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Personal Stats

Age : 22


Height : 5'6" (167 cm)

Weight : 120 lbs (54 kg)

Bust : 34DD

Waist : 25

Hip : 35

Physical description

An utterly beautiful, redheaded girl with a pinkish-white skin tone. Her face is speckled with freckles but not so much to over power her beautiful face which is on the lips of every man that sets eyes upon her. Her eyes are a very light and vibrant blue as in a mixture between the palettes of sky blue in summer and pure snow in winter. Her hair is a very deep orange and when it is in motion, it could be mistaken for an open flame. Her nose is almost perfectly pointed and turns up at the tip ever so slightly, it is hardly noticeable. Her lips are full and plump, cushioned to the touch.

General personality

She is a very kind-hearted woman, willing to do anything for those who appreciate her presence. Though she is very attractive with her large breasts, perfectly round butt, perfect face and slim body, she remains a virgin. She has dreamed of having sex so many times, her mind has become warped into a sexual frenzy. She becomes moist at the very thought of a man staring at her and when she orders one of her loyal servants to massage her feet but she is too shy to resolve the situation. She is not very skilled in close-quarters combat but is so well trained in the art of stealth and archery that no daring opponent has succeeded in getting close.

Combat Stats

Combat power : 50

Unarmed Combat Power : 8


Favorite Weapon: Long bow


Strength : Low.

Speed : Very high.

Endurance : Medium.

Willpower : Limited.

Magical Ability : None.


Offensive Spells : None.

Defensive Spells : None.

Enhancements : None.

Curses : None.

Practical spells : None.


Patience : Very High.

Diplomacy : High.

Intimidate : Medium.

Bluff : High.

Charm : Unmatched.

Sneaking : Unmatched.

Acrobatics : Unmatched.

Tool Use : Low.

Survival : Very high.

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