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Leila Darce


Background Information
Ring Name(s) Leila Darcie

Leila Soleil-Darcie


Nickname(s) The Entrepreneuress

The Professional Diva

Date of Birth May 14th 1984
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Resides Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Height 5'2"
Weight 120 lbs
Billed From Los Angeles, California
Ring Debut 4th July 2008
Current Brand Diva
Win/Loss Record 1W 2L 0D

Leila Darcie is a Diva currently working on DXX. She often appears in non wrestling roles and segments currently on Mayhem, though she has trained briefly in DXX Rated. She has also appeared in Massacre. In 2009, she became the Divas Director of DXX.




Leila debuted on Friday Night Mayhem on the 4th July, she was introduced by Raisha Saeed as Leila Soleil-Darcie, to General Manager ,Carari Grey, under a gimmick as one of the finest interior decoraters around. Upon her debut, she got caught up in Carari's feud with Dagger Dave who shouted at both women before smashing up the office, Leila however didn't seem too bothered about the old furnitures demolition.

She then continued to appear in backstage segments, deciding on colours and schemes with Carari until she was given a minor storyline arc after being introduced to Grey's personal assistant , Charlotte Cross. At first Leila thought Cross was a technician working for DXX who she had sent to get coffee, when in fact Charlotte was getting coffee for herself and Carari, when Leila tasted it she realised it wasn't to her usual upper class standards, she then sniped at Charlotte causing the usually timid PA to avenege her ear bashing by puring coffee over the Interior designer. Leial retalliated by pouring one over Cross and a fight broke out aroudn the office unti lthey were itnerrupted by an amused Carari Grey, once they had been caught the two women acted up to Grey and pretended to get along so they didn't look bad in front of her, however their relationship would only get worse.

Interviewers, Sarah Green and Ayanna Kaktus had also been invovled in an on-going rivalry caused when Sarah Green had made a joke to Ayanna about her flirtatious behaviour at Declartion of Retribution te following week on Mayhem, Sarah Green and Charlotte Cross were overheard discussing matters by Ayanna and Leila who poked fun at the two women, a brawl then emerged casuing Kevin Nash and Carari to get involved. grey then booked a match between Ayanna and Sarah, with both Cross and Leila accompanying the two women to the ring.

With Ayanna having a distinct advance in wrestling knowledge, she dominated the match throughout until Charlotte Cross got involved giving Sarah the upper hand. However it was Charlotte's interference that gave Leila the oppertunity to attack Sarah Green and allow Ayanna to pick up the victory.

Shortly after a match was made Mayhem the following week where Sarah would team up with Mickie James to take on Ayanna and Beth Phoenix in a special Double Referee Tag Team Match, the referees being Ayanna's friend, Leila, and Sarah's friend Charlotte Cross. Adding to the Divas ongoing rivalry. In a backstage segment, it was revealed she ahd finished making over Carari's office on the 13th August. When it came to match acting as official, a squabble broke out when both referees came to different conclusions, this resulted in Charlotte angrily kicking Leila and announcing Mickie & Sarah the winners. It was then announced that at DXX Anniversary that Leila would be facing, Ayanna , Sarah, Charlotte, Mickie and Beth in a lingerie contest. Leila had came fourth in the contest despite being relatively new, Beth Phoenix and Ayanna Kaktus tailed her.

Whilst all Mayhem staff including Grey's PA, Charlotte Cross, staying with the company after Grey's resignation. It initially was unsure what would happen to Leila, however it became apparent she'd be joining the new developmental roster.

Lelia returned on the 9th December edition of Mayhem, now simply known as Leila Darcie (dropping Soleil from her name) she teamed up with Kevin Nash, to emerge victorious. She never actually got in the ring in the match angering Danny Jeremiah, who she had angered shortyl before the match with her arrogance backstage when she demanded to see Luke Mitchell.

The next week she used Nash to get a DQ against Bobby Bluehard, in another match she was supposed to have wrestled. As another punishment Jeremiah declared a Gauntlet match next week in which if Nash lost he could lose his job. However the two later met again backstage after she was overheard talking about him to Sylvia backstage. Leila flirted with Jeremiah and explained she wasn't really bothered about Nash's position in the company, Jeremiah asked her to prove herself in the company to keep her job, she said she'd certainly promise that.

