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<tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Handler </th> <td> Stephen Murdock </td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Height </th> <td> 5'6" </td> </tr> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Weight </th> <td> 236lbs </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Date of Birth </th> <td> October 3, 1989 </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Home Town </th> <td> Columbia, SC </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Other E-Feds </th> <td> RWC-Japan, FWF, EWC </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Win/Loss Record </th> <td> 1/4/0 </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Debut </th> <td> 27/3/06 (Pro) 19/1/09 (DXX) </td> <tr style="padding-right: 1.2em; vertical-align: top;"> <th style="width: 10em;"> Retired </th> <td> Still Wrestling </td> </tr></table> Antone Jackson Williams (born October 3, 1989) is an American Professional Wrestler most notable for his short time in RWC-Japan and DXX, where he is currently a contracted member of the DXX Rated Roster.
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Ring Name(s) Jacky Williams </th>


Early Life

Antone enrolled into Cross Training of North, South Carolina in 2005 and trained under the guidance of Roger Gleaton and along side his real life cousin (and occassional Kayfabe uncle) Alexander M. Williams. After completing his training, Antone was signed to the Radical Wrestling Cartel, and wrestled for them on their RWC-Japan Developmental program, often as a Upper Mid-Carder.

RWC-Japan First Run

On March 27th of 2006, Antone debuted in RWC-Japan under the ring name Jacky Williams, which would later become his legal name, in a tag team match as a member of True Native Assassins, using an Amazonian Warrior gimmick, for the RWC-Japan Tag Team titles, in a losing effort. Throughout the summer of 2006, Jacky Williams spent most of the time in a triangle tag team rivalry against Kevin Draven & Brett Unknown and Gazza & Prince of Darkness with tag team partner Xtreme Steve (not Xtreme Steven in DXX). The rivalry's most memorable match is the tag team barbedwire ropes match where he and Steve were victorious.

On September 11, 2006 Jacky made a Public Service Announcement found on jackydub.com announcing that he would be leaving the RWC for a much bigger promotion, the Eastern Wrestling Corp. held in England.


On January 1, 2007 Jacky debuted during a match between Johnny Anderson and Travis Kahler and assaulted both men. After the assault, Jacky announced that he was tired of being the laughing stock of the little pond in Japan and that he was here to be serious. Jacky would then go on to rival against Johnny Anderson for the EWC Heavyweight Championship.

Over the course of the rivalry, Jacky got a 5-0 unanswered streak over Johnny's hand picked opponents. At EWC's When Worlds Collide of 2007 in June, Jacky Williams went on to win his first and only championship in his wrestling career beating Johnny Anderson in a best 2 out of 3 falls match, which he would later lose to Future Wrestling Federation representative Bob Johnson.

In February of 2008, Jacky finally got his rematch against Bob on FWF turf in a steel cage match, where the loser would retire from FWF & EWC for good. At the end of the match, when Jacky was just about to get out the cage EWC Commissioner Vince Russo kicked the cage door into Jacky's skull setting him up to lose to Bob Johnson, thus retiring from EWC & FWF.

RWC Second Run

On April 5, 2008 RWC.com announced that Jacky Williams had resigned with the promotion on an open contract basis, meaning he was allowed to wrestle else where.

In June of 2008, after Brett Unknown and Spirit left former enemy Johnny Anderson alone, Jacky Williams returned as a surprise partner for Johnny in a tag title match against FAN Party's Project GENOCIDE in a losing effort. This would begin the spark of an 0-5 rivalry of Jacky and Johnny against the FAN Party. In August of 2008, Jacky announced that he was done with wrestling and went to work on his degree in Culinary Arts.

DXX & Return to wrestling

On January 12, 2009 Jacky Williams was signed to DXX's Monday Night Brand, Massacre once again using his Pure-Wrestling persona. On the 19th, at a house show in England, Jacky Williams made a successful debut against Adrian Winner, another debuting wrestler. At a special Tri-branded Mayhem House Show, prior to Last Chance, Jacky suffered his first loss at the hands of Joe Zetsinski in Jacky's second match. As of February 16th, Jacky has a total of four losses (two to the Brotherhood) and only one win.

Move to Rated Ironically, Jacky's last match on the Massacre brand will be this Monday in a house show against Adrian Winner in a rematch, although on February 17th he is officially a DXX Rated Superstar.

This morning (February 19, 2009) Jacky Williams has formed a tag team with Jack Johnson, who also uses a superior than others gimmick, which has been named "The Alliance". The team has been officially challenged by Explicit Content, which The Alliance has accepted.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • Just Stay Down, It's Over, and You're Done, YOU'RE DEAD! (Series of punches and kicks ending with a Shining Wizard)
  • Standing Shooting Star Press Leg Drop
  • Sharpshooter
  • Double Knee Gutbuster
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Ankle Lock
  • Theme Music
  • "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses (RWC-Japan)
  • "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour (EWC, FWF, & RWC)
  • "SEX" by Nickelback" (DXX Massacre)
  • "The Game" (DXX Rated)
  • "Train" by 3 Doors Down (GM Song/Rated Return current)

Championships & Accomplishments

  • Radical Wrestling Cartel
  • Newcomer of the Month' (April 2006)
  • Runner up for Tag team of the month (April 2006, June 2006, July 2008)
  • Eastern Wrestling Corp.
  • EWC Heavyweight Championship (1x)
  • Jerk of the Year (2007)
  • DXX

Personal Life

Jacky Williams has a girlfriend, Cynthia, who both met during their time at Art Institute of Atlanta under the Culinary Arts Program. Jacky is one of tw siblings that are pro-wrestlers (Jessica being the other one). He is also a member of the famous Williams Family, owners of Williams Family Hotels.

Jacky Williams is also a professional gamer, leader of SC's Elite Team which has won the first ever Crossfire Championship.

Jacky Williams is a runner up for Food Network Challenge Pastry Chef Cook-off, and owns a bakery called "That 70s Bakery" named after the hit television show "That 70s Show" with his best friend Bryan Edwards. Jacky Williams specializes in unique cake designs.

Although his cousin, Alex Williams, co-owns the RWC Jacky still does not want to wrestle for them, even with a lighter schedule being offered.

Jacky Williams is a collector of Pokemon items, and admits to playing Pokemon games backstage and on the plane/limo rides to the shows.

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