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Torrie Falconfeather
Ring Name(s) Torrie Falconfeather
Handler Nick!
Height 5'8.5"
Weight 178 lbs
Date of Birth 19/4/1983
Home Town Beverly Hills, California

The Bronx, New York

Other E-Feds UWW

WWE: Fully Loaded WWE: Universe Evolved: The Rebirth CGS

Win/loss Record 6/5/1
Debut 22nd April, 2008
Retired N/A

Christy Lorette, better known as Torrie Falconfeather is a professional wrestler, currently working for DXX as a cross brand Diva.


Independent Circuits

In 1994 when Torrie was 20 she was contected by DWF (Diva Wrestling Federation) which was a local all Diva promotion in England where she had moved for two years. In her time at DWF she had held the DWF Title 3 times and the Bra and Panties Title once and helf the DWF Tag Titles 7 times. After her contract had expired in 1996 she left DWF and England and went back to live in USA which she was later contracted by UXW (Ultimate X Wrestling). She had won the UXW Womans Title 4 times before retiring in 1997.

In 1997 she had taken a break and let her body recover after all the bumps and bruises she took in her days in DWF and UXW. In the year 2000 she started to live in Beverly Hills, California and a year later in 2001 she started her own Wrestling School.


In 2006 she got told by one of her students that she should try and get into DXX. After 2 years of failing in 2008 she was able to get a contract in DXX. Now in DXX Christy Lorette (Now Torrie Falconfeather) is able to become a world wide celebrity


In Torrie Falconfeather's debut match up, she lsot against the DXX Womens Champion Melina, however shortly afterwards her in rign skills improved and she joined the faction of Massacre' General Manager Rocco Ross, they called themselves the Balck Hearts. Intent on improving in the ring, Falconfeather approached Ross and asked for a match, to her suprise he granted her one against a Balck Hearts member Salinas. The next week, the two diva's turned sour between the two and in ring Torrie picked up her first victory. Salinas shortly left the company after. Ross was very complimentary of this victory, though Falconfeather began a relationship with fellow member Triple H. But worse was to come for her, when new DXX diva Raisha Saeed debuted issuing a challenge to Falconfeather and the other divas, warning them to stay out of her way or face the consequences.

On Massacre Torrie has issued a challenge to the two newest diva's Trish Stratus and Beth Pheonix to a match but will they accept? The two diva's accepted the match with some fighting words. Torrie won the match by pinning Beth Pheonix after a Pedigree

The relationship between her and Triple H has not been mentioned since, with the most likely explanation that the storyline was retired on screen. Falconfeather was later put out on injury following a losing effort to Mickie James.

After coming back from her injury, Torrie has befriended Mickie James yet again, but this time it isn't going to lead into any backstabbings, also she befriended DXX newcomer Lexi Lane, who Torrie has taken up as a pupil. Also Torrie, when she came back was placed in a battle royal, which she lost because of ring rust. The week after Torrie had to face Brie Bella, but due to neither being at the arena so Chris Jericho called the match a draw. Torrie had a confrontation with Mickie James about who the real number one contender for the DXX Womens Champion should be, then Jazz and Beth Pheonix got involved then acting General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin changed the womans title match at Genocide to: Mickie James vs. Jazz vs. Beth Pheonix vs. Torrie Falconfeather.

On the Massacre after Genocide Torrie has to face Jazz, could the possible new Womans Champion beat Jazz or was Torrie winning just a fluke?


In her second match she appeard this time on Mayhem agaisnt the returning Mickie James who had returned from training in Japan, Torrie then dispalyed factors of a heel towards Mickie as the two feuded together going up until the match. Torrie later won the match with her Falconarrow followed by her Falconsault. After the match had ended Raisha Saeed came and attacked both Torrie and Mickie with a chair.

Now on Mayhem 13/6/08, Torrie teams with Mickie James to verse the woman that attacked both of them Raisha Saeed in a handicap match, thsi was changed to a tag matc hwith the introduction of Saeed's client ' Plan B'. Even though that Torrie and Mickie came up short in the match. After the match Raisha Saeed, Plan B and Torrie all ganged up on Mickie. Especialy the betrayal that Torrie showed to Mickie was a surprise to all watching the match. After the damage had been done the trio looked at their work and as Cowboy Ivan had called the trio The Sisterhood of Hotness. Now that Torrie has aligned herself with Raisha Saeed it does look like at One Night Stand Raisha and Torrie may gang up on Mickie James to get the win

On Mayhem 20/6/08, Torrie face's Mickie James once more. Mickie hopes to get some revenge on what happened the previous week. Torrie beat Mickie James once again after a Falconarrow. Torrie tried to use another page out of Triple H'es book trying to use a sledgehammer. But Torrie mailnly won because of help from Raisha Saeed and Plan B.

On the Special Wedesnday Nigh Special of Mayhem, Torrie is involed in a Hardcore Diva's Battle Royal against Melina, Raisha Saeed, Plan B, Beth Pheonix, Mickie James, Trish Stratus and Daisy Vacariu

Pay Per Views

When One Night Stand 2008 took place, Torrie was seduled to face 4 other Diva's in an Extreme Roule Match for the DXX Womens Championship. Torrie came up short in the match, but she did help fellow Sisterhood Of Hotness partner Raisha Saeed pick up the victory and become the new Womens Champion.

On Mayhem while Mickie James was out in the ring, Torrie Falconfeather came from the crowd and attacked Micki from behind, also issuing a match for Summerslam, a Metal Massacre Match for that mater. It is not known if Mickie James will accept the match or not. But the whole reason is to keep Mickie James off Raisha's back.

At Summerslam Torrie Falconfeather faced Mickie James is a Metal Mayhem match, Mickie won the match after jumping off a ladder onto Torrie who was on a metal table, causing Torrie to get injured

Torrie had a confrontation with Mickie James about who the real number one contender for the DXX Womans Title should be, then Jazz and [Beth Pheonix]] got involved then acting General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin changed the womans title match at Genocide to: Mickie James vs. Jazz vs. Beth Pheonix vs. Torrie Falconfeather

Golden Oppertunity

Shortly after her arrival, Raisha Saeed was granted her request of a Women's championship match at One Night Stand 2008 in an Extreme Roulette Match this caused further tension in the Falconfeather/Saeed rivalry, Saeed seemed confident that Torrie had selpt her way to the top, but the pair eventually agreed on their hatred for Mickie James, wh owas alter added to the match, though Torrie seemed respectual of the champion Melina.

In Wrestling

    • Falconsault (Moonsault)
    • Falconarrow (99 Crusher)
    • Pedigree (When apart of the Black Hearts)
    • Pumphandle suplex
    • Roundhouse kick
    • Slap
    • Roll up pin
    • DDT
    • Kick combination
    • Northern lights suplex (sometimes followed by a bridge pin)
    • Corckscrew moonsault legdrop
    • Suplex powerslam
    • Full nelson facebuster
    • Elbow drop
    • Side head and arm suplex
    • Camel clutch
    • Big push
    • Roundhouse superkick
    • Springboard corkscrew crossbody

  • Signature Foreign Object
  • Sledge Hammer

  • Signature taunts

  • Nicknames
    • Sexiest Diva In DXX
    • The Fallen Angel
  • Theme Music
    • The Ministry Of Loast Souls by Dream Theater (12/11/08-)
    • Dream Of Mirrors by Iron Maiden (Current - 12/11/08)
    • New Frontier by Iron Maiden (Up Until ONS)
    • Save The Population by Red Hot Chillie Peppers (When First Joining DXX)

Championships and accomplishments


DXX Womens Championship (x1, Current)

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