Judgement Day 2007

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PPV Info
PPV Name Judgement Day
Brand(s) DXX
Date June 24th, 2007
Venue Pepsi Center
City Denver, Colarado
Last Event Backlash
Next Event Great American Bash

Judgement Day was a DXX Pay-Per-View event produced by D-Generation XX for its DXX show. The main event featured a triple threat match between Rocco Ross, Triple H and The Holy Man for the DXX World Heavyweight Championship. Also at the end of the show an announcement was made by Assassin, informing the fans that a roster split had taken place and the two new shows would be RAW and Smackdown once again. Assassin would run RAW and Randy Orton would run Smackdown.


  • Freakshow defeated Test
    • Freakshow hit his Beheader finisher followed by an elbow drop to win the match
  • Giant Boy defeated Edge
    • Giant Boy pinned Edge after the 7'5" Slam
  • Tito defeated Chris Faith in a Hardcore Match
    • Tito won the match by putting Faith through an announcers table
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