retired and reintroduced with a new name. But I've mentioned that on the page already, we just have to make sure people don't confuse the two titles because they once had the same name.

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