Beth Harte

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Ring Name(s) Beth Harte
Handler Mina
Height 5'1"
Weight 100lbs.
Date of Birth October 17, 1990
Home Town Lansing, Michigan, United States
Other E-Feds n/a
Win/loss Record 9-1-0
Debut 2009
Retired n/a

Elizabeth Harte (Born October 17, 1990) is a Diva in DXX. Beth is also the first female to hold a Championship outside of the DXX Womens Championship, when she won the DXX Rated Tag Team Championship with fellow Brotherhood member Brian Daniels.

Life Before Wrestling

The circumstances of Beth's birth are unknown. But she was adopted and raised by a group known as The Mary Complex, a religious group living out in the forests of Michigan, away from society. Beth was witness to everyone in the Complex being murdered by an unknown group. Beth soon after ran from the Complex, eventually being arrested for shoplifting when she took a loaf of bread, not knowing that she couldn't just take it. She was eventually released into the guardianship of Tom Spencer, a talented social worker in Lansing, Michigan.

Beth would be enrolled in high school, but an encounter with the head cheerleader, and being saved by school outcast Alyssa Reynolds would result in Beth skipping her first day of school.

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