Sydney/In front of the mirror

From Create Your Own Story

Your father, the king, just found you the "perfect suitor". All the men that he tried to set you up with could not stop staring at you. It may be because you hardly ever where anything "decent" for a princess. You have always found a way to get away from these creeps but, this time you're not so sure.

You know that when you leave the castle, you will never come back. The thought of leaving the castle just tears you up. You discovered that you had magical powers in this very castle. You have the power to summon familiars to help you. You may be slutty but you have never actually had any intercourse. You've been close to losing your virginity many times but in the end you couldn't go through with it.

There is still time before, you have to leave the castle forever. What will you do?

Wander the castle

Prepare for your suitor

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Sad Inventory:

Purse 00, 00, 00
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