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Ring Name(s) Carari Grey
Handler Ayen
Height 5'4
Weight 118lbs
Date of Birth 10/12/1986
Home Town Ontario, Canada
Other E-Feds SBW as AoD's Manager
Win/loss Record 1/1
Debut March 2007
Retired August 2008

Carari Grey is a former DXX and SBW superstar as well as former General Manager of Mayhem. She was the longest reigning GM to date until she was fired in late 2008.


Early Life

Carari Grey were born a black sheep in her family. She distance herself from forming friendships and weren't fond of her younger sisters that was mostly only interested in boys. She went from Black Sheep to Lone Wolf through high school and going to college. With her anger issues, distance issues, and the emotions she forced back into herself it would only be a matter before she snapped on someone. And that she did. She murder in cold blood, and got thrown in jail. According to kayfabe she was meant to die in some means in that prison but AoD broke her out, and erase all memories of those events so she could roam freely in any Country without that on her record.


She would begin managing AoD in the small promotion known as SBW (Submission Bar Wrestling) He would destroy a series of people in his path before winning the SBW World title in a match of his own making which consisted of a hell in a cell, barb wire, and submission only rules. She would manage him with that title for over a month before both left the fed.


Carari and AoD would join DXX after the company's first successful WrestleMania. She would manage him through his impressive undefeated streak and tag team, and world title runs on Smackdown. While dealing with voices invading her mind and becoming AoD's bride which wedding ceremony was cut by rival at the time, Josh Impact. After the loss of the World Title both AoD and Carari disappeared.

They would later return to DXX when the company fused to one Friday Night Mayhem. Carari continued to manage him before their feud with Crisis began and she was kidnap by him. Enduring torture and a nightmare come to life by Crisis before AoD and Crisis fought for her in a Crucify match which AoD lost but Crisis gave him back to her regardless. From there the two parted ways and she vow to never return to DXX again.

Life as a GM

However she would break her own vow when current Mayhem GM quit and a job was open. She couldn't resist the mere pleasure of being able to call the shots so she applied herself and got the job. The second runner up, and current GM of Massacre being Rocco Ross who at first applied for the Mayhem job. On her first night as Mayhem GM she fired Nabeel Nawaz and stripped him of the title after a win against Kenny Dykstra.

She would then hold a tournament for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship which had several people fighting for the right to be in the tournament. The final four being Mr McMahon, Erik, Josh Impact, and Randy Orton. During McMahon's match against Erik Carari would assist his win and join The Corporation with Mr. McMahon, Josh Impact, and AngelDust. Her run in ensure that Impact and McMahon would meet in the semi finals, the winner to meet Orton in the finals. McMahon would win, but to ensure that Orton did not get the title she threw Josh Impact into the match as an surprise entrance making it a Triple Threat Casket Match. Josh would be the one thrown into the casket as Orton was crown the first champion in 2008.

The Corporation and Evolution would meet in countless battles week after week with Evolution beating them every time. Carari then betrayed McMahon by having DJ Hipp help screw him out of his DXX World Tag Team Titles and then attacking him during his match with Hipp. Now supporting The Immortal Sinners which originally had DeeJay Hipp, Kenny, and The Rock. Rock would win the short lived Television Title, Kenny the United States and those two would hold the Tag Team titles taking them from Evolution remains as DeeJay would defeat Orton in a match she created. The Security Prison Death Match which made history at Dead on Arrival.

Carari also brought in the DXX Womens Championship as an attempt to create a Women Division. Sadly her efforts became in vain as the women division is crap to her eyes, and only just now creates it first title defense, not even on her show. And nor does she care. Though on the 26th May 2008, Grey's enthusiasm was was boosted with a promise of a higher standard of women's wrestling, she decided to bring the title back to DXX, making an official return to One Night Stand 2008, in an Extreme Roulette Match for the title.

Now Mayhem holds new championship and new staff. Rumoured that she fired JR for being sexist, and King for being a pervert and Heyman for unknown reasons as she replaced them with Lily Aurora and Cowboy Ivan. She had the two timer Todd who was working for both shows fired by DeeJay Hipp. Followed by others now having two interviewers Sarah Green and Wesley Giles and John Evans as the ring announcer.

To shake things up she announced that at Wrestlemania 2 the World, US, and Television titles would fuse together to create the first ever Undisputed Universe Championship. Some didn't like this, including the Universe Champion, but she didn't care. She knew what people wanted more than they did. She later brought in the Trans-Continental Championship now held by Mike Vengeance and the Millennium Championship who holder is to be decided in the tournament as the Millennium Division kicks off with a new set of rules. So far she has survived at the job for two months creating many enemies and rivaling Rocco Ross's Massacre. And she plans to be the longest GM in the history of DXX. But she has no plans, and no desire to ever quit her job. Though, in May 2008 Grey made a risky move in her rivalry with new DXX Universe Champion , Doctor Cube, Grey was angry how Cube had suddenly created his own version of the title deemed the Cube Heavyweight Championship, along with that he rivalled her faction The Immortal Sinners. Her issues caused Grey to make a challenge to Cube in an All or Nothing styled match, she put her role as Mayhem General Manager against Cube's championship, the winner taking both, this match took place 30th May 2008, To gear up gor her match, Grey unfairly forced DXX Commnetator Lily Aurora into the ring before ambushing her for the victory.Cube won the main event match by DQ, angry by this Carari Grey made a match for One Night Stand 2008 for her and DJ Hipp to take on Doctor Cube in a Pitfall Match, where Grey could either earn the championship or lose her job.

A week later, Carari had been attacked back stage leaving her with a legit eye injury, when asked who the attacker was. Grey pointed the finger of blame at none other than Dagger Dave, she got him arrested for this and pressed charges for harasment, even stripping him of his title match at One Night Stand, though he vowed revenge. At this time, the board of Directors and returning superstar Assassin finalised her match at the upcoming PPV, Grey angry at this tried to worm her way out of the match in which could potentially lose her job. Annoyed and bitter, Grey arranged for Doctor Cube to be punished by the team of Kurt Angle, JBL and Sgt. Slaughter, whilst Assassin was attacked by Randy Orton.

Shortly after Grey's behaviour took a turn for the worst, she became more opressed and ill tempered than usual, she also obsessed over her cat Koko, and became clearly opposed to some of her roster. With her mental helth declining, the Board of Directors took her out of action and appointed Drake White temporary General Manager. White made a number of biased decisions and changes around Mayhem, the roster clearly wanted Grey back and they had gotten their wish when she returned August 3rd at Declaration of Retribution. Carari Grey was noticeably absent during the DXX Anniversary, causing rumours she may be departing the company after various backstage issues. on 26th August 2008 Grey was fired from the company, leaving her job as General Manager. At the DXX Awards, she was shortlisted in the Best General Manager category, despite leaving on bad terms with the company, fans voted her as the winner.

In Wrestling

  • Managed

Championships & Accomplishments

D-Generation X Wrestling

  • Winner of the Best General Manager award at the DXX Awards
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