Angel of Death

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Ring Name(s) The Angel of Death
Handler Ayen
Height 7'0
Weight 320lbs
Date of Birth Unknown
Home Town Parts Unknown
Other E-Feds Submission Bar Wrestling
Win/loss Record 15/6
Debut Some time in March 2007
Retired August 2008

Angel of Death also known abbreivatively as AoD, is a professional wrestler who is best known for his work in SBW and DXX. He left the company mid way through an injury, deciding to follow pastures new. He is recognised as one of DXX's most dominant stars.




The Angel of Death under manager Carari Grey would begin his wrestling career in a small time promotion known as SWB, a company closed down because of the full of himself chairman who didn't think the place was going in his direction was overall foolish in business choices. AoD would go on with an impressive undefeated record in SWB and only suffer one loss. He would introduce the Devil's Pit match which held a Hell in a Cell cage, barb wire ropes and the only way to win was via submission. This match was where he beat his current rival Skywood for the SBW World Heavyweight Championship. The first title he would hold in his career. He would lose it back to Skywood a month later in a Triple Steel Cage match.



AoD would then begin his DXX career down in OVW where he wrestled and won his first match, however he would get the call to go to DXX to join Holy Man's stable something that was short lived due to personal issues and injury.

Friday Night Mayhem

In the course of June Angel of Death and Carari Grey would return to DXX in time for the draft split which held Raw and SmackDown! AoD was drafted to SmackDown! during the reign of Randy Orton and had his first against legend Hulk Hogan in which he won with the help of Carari Grey. The week after he would team up with Josh Impact to take on Holy Man and The Leatherface for the vacant World Tag Team Championship and win the match. Winning his first DXX championship and his second title in his career. However the week later with both men looking to win the DXX World Heavyweight Championship|World Heavyweight Championship]] Josh Impact back stabbed AoD in their handicap match against the debuting Jason allowing AoD to win via DQ. And be 3/0 on SmackDown! The week after he would take on Josh Impact and win again by DQ as Josh Impact threaten to deal a serious injury and use AoD to convince Randy Orton to add him to the title match at the Great American Bash making it a triple threat match between himself, AoD, and Edge.

The match would see Edge and Josh Impact double team the giant AoD and hit their most powerful moves with AoD kicking out of them all as he walked away the victor and the new World Heavyweight Champion. From that point he would face Jeff Hardy to become 8/0 and then lose his first match to the likes of a newly reformed Doctor Cube and Rey Mysterio. After months of not caring about DXX anymore AoD would lose to Rocco Ross in the Champion vs. Champion match at Summer Slam before the company merged into DXX and AoD once again left without a trace.


AoD would once again return to DXX Mayhem and take on Nabeel Nawaz, in what many to believe poor management skills he loss to Nabeel Nawaz in his return but then began to rip through the superstars of Mayhem one by one while another monster on Mayhem, Crisis started attacking AoD and took Carari Grey prisoner messing with the mind of AoD leading to the first ever Crucifxion match on Mayhem which AoD lost. They would meet again a month later in the first ever Four Corner of Hell in a Cell where AoD once again came short against Crisis. AoD once again disappeared from the company and broke ties with Carari Grey.


AoD returned oddly enough on the same night as Crisis's return at DXX Dead on Arrival in Feb of 2008 with a new manager Lemara. He would then debut on Massacre against White Cloud and pick up a victory injuring White Cloud in the process. From there he would compete in a battle royal to be included to the Money in the Bank match in which he loss and once again vanished without as much as a word to anyone. Now he is rumored to return to Massacre.

After an injury that left him out for 6-12 months, Angel of Death was absent from DXX Television, however he shortly decided to leave the company after a year and five months on DXX.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • Chokeslam from Hell
  • Powerbomb Pin
  • Theme Music
  • Immortal

  • Managers

Championships and Accomplishments

  • SBW
  • SBW World Heavyweight Championship 1x
  • DXX
  • DXX World Tag Team Championships with Josh Impact 1x

DXX World Heavyweight Championship 1x

Personal Life


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