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<tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Handler </th> <td> Elliot </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Height </th> <td> 6'9" </td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Weight </th> <td> 275 lbs </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Date Of Birth </th> <td> January 14, 1983 (25 years old)</td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Hometown </th> <td> Brooklyn, New York</td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Debut </th> <td> March 2007 </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Win/Loss Record </th> <td> Unknown </td> </table> Adrian Andrew Bane (born January 14th, 1983) is a professional wrestler, best known for his time in DXX The Rebirth most recently performing on its Mayhem brand. Throughout his wrestling career, Bane has wrestled for a few different promotions, mostly under the name of The Crucifier and under various personas (most notably Andrew Bane and Bane).
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Ring Name(s) Crucifier </th>


Early life

Bane was born in New York City, New York. Shortly after he was born, Bane's family moved to Brooklyn, New York, where Bane attended Abraham Lincoln High School.


Early career

After several years of wrestling in the independent circuit, Bane began receiving offers from various global promotions, including the World Wrestling Entertainment. He joined Ohio Valley Wrestling as Andrew Bane, where he went on to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship. He also briefly held the OVW Tag Team Titles with a superstar named Bradley Hallowell. On August 24th, 2006, Bane was forced to leave Ohio Valley Wrestling when the WWE merged with various other federations to form DXX: The Rebirth.

DXX: The Rebirth/Ohio Valley Wrestling (2007)

When DXX: The Rebirth was formed on August 24th, 2006, Bane was forced to leave the WWEs training ground Ohio Valley Wrestling when it merged with other federations. DXX had no interest in Banes contract and never signed him straight away, which is a completely different story for those like The Rock and Chris Jericho. He went unnoticed up until March 23rd, 2007 when he was offered a contract with DXX. Not having much work at the time, he happily accepted and began work right away. This is where he debuted his new character and gimmick The Crucifier. Debuting with this new and improved gimmick, hailing Satan and working as the right hand of the Devil, he stormed through various opponents, winning almost every match. When DXX re-introduced OVW Bane was sent there for some further training and to improve on his gimmick work. It was there which he featured in DXXs first ever Flaming Tables Match against 50 Cent, coming out in a winning effort.

Short Hiatus & Occasional Appearances (Late 2007)

Following a sudden loss to DXX superstar Crisis, The Crucifier disappeared from DXX television for a few months. Many people wondered where he had gone. It was reported that Bane had been released from the company and had left on bad terms. This was later proved false and he was simply on a hiatus from wrestling, recovering from a minor injury, nursing his left knee. Bane made a few short appearances every now and then, once even competing in the Main Event match of Backlash, battling DJ Hipp and Triple H for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately this ended with Bane coming out in a losing effort.

It was not until mid 2008 when the promos began to play, hyping his full-time return.

DXX: The Rebirth Full Time Return (2008)

After a much-anticipated wait by the wrestling world, the day finally came when the rumours were proved true. During the month of October, Bane made his return and his profile was put back on the official DXX website. Although he has yet to make his on-screen return, it is certain that he is back with the company for good.

Upon his return, he was given a brand new gimmick and a new look to go with it. Recent photo shoots show us that he has a brand new look, featuring short, spiky hair and wearing an all-in-one leotard, complete with his original Crucifier logo. His gimmick has been supposedly edited to give him a more talkative personality. He keeps his dark side, but has entered a completely new realm, debuting a brawler gimmick and now billed from the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Another minor change is his name, he is no longer 'The Crucifier,' but just 'Crucifier.'

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Crucifixion (Crucifix Powerbomb)
    • Clothesline From Hell (Running Powerful Clothesline)
    • Original Sin (Sit Out Spinebuster)
    • Chokeslam
    • Swinging Snap DDT
    • Running Big Boot
    • Simultaneous Punches and Elbows
    • Samoan Drop
  • Signature Foreign Objects
    • Brass Knuckles
  • Nicknames
    • The Demon Brawler
    • The Bringer of Darkness and Evil
    • The Spawn of Satan
  • Entrance Theme Music
    • 'American Bad Ass by Kid Rock w/ Bell Toll Intro' - Crucifier
    • "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica - The Crucifier
    • "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns & Roses - Andrew Bane

Championships and accomplishments

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