Following The Last Stand, Leila was spotted backstage after Kevin Nash attacked the rumoured new Head of Security, leaving Danny Jeremiah viciously angry, much to Leila's delight. She will be accompanying Nash to the ring at Dead on Arrival in a Loser leaves Town Match which will see Nash leave the company if he loses the match against new chief of security, Justin Bradshaw, Jeremiah said she too will lose her job if she fails to impress. When the match began, Nash had beaten Bradshaw twice already, however Jeremiah interrupted the match to restart it until he got the result he wanted, Nash was distracted by this but continued to fight, however he took his eyes off his supposed friend Leila who grabbed his legs distracting him and costing him the match. Bradshaw got the win, leaving Nash fired. Jeremaih and Leila then shook hands in the middle of the ring, suggesting the two had come to a deal and that she had done enough to please him.

Following these events, Jeremiah shown Leila around the premises before introducing her to the current General Manager, the returning, Luke Mitchell. Jeremiah who had been promoted to Assistant General Manager, told Mitchell he had some business prospects lined up, he then told Mitchell that Darcie is interested in becoming the DXX Divas Director. Months later, Dustin Carter the seemingly new Director of Authority appointed Leila the Divas director and Leila made short time of telling her new employees where they stood.


On 4th September edition of Massacre, Leila appeared in a conversation with Chelsea Korka about her upcoming match, Leila also claimed the Lingerie Show was a fluke organised by DXX to flaunt the amateur Divas to make them feel better, especially Charlotte Cross. She then criticised Maria with Chelsea, but when Maria appeared from around the corner, Leila vanished but did return to comfort Chelsea when Maria had a few words of her won with her. This was her last appearance in the main brands of 2008, she would then go to Rated, though it was never explained why she made this one off appearance.

DXX Rated

After being absent for over a fortnight, Leila once again appeared on DXX television, this time she was acting as a confidente of DXX Rated General Manager, Sylvan Grenier, the two were sharing disbelief at Shane Trent's expense before being interrupted by Charlotte Cross. A week before that in unseen footage, she was talking with Grenier once more before newcomer, Jack Swagger, introduced himself to them.

The following week she was seen consoling Tristagi and asking him about his allied friendship with Grenier, they were interrupted however by Swagger, who told Tristagi (his tag partner for that night) that he better not screw up, because he doent like to lose, Tristagi returned the verbal abuse, leading Leila to interrupt them and warn them that if they can't work as a team, they can't win.

Whilst not active in the ring, Leila donned a witch's outfit to take part in a Halloween contest, she recieved a mixed reaction by the fans and lost out to newbie, Lexi Lane, however she got the last laugh when Lexi and her rival Ashley were put in a match with Amazing Kong and herself, making it her debut.

On 22nd October edition, she made her in-ring debut, complete with an atheltic entrance that wowed the fans, despite this she was still unpopular due to her gimmick. She used Kong's power to her advantage, tagging in less and getting cheap shots when the referee wasn't looking however, it was her opponents that took the win after she got a drop kick from Ashley Hise, who had also been training. In the match she debuted an impressive 540 kick, though failed to get the pinfall.

Weeks after her in ring debut, she was seen backstage slating Massacre and Mayhem with Zezi, she had expresed bitterness at being dropped from both shows, before the two turned to bullying Courtney once again, Courtney however didn't go down without a fight. This was the last we'd see of her again, before she was called back to the Mayhem roster.

She made a guest appearance at the DXX Rated supershow, where she announced a Divas Match for the DXX Womens Championship, she made it clear she was fed up with the publicity Santina Marella had been recieving compared to herself and other Divas, when the fans paid tribute to Santina, this angered Leila who made the stipulation that if Santina lost she'd be released from her contract. Despite, Courtney and Ashley Hise assisting Santina to fend off Sylvia and Shelly Martinez, Santina lost the match due to Leila hitting Santina with the title belt after the referee had went to check on Raisha. The group then taunted and attacked Santina to the brink of injury.

In wrestling

  • 540 kick
  • Back Rake
  • Clothesline
  • Leg drop
  • Scoop powerslam
  • Slap
  • Foot choke

Entrance Theme

  • Scream by Timbaland feat. Nicole Scherzinger and Keri Hilson (DXX Rated)
  • NWO by DXX Productions (2008)
  • Unstoppable by Kat Deluna feat. Lil Wayne (2009-current)


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