The Great American Bash 2007

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PPV Info
PPV Name Great American Bash
Brand(s) DXX & WWE
Date July 29th, 2007
Venue Joe Louis Arena
City Detroit, Michigan
Last Event Judgement Day
Next Event SummerSlam

The Great American Bash was the first jointly-produced WWE/DXX Pay-Per-View event for their DXX and SmackDown shows. The main event featured Angel of Death, Edge and Josh Impact facing off for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship.


  • Jeff Hardy defeated DJ Hipp, Scottie and Test in a 4-Man Elimination Match
    • Test was eliminated by Jeff Hardy after a Swanton Bomb.
    • DJ Hipp was eliminated by Scottie after a Scottinater.
    • Scottie was eliminated by Jeff Hardy after a Modified Hurricana Roll-Up.
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