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Personal Stats

Age : 18


height : 5'6" (171 cm)

Weight : 125 lbs

Bust : 30B

Waist : 24

Hip : 33

Physical description : A fair skinned woman with dark blood red hair and fully black eyes which are filled with pain.

General personality : A woman with a sense of dark humor and very sexual

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: Chain reach scythe, Combat power : 32. (just reaching the power of an elite)

Secondary Weapon: Double sided dagger, Combat power : 22.

Unarmed Combat Power : 11. (she can face an unarmed villager or possibly a soldier)

Abilities :

Strength : low. (She prefers to use telekinesis.)

Speed : high.

Endurance : medium.

Willpower : unmatched. (She perfected the art of willpower after she was tortured after being kidnapped.)

Magical Ability : very high. (How do you think she escaped from her kidnappers)


she made her own spells as she was deprived of a spell book

Offensive Spells : Spectral arrows: the ability to send a volley of invisible arrows at an enemy,Chant of souls: the ability to absorb a soul to fuel your own magic and life

Defensive Spells : Arcane ward,Souls embrace: after casting chant of souls she has an option to use the souls to protect herself

Enhancements : Avatar,Telekinesis,Ice bubble:a protective bubble of ice combined with telekinesis can move through water and air

Curses : Soulless thrall: another option after casting chant of souls it turns all living things in an area into your own slave for 30 seconds

Practical spells : Mage hand(can be used as an offensive spell),Summon chains(useful when wanting to scale a wall)


Patience : low.

Diplomacy : high. (she is a princess)

Intimidate : medium. (she can scare you with a little help from a spell or two)

Bluff : very high.

Charm : medium.

Sneaking : low. (prefers to come out spells a' blazing.)

Acrobatics :low. (she can just use magic.)

Tool Use : medium. (she knows how things work and then she can arm/disarm.)

Survival : high. (after being kidnapped it took two months to get home.)

kidnapped at the age of 11 she escaped at the age of 13

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