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Jimmy James
Ring Name(s) Double J
Handler Dustin
Height 6' 0
Weight 230 lbs.
Date of Birth 11/15/76
Home Town Nashville, Tennessee
Other E-Feds WWP
Win/loss Record 12 - 1
Debut Novemeber 28, 2005
Retired N/A

James "Jimmy" James (Born November 15, 1976) is an American Professional Wrestler turn Color Commentator for DXX on Massacre. Throughout the 1990's and early 2000-2006 was training under various trainers at WWP's farm territory tagging with trainer James Kidd. James has appeared on both DXX: Mayhem and DXX: Massacre in 2008.



World Wrestling Productions

The wrestling outfit owned by "The" Rik, having a short lived farm territory called Dynamite. It was unknown if that was because Rik knew it would explode in his face or not. Jimmy and James quickly found each other as the greatest wrestlers on Dynamite. Quickly making a tag team and winning the Tag Team championships on three seperate occasions under the team name "Double J". After winning the tag team championship on the Third occasion Dynamite went out of business. Putting the WWP into a financial uproar and the whole company died, making Jimmy James and James Kidd the last official Dynamite Tag Champions.

DXX: Mayhem

James was offered a contract in January 2008 by DXX: Mayhem General Manager, Carari Grey. He only made four appearances on DXX: Mayhem. Before being tricked by Massacre General manager Rocco Ross at Dead on Arrival and Signing a contract with Rocco Ross.

DXX: Massacre

When Rocco tricked James, he had to promise James a chance to sing his song "In my Arms" at Wrestlemania 2. The following week on Massacre James made a vignette aimed at DXX Intercontinental Champion Brett Unknown. Then singing a new song for Rocco Ross, who was confined to a wheel chair, titled "Why Doesn't Farewell Taste Sweet?" A few weeks later Jimmy debuted at Wrestlemania by singing one of his newer songs off of his hit Album, "In my Arms". The week after Mania Jimmy made his in-ring debut debut by fighting "Xtreme" Howler, to a match where Jimmy would win. Following the match Jimmy went and crushed the Acoustic Guitar over his head. Later in the show Jimmy along with tag partner and financial protage Alex Idol would go on and join team Rocco. On the 4/14/08 episode of Massacre you would go and see Jimmy beating the current Hardcore champion "Golden Standard" Tristagi. He was given the win, when Edge went and speared Tristagi through a table. After winning the match, Jimmy was granted a match at Road To Redemption against Tristagi for the Hardcore Championship. When granted a match against Triple H and Canadian Jack over Triple H's DXX World's championship. Jimmy went in with one thing in mind and that was to Become the DXX World's champion. Which happened thanks to Rocco for stopping the No-DQ match via disqualifying Triple H. And awarding Jimmy the World's championship.

DXX: Massacre(As World's Champion)

Following his win against Canadian Jack and Triple H becoming the DXX world's champion. He went on to fight against Tristagi for the DXX Hardcore Championship at Road To Redemption. In this match, Jimmy would walk out victorious and being given his second championship belt in less than seven days. On the 30th of April, on a Special Wednesday Night Massacre, Rocco Ross was supposed to throw Jimmy a world's championship celebration. But, instead he made a second world's championship and gave it to Triple H, to do this he made excuses about the board of directors.

DXX: Road Back to the Top

After Rocco gave Triple H a world's championship, making it so Jimmy's championship wasn't as prestigious. It was announced that at Eye For An Eye it would be Jimmy James versus Triple H for both world's championships. Before Eye For An Eye though, it was announced that for Massacre the week of May the twelfth would be a match Rocco Ross versus Jimmy James in a card playing match. Where if Jimmy won he would become the new general manager of Massacre for one week. During that show, Rocco lost the card match in game three of it, after Rocco made it a best two of three, which Jimmy won both one and three. The next week, Jimmy was GM so he decided to put a little spin on everything, so he made it so Michael Cole wouldn't be able to commentate, along with a few other things he did. At Eye For an Eye, Jimmy James suffered a horrible defeat by Triple H, but only lost by the referee being out, he hit the stroke and got a three, but since the referee was out Torrie falconfeather came in and broke up the count and used a pair of brass knuckles to give Triple H the win. But, the next night on Massacre, Jimmy was given a rematch, in this rematch Jimmy would win the DXX World's championship, by grabbing Triple H's tights.

DXX: World's Champion Again

Since then, Triple H hasn't used his rematch clause. The next week, Jimmy would fight best friend Johnny Relentless for his own Hardcore championship, in a match which he would retain. The next week, he had to fight another one of his best friends, that being Kenny Wallace, in a guitar on a pole match. The match would end when Jimmy broke the acoustic guitar over Kenny's head. The following week, he would have to choose two partners to take on James Manson, who was now the number one contender for the world's championship. His two partners would be, Johnny Relentless and Kenny Wallace, who he had mad up with after those matches. And doing so, he was able to roll up Manson using the tights. Next week on Massacre, it's scheduled that the returning Tristagi will use his rematch clause for the hardcore championship, to see if he could win it back. Then at One Night stand, Jimmy has to take on James Manson a man that he has a win over in a three on three tag team match, along with a mystery opponent.

Mayhem and the Ghost

Jimmy was later drafted to Mayhem appearing as a more on-air talent role, as opposed to wrestling. Since he was traded he only ever wrestled one match against the Mayhem Ghost a creature that lurked underneath the ring at Mayhem pulling its victims under, on a few occasions Jimmy would run out in an attempt to exterminate the creature, at Declaration of Retribution, James sucesfully defeated the ghoul who hasn't been seen since. Since then, James himself has vanished from our screens.

Return to Massacre

In late August it has been heavily rumoured he'll return to Massacre, his role however is unknown but is expected to be be on air talent rather than as a competitor. This was confirmed on 15 September edition, where he replaced Jackie Risko as color commentator.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Signature Moves
  • Acoustic Equalizer (Breaks a Guitar over opponent's head)
  • Metallic Riff (Foreward Russian Legsweep)
  • Into Darkness (STF)
  • The Vision (Shooting Star Press)
  • Managers
  • "Father" James
  • Gerald Brisco(Retired)
  • Nicknames
  • Double J
  • "The Chosen One"
  • "The Best in the Game"
  • "The Golden Ear"
  • "Mister Wrestling Personified"
  • "Grand Marchall of Greatness"
  • "The Flair of Confidence"
  • Tag Team Partners
  • James Manson and Brett Unknown [The Exiles(Defunct))]
  • Alex Idol[Money Clip Inc.(Defunct)]
  • Theme Music
  • La Marseillaise - French National Anthem(Since Becoming World's Champion 2nd Time)
  • Country Medley - Self Wrote(During Debut)

Titles and Accomplishments

  • WWP
  • Dynamite Tag Team Championships(3 Times) with James Kidd
  • DXX
  • DXX World's Championship 2x(1st Time Defeated Triple H by DQ on Massacre 4-21-08)(2nd Time Defeated Triple H by Dirty Pinfall on Massacre)
  • DXX Hardcore Champion 1x(Defeated Tristagi by Pinfall At Road to Redemption)
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