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Fuck DXX Movement
Members Girl Hipp, Steve Storme, Shad Moss, Jason, Affzilla, La Castellan
Goal To expose DXX for what it really is, and to kill DXX.

Fuck DXX Movement, also known as Fuck DXX, is a stable in DXX. It was created by Girl Hipp and Steve Storme. Their purpose was to expose the dark truth behind DXX both past and present, and to ultimately kill DXX. Along the way they were joined by Shad Moss, Affzilla, and La Castellan. Justin Beiber would manage Steve Storme and Jason would manage Girl Hipp.


Since DXX's return in July 2012, Fuck DXX has held every title in DXX, as well as being the only people to hold any of the titles. This includes Shad Moss finally winning the DXX World Heavyweight Championship, and Girl Hipp & Steve Storme winning the DXX Tag Team Championships.

In August, Fuck DXX caused somewhat of a riot by having Justin Beiber sing, lighting an American flag on fire, cutting through the ring ropes with a chainsaw, beating up all DXX security, and lighting the DXX ring on fire.

A week later, Girl Hipp and Steve Storme organized a plan to kindap Carari Grey and hold her for ransom. They, with the help of the other Fuck DXX members, executed the plan on August 13th during Massacre. Things were going according to plan until Girl Hipp pulled a gun on Carari "Grey Fox," and was about to shoot her. Deity Cat, a cat with supernatural powers, took over Girl Hipp's mind and allowed Carari Grey to get away unharmed.

At some point, Steve Storme changed persona's completely, becoming Shyne Storme, a Stephanie McMahon obsessed version of his usual self.

On September 3rd 2012, Shyne Storme fought Girl Hipp on DXX Monday Night Massacre, in what is to this day the final match in DXX History. It may be safe to say that Fuck DXX's goal of killing DXX may have been completed.


Inside the Ring

  • Finishing moves
    • STICK UP, BITCH!! (Girl Hipp points a gun at an opponent and demands they hand over the cash, then Steve Storme rolls them up for the pin)
  • Theme Music
    • Next Hype by Tempa T
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