The life of a medieval princess

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You are a medieval princess raised behind the walls of the castle you call home. You have always known that one day, you would have to leave behind everything you know to become the bride of a powerful noble or foreign prince of your father's choice. But when the day finally came, you were still far from prepared.

With your heart trembling in your chest, you prepare yourself for departure in the carriage waiting outside to take you to your unknown spouse. You walk over to the giant mirror in your room.

Staring back at you is:

Arturia : A tall, golden-haired beauty with clear blue eyes and her head held high, showing none of the nervousness you feel inside.

Saya : An exotic-looking, raven-haired beauty, with deep blue eyes that have an amused sparkle.

Mia : A slender, cute girl with wavy light-brown hair, a shy look in her cute, doe-like eyes.

Amelia : A breathtakingly beautiful girl with wavy gold hair and innocent-looking blue eyes, irresistible for any man. And you know it.

Sydney : A woman with perfect curves and blond hair. You are kind of wanton and way too sexy for your own good.

Sareyna : A woman with a hidden power and deep desire yet, you're bound by ancient rights and must keep it under control.

Safira : A woman with a supernatural power that no one, not even her or her father, can explain.

Celeste : A cunning and dangerously attractive red-haired vixen with deep ocean-blue eyes. There are rumors that she is of demonic heritage.

Tessia : An attractive and fair skinned woman with eyes that are completely black and glisten with pain.

Bridgette : An extremely attractive, yet shy, young red headed woman with icy blue eyes that belie her kind nature and love of nature. She's also extremely well trained in the art of stealth and archery.

Meixiu : A brunette of Eastern descent, with golden inhuman eyes. As kind as she is, she seems to attract kidnappers wherever she goes.

Alexandra : An attractive woman with jet black hair and a teasing nature known for vexing people but you know when to get serious

Anastasia : A perky redhead with green eyes who is a bit of a tomboy. However, she is training to be a sorcerer while trying to balance life as a princess.

Andromeda : A young woman with pale skin and white blond hair. Her deep green eyes hide a dangerous power.

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood N/A Inventory:


Purse 00, 00, 00

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