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The term Cross Brand refers to DXX Superstars who can appear on the Monday Night Massacre, Friday Night Mayhem and DXX Rated shows, more specifically the Divas of DXX. The DXX Womens Championship is a cross brand title for this reason. Some events such as SummerSlam have featured cross brand Grudge Matches in which an opponent(s) from different shows take on one another in a match.


The Introduction

Throughout 2006 and 2007 DXX The Rebirth seemed to be lacking in female talent to participate on the shows available. It wasn't until Carari Grey and Rocco Ross took over as General Managers of Friday Night Mayhem and Monday Night Massacre respectively that the Diva's division really took off. The GM's introduced a cross-brand policy for the divas, enabling them to participate on the show of their choice. A title was also introduced, the DXX Womens Championship, the current champion of which is Nattie Neidhart.

DXX Rated

The introduction of the development brand DXX Rated meant that certain superstars could perform on both Mayhem/Massacre and the development farm, this also meant Divas could become tri-branded. However no Mayhem or Massacre titles can be defended on it and in turn no Rated titles can be defended on the flagship counterparts.

Grudge Matches

First introduced as a special theme for SummerSlam, Grudge Matches was the name given to the special Massacre vs. Mayhem contests that would be happening that evening. Since then they have returned as rare special matches, primarily on Mayhem where its has been Mayhem vs. Massacre and Mayhem vs. Rated as opening contests of the show.

DXX Divas

The DXX Divas are female professional wrestlers, valets or workers for DXX. The division started off reasonably healthy but towards the end of 2007 saw a decline, since then the DXX Womens Championship has been revamped and 2008 saw a boost in female competitors. Listed below are some of them, they are cross branded and can compete on either major brand or even on its development territory. There are some Divas who are employees for a brand and do not compete, they are often used for their looks to draw in viewers, however DXX has recently been more encouraging of giving basic training to all their Divas on the roster.


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