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Ring Name(s) Canadian Jack
Handler Jack Brady Clark
Height 7'0
Weight 300lbs
Date of Birth 1/1/76
Home Town Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Other E-Feds Elite Canadian Wrestling
Win/loss Record 1-2-1
Debut 2/4/89
Retired 2008

This is a character that Jack Clark created as a child one of his Four Alter-egos!



Air Canada

Canadian Jack debuted in Elite Canadian Wrestling after taking out World champion Tad Reese with authority taking him out with a thunderous Clothesline breaking his neck. After that he made his official E.C.W debut even though it was 3/10/2000 . He knew and so did everyone else that he debuted in 1989 making him a Legend to most people. He took out Edge in a loser leaves town for a year match. After that he met a returning Tad Reese in the form of a chairshot. Jack suffered broken ribs and a major concussion despite doctors warning he went n to compete in a triple threat match fr the World Championship. He took on Tad Reese out with the Ontario Tribute but was hit by a big right by the champ Grizzly Stan and was pinned. Later that week Jack went on to take out Grizzly Stan in a non-title match due to dq as Tad Reese went down to the ring and hit him with a chair. Jack then answered with choking the life out of Tad with a telephone cord and hanging him over the door of E.C.W GM's office Bret Hart who made a HangMan's Match Tad Reese v. Canadian Jack! he went on to win that match and more matches to come claiming Tournament cups and things. Jack said he dosen't acknowledge these reigns as any alter-ego except himself. He captured his first title on 6/25/2004. He won the E.C.W TV. Championship and held it for 4 months. He faced Edge the next year winning his first World championship in the promotion. He then lost it 4 weeks later to Tad Reese who tripped him int the ringpost and hit him with an enzurguri! Jack was pissed and got a rematch and won but lost it the following week to Christian wt/ help from Trish Stratus. And Faced him for the Championship at the PPV Blood Spark in a Barbed Wire Hell In A Cell which he won after Goring Christian out the Cell and then he got the pin. With that he went on to hold the belt 2 months before losing it again to Lance Storm. He went on destroying people and then gained it 3 more times the sixth time he faced Petey Williams who was outpowered. It was 6/14/05 and Jack had faced his toughest challenge Test and he lost. He beat Tad Reese,Edge,Y2J,Christian and Mick Foley to earn a shot at Test in an Ambulance match. Test was put in the Ambulance and Jack was crowned 7 time champion he held the belt the most as the World Belt was passed around from many Men and 5 divas. Jack finally seen disappointment after beating Roddy Piper 5/24/06 he found out that ECW was shutting down. He left as being known as the last ECW World Champion.


Canadan Jack returned to action in DXX after not being around due to him Jack not using this character he was on the Massacre brand. He made quick waste of Carlito in his first match there! He marked his first loss the following week in a battle royale that week he broke down and he didn't look happy. But he went to Rocco Ross asking him to be put in a triple threat against DXX Champion and Jimmy James which saw [TripleH|HHH]]'s gold on the line and also saw Gold slip through Jack's finger as Jimmy James won the match. But not feeling too glum he looked to the PPV Road To Redemption to redeem himself and be crowned DXX Intercontinental Champion in a five way match.

A Problem

Jack and Chad Jennings pinned two opponents at the same time and then was counted a 1.2.3 by both refs making him a not know the state of the title until the week after this show. But he is livid and he may want to cost Chad his King in the ring match up ! But then he learned that at the upcoming ppv Eye For An Eye they will fight for sole ownership of the belt which now he co-holds with Chad Jennings. Then Canadian Jack was fired after a backstage eruption with Ross making CJ a free agent and the IC title vacant.

Jack on Mayhem

Then Carari Grey scooped him up onto Mayhem in a shocking display making him now a Mayhem superstar and he vows to destroy Rocco Ross.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • AirCanada(Shooting Star Press turnt double foot stomp to the sternum)
  • Ontario Tribute (Reversed F-5)
  • GORE
  • Border Toss
  • 'Frogsplash'
  • Theme Music
  • Sweet dreams by Marilyn Manson
  • Gold Metal by Trademarc (Current)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Elite Canadian Wrestling
  • Television Championship (1x)
  • World Heavyweight Championship(7x)
  • DXX
  • Intercontinental Championship co wt/ Chad Jennings(1x)(Title wasn't really an accomplishment cuz he never claimed full belt ownership)

Personal Life

Age 32 from Pittsburgh. I love old school Rasslin' Rock and Rap. The Ladies and I have been efedin' for 10 Long glorious years

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