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Personal Stats

Age : 18


height : 5'6" (1.70 cm)

Weight : 99 lbs (45 kg)

Bust : 32B*

Waist : 27

Hip : 32

Physical description : Andromeda has white blonde hair and deep green eyes. She has pale skin.

General personality : Andromeda is kind and caring but she can quickly become very cold and hostile. She prefers to be friendly but can be very brutal if the situation calls for it.

History : From a young age Andromeda displayed unique magical abilities. To ensure the safety of Andromeda and those around her, her parents hired the most powerful magic user they could find to teach her to control her powers. Her teacher took a long time to finally identify that Andromeda had a natural talent for Celestial magic. Knowing the massive power and danger of Celestial magic he taught her to focus her energy differently and for the first several years taught her Arcane magic. One of the techniques he taught her was to channel her power through a weapon and insisted she learn to fight. Andromeda loved this and became and expert fighter with a single headed battle axe. When Andromeda reached 14 he revealed the truth to her, that she was a Celestial Mage. From there he taught her about her true abilities. She continued to use her axe to channel the magic, but one day when she was trying a new and complex spell she accidentally lost control for a moment and killed her teacher.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: Single headed battle axe. Combat power : 55. (She has been training for a long time and uses her axe to channel her magic)

Unarmed Combat Power : 25. (She can hold her own against most opponents.)

for the statistics below, please choose between : (listed from lowest value to highest)
None | Limited | Low | Medium | High | Very High |  Unmatched.
Hint : A Character with its own strengths and weaknesses has far more personality than a 'perfect' one.

Abilities :

Strength : High. (Training with her axe has made her strong)

Speed : High. (Training with her axe has also made her fast)

Endurance : Medium. (She can keep going for a time but will begin to fall behind after some time)

Willpower : Medium. (Her magical abilities give her a slight edge here but not a big one.)

Magical Ability : Very High. (She has a natural ability to cast magic)


A list of spells known by the character and their description. (see : The Spellbook)

Offensive Spells : (Directly damages your enemies (need a fire? ..))

  • Arcane Bolt (Spell Level:Standard) : A single ball of magical energy is fired at the target creature. Deals massive impact damage and knocks most enemies off their feet, sometimes throwing them several feet trough the air. (quite similar to being hit by a sledgehammer out of nowhere)
  • Gravity (Spell level: Very High) : Increases or decreases the strength of gravity in the target location. Lower gravity allows for heavy objects to be lifted easily and can allow people in the area to move much faster. Higher gravity slows anyone in the area, a powerful magican can increase gravity enough to crush a person.
  • Black Hole (Spell level: Archmage-Class) : Creates a miniature Black Hole, drawing in anything nearby. Extremely dangerous to anyone nearby
  • Supernova (Spell level: Archmage-Class) : Creates a controlled Supernova. The caster can direct the Supernova to eject its mass in the desired direction. Anything caught in the path of the ejection will be instantly incinerated. If the caster loses control of the spell it can be catastrophic.
  • Celestial Beam (Spell level: Low) :Shoots a beam of Celestial power, incinerating a single target.

Defensive Spells : (Shields the caster from hostile effects or physical damage. (certain defensive spells like 'static shield' may damage attackers instead)

  • Arcane Shield (Spell Level:Standard) : A basic defensive shield. Deflects Arcane spells. Limited protection against physical or elemental attacks.

Enhancements : (strengthens yourself or lends extra abilities (flying, water walking..))

  • Regenerating aura (Spell Level:Standard) : You fill the air around you with magical particles, restoring the stamina of those around you and taking away the pain from their wounds. Its actual healing ability is limited to stopping the bleeding.

Practical spells : (useful non-combat spells)

  • Mini Sun (Spell level: Standard) : Creates a miniature Sun to provide light. Sizes vary from the size of a Watermelon to an Apple depending on the strength of the caster


Patience : Average. (To control magic you need a fair amount of patience, however away from magic Andromeda runs out of patience rather quickly.)

Diplomacy : Low. (Magical training left little time for diplomatic training.)

Intimidate : High. (Andromeda can be fierce when needed, and if that doesn't work then a little bit of magic often does.)

Bluff : Average. (Andromeda looks trustworthy and honest and can often convince people that she is telling the truth.)

Charm : Average. (She knows how to charm people and can be quite successful.)

Sneaking : Low. (Her pale skin and hair help her to stand out. She also prefers to come straight at a situation from the front.)

Acrobatics : High. (Her combat training involved a fair amount of this.)

Tool Use : Low. (Generally uses magic instead.)

Survival : Average. (She would survive, it wouldn't be fun though.)

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