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Spell Categories :

Arcane Magic Arcane magic is the rawest form of turning magical energy into a physical force. It is quite easy to control and can be quite useful at short range. Pinpoint attacks or tracking an enemy by its magical signature makes sure friendly fire doesn't occur. Versatile and easy to master, most mages know at least the basics of arcane magic. It is often what is first taught to apprentice mages as everyone with magical talent can use it, where elemental magic can only be used by compatible people. It doesn't really have the devastating power of elemental magic tho.

Elemental Fire Magic Fire magic has the most powerful area-attack spells. Fire mages are the most feared ones and often shunned by the people. Even more so than other mages. Their destructive powers and the fear their spells cause among the enemy make fire mages ideal for an artillery-function, unleashing devastating spells upon the enemy while they stay safely behind the lines. They are far more accurate and devastating than catapults.

Hellfire Magic Hellfire magic is the art of summoning the all-consuming lava from the depths of the earth. Solid Golems of burning rock, streams of lava that turn anything they touch into ash and the ability to fire meteor-like burning rocks at their opponents have earned this magic a fearsome reputation. Since most believe it to be the magic of the devil, it is considered a crime to practice hellfire magic. As a result of which, hellfire mages can only be found in crazed cults of devil-worshipers.

Elemental Earth Magic Earth mages control sand, earth and rock. Powerful golems along with solid offensive and defensive spells make earth magic very popular with magic knights as they can raise a solid defensive wall with just a few people or punch a hole trough enemy lines with unstoppable force. The finer arts of controlling sand are often looked down on, but sand mages can be more lethal than rock mages with their subtle but inescapable attacks and supple defense. Some old records speak of dust magic as an extremely destructive form of earth magic, but most believe these to be mere legends.

Swamp Magic Swamp magic creates mud-filled water attacks who have far more impact than normal water attacks. Once caught, escaping from a swamp-spell is nearly impossible. Slower than water magic. More difficult to control than earth magic. Few defensive abilities.

Elemental Water Magic Water magic has powerful defensive spells as well as tactical offensive spells. Control over ice allows for crowd-control by freezing opponents, Solid ice attacks and defensive walls. Fragile compared to rock magic. Most people think water magic lacks the offensive power to defeat the other elements. When fighting near a lake or large mass of water, water mages can become nearly invincible by unleashing giant tsunamis. Masters of water magic can even liquify their own bodies.

Tempest Magic In order to use tempest magic you need control over wind and water elements. Unleashing devastating storms and tornadoes upon their foes, or showering them with a rain of lightning bolts. Tempest mages have a fearsome reputation. Very few exist due to the difficulty of controlling a violent storm.

Elemental Wind Magic Wind magic is rare and often mistakenly thought of as the weakest elemental magic. Lethal lightning attacks and the ability to fly make it into one of the most lethal magics in a duel. Arrows are useless against a wind mage. A wind mage's offensive abilities are less effective against large numbers of foes than those of most elemental magics, but chain lightning can still take out many soldiers in a few volleys.

Creation Magic Creation magic is the art of creating substance from pure magical energy. It is a rare form of magic and requires vast reserves of magical energy. A master of Creation