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Massacre also known as Monday Night Massacre (and formerly Tuesday Night Massacre), is one of two main brand shows from DXX, alongside Mayhem it was the first event bought to the company, following its WWE merge. Massacre was brought into D-Generation XX late 2007, the reason being that many more superstars were signing up and the first show was too full. It was aired on Monday Nights, giving it it's title, Monday Night Massacre.

It was originally run by Nabeel Nawaz, but upon his resignation Rocco Ross has took up the job, and after a controversial and generally unpopular run he was replaced by James Manson in July 2008.

On the 10th June 2008, Former General Manager Rocco Ross announced that Massacre would be moving to Tuesday Nights. As General Manager other members have found Rocco's often biased treatment to Black Hearts members, Triple H, Torrie Falconfeather and Chad Jennings unfair, none the less he has been praised for his match booking and ideas such as the Devils Playground which staged at Eye For An Eye. It was later announced that former General Manager Nabeel Nawaz would be taking Shawn Michaels' place as Assistant General Manager. After Ross' removal as GM he remained as Assistant to James Manson.

Rocco originally announced he was quitting the company for reasons unknown, and there applications from many different superstars wanting to replace him as GM. On July 23rd James Manson was officially announced as the new General Manager of Massacre prematurely after Rocco's removal from DXX. However only weeks after becoming the new General Manager, Manson was removed after failing a drugs test only days into the job, Chris Jericho was announced the new General Manager. Jericho's first major act as General Manager, was announcing the shows return to Monday Nights.

Jericho later announced that the 18th August show would be very special indeed as it aired from Las Vegas, Nevada. Like the Extreme Roulette Match at One Night Stand, the whole stipulation of the show would be decided by a roulette wheel.

In November 2008, Jericho was taken aside due to personal issues, despite ots roar in popularity over Mayhem, family issues meant he was called out of his on screen role. Meaning , Steve Austin, has performed duties as Acting General Manager, for the meantime until Jericho's return. White Cloud's (kayfabe) mother, has also been acting as Assistant General Manager, making her the first female authority figure of the brand. Following his issues, Jericho resigned as General Manager of the brand, leaving the BoD to find a new member, turning out to be none other than former Black Hearts member, Triple H.

After a few months on the job, creative control wanted Triple H for a more in ring role, the Board of Directors and himself later came to a decision which would see him leave his position as General Manager. At Dead On Arrival 2009 Joel Cardaci was fired from his position as Interim General Manager of Mayhem, by Lucas Mitchell and revealed himself to being the General Manager of Massacre.


The current Massacre Champions are as follow:

DXX Champion: Dagger Dave
DXX Trans-Continental Champion: Ryan Black
DXX Hardcore Champion: Kevin Newhart
DXX Unified Tag Team Champions: The Brotherhood (Kyle Evers and Cameron Hayden )
DXX Magnum Champion: Magnus Bulla 22:13
DXX Womens Champion: Kate

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