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Dixie-James Pellegrino
Background Information
Ring Name(s) Robert Roode, Dixie-James Pellegrino
Nickname(s) N/A
Date of Birth January 1, 1977
Place of Birth Canada
Resides Santa Monica, California
Nationality British%20flag%203.PNG
Height 6'
Weight 250 lbs
Billed From Wall Street, New York
Ring Debut February 2009
Current Brand TBC
Win/Loss Record 0W 2L

Dixie-James Pellegrino is a Canadian professional wrestler, musician and record producer who is best known for competing in DXX: The Rebirth on Friday Night Mayhem, under James Kidd. He is currently engaging on an endeavour into the music business with a new band. He was once called Robert Roode.



DXX Mayhem

Robert Roode's DXX career proved to be shortlived, only competing in two matches. Both were triple threat matches. One was against Magnus Bulla and Lucas King and the other was against Raven and Eric Steel. Both were lost and so Roode decided to pack his bags and start a whole new career in the world of music.


At WrestleMania 3, Robert Roode announced that he had changed his name to Dixie-James Pellegrino and 'refreshed' his look. He also introduced his band and band members. These were Matt Petrovic (drums), Josh Taylor (lead guitar), Jari Lakken (bass guitar) and Mikey Henderson (guitar and vocals). He announced that the band's first album, Chronicles of a Failed Career, will be released in Summer 2009 and that the band will be performing live gigs on Mayhem and Massacre shows.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • Northern Lariat
  • Payoff
  • Spinebuster
  • Spike DDT
  • Top rope missile dropkick
  • Theme Music
  • Sorry About Your Damn Luck by Dale Oliver

Win/Loss Record

As of March 26th 2009, Dixie-James Pellegrino's Win/Loss Record stands at zero wins, zero draws and two losses.

Championships, Accomplishments and Awards

  • DXX

Nothing as yet.

In Music

  • Albums
  • Chronicles of a Failed Career
  • Events
  • DXX WrestleMania 3

Note: Latest album/event appears in bold, albums/events in chronological order.


Nothing as yet.

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