One Night Stand 2008

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PPV Info
The official poster made by The Rock.
PPV Name One Night Stand
Brand(s) Massacre/Mayhem
Date June 29th, 2008
Venue Earls Court Exhibition Centre
City London, England
Last Event Eye For An Eye
Next Event SummerSlam

One Night Stand was a Pay-Per-View event produced by D-Generation XX, featuring Superstars from Monday Night Massacre and Friday Night Mayhem. It aired live on Sunday June 29th at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, England, with every match on the card being under extreme circumstances. The Massacre main event was confirmed when on the 9/6 Edition of Massacre when AJ Styles was beaten by King Manson to earn contention for Jimmy James' DXX World Heavyweight Championship it was later revealed a third entrant would be added, determined by a battle Royale, the extreme stipulation of the match became a Bring Your Own Weapon Lumberjack Match. The Mayhem main event originally was supposed to feature DXX Universe Champion Doctor Cube taking on former champion DJ Hipp and Mayhem General Manager ,Carari Grey, in a handicap Pit of Death Match, but fortunately for Carari the board of directors withdrew her from the match meaning she'd be safe and put in place Randy Orton (who was originally promised a title shot at Declaration of Retribution) and another competitor of Carari's choosing who was later revealed to be Slain, who won an upgrade from the Number one contenders match into the Main event title match itself.


DXX One Night Stand DVD created by Ricky Justice
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