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<tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Handler </th> <td>Brandon</td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Height </th> <td>6'1" </td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Weight </th> <td>235lbs </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Date of Birth </th> <td> October 13, 1981</td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Home Town </th> <td>San Jose, California </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Other E-Feds </th> <td> FFF IEW</td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Win/Loss Record </th> <td>6/7 </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Debut </th> <td>April 2008 </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Retired </th> <td>N/A </td> </tr></table> Dave Itzerba, best known by his previous alias' Dagger Dave and Sadistic Dave, was born on October 13, 1981. He once worked for FFF, but ended up leaving the company when Dana White, the previous owner, was voted to be blackballed from the company after showing signs of favoritism towards other superstars and firing some of the top notch superstars of the company. He then went to IEW for sometime before being blackballed after a match that would lead to the death of wrestler Fredrick Heinscheiv. He currently workes for DXX under the Mayhem brand though he has also appeared on Massacre and DXX Rated.
Sadistic Dave
Ring Name(s) Dave Itzerba

Sadistic Dave

Dagger Dave


Dave Damon

Dagger Dave Damon </th>


Full Fighting Federation

Dave started in the FFF when he was 21. He was a big sucess and brought in the biggest attendance that still is held today of 9,934 for the War Zone match, which was banned soon after the match was over when Dave and his opponent suffered injuries that could have ended there careers. When he came back, he went on to win the FFF Hardcore Championship a miraculous 23 times, before having vacate it due to a serious leg tear muscle.

When he came back, he was given a big push for the FFF Championship against Sargon and won with assistance from Dana White. He would hold the title for 763 days before losing it to Kyger Krush. He then would take the tag team championships 3 times and win the FFF Championship once more, making him a two time Triple Crown winner. After Dana was blackballed from the company, Dave unexpectedly quit the company.

Insane Entertainment Wrestling

Dave would come to IEW and remain undefeated the entire time he was there. Sadly, he was kicked out as well as his War Zone match after it led to Fredrick Heinscheiv's death.


When Dagger came to DXX, he was put on Mayhem. In his debut, he lost to King Booker in a First Blood match. In a house show shortly afterwards, he suffered a Grade V concussion that put him out of action. When he returned early, he was put up against Johnny Relentless in a Hardcore match, which he won after Johnny missed a high risk manuever and busted through the table. Dagger then would face "The Icon" Sting and beat him in record timing that won him the record for shortest match victory on Mayhem and possibly in all of DXX. He was then put up against John Cena, Khwame Myles, Mr. Kennedy, and MVP at Eye For An Eye 2008, which he ended up losing. He then was met with the return of Crisis, who ended Dagger Dave's undefeated Hardcore streak. It wasn't a matter of time until he bounced back up with an impressive handicap victory over Kenny Dykstra, Danny Stone, Mark Hunter, and Razor Ramon.

Dave was then set up to face Kenny Dykstra at One Night Stand 2008, until Carari Grey pressed charges on him for harassment, attempted murder, and assault. Dave made his way back out and into his title match when he caused Grey to spill out the truth. He got his chance of revenge in a match against her on Mayhem, however shortly after that he felt his relationship with Grey was causing her to purposely leave him off the card, angry about this he confronted her and her interior designer Leila Soleil-Darcie backstage causing him to trash her office and also allowing him to make a threat that he'd get his revenge. That night he intervened in a DXX Universe Tag Team Championship match to get one over on DJ Hipp and Kenny Dykstra, however despite his best attempts, they still retained the titles.

In July 2008, it was revealed Dave's personal issues had changed his gimmick, Dave wore new attire and announced his new name Sadistic Dave or simply Sadistic. The gimmick quickly became huge after Dagger Dave, while under the influence of Sadistic, finally defeated Kenny Dykstra for his DXX Millennium Championship with a Trip To The Asylum. His gimmick currently changes between Sadistic Dave and Dagger Dave, almost as if he has multiple personalities, therefore he is using two gimmicks in his current storyline.

After vacating his Millennium title, Itzerba went on hiatus for a couple of months, upon his return to DXX, he made his return to the brand new DXX Rated, where he wrestled under his real name to win against Johnny Storm thus dropping his personas. He then left the company on LOA once more, however he soon returned to the DXX Magnum Championship Tournament on Mayhem, he once again went under his best known title, Dagger Dave.

In wrestling

  • Trip To The Asylum (Double Underhook Facebuster) - As Sadistic Dave
  • Paranoia/Backstabbed! (Superkick) - As Sadistic Dave / Dagger Dave
  • Death By Dagger (Torture Rack GTS) - As Dagger Dave
  • Reverse DDT
  • Osaka Street Cutter
  • Enziguri
  • Piledriver
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Flying Crossbody
  • Butterfly Piledriver
  • Brainbuster
  • Frog Splash
  • Moonsault
  • Death Wish(Playmaker)



DXX Champion (1 time)

DXX Millennium Champion (1 time)

Full Fighting Federation

FFF Champion (2 time)

FFF Hardcore Champion (23 times)

FFF Tag Team Champion(3 time)

FFF Triple Crown Champion (2 time)

Inventor of the War Zone

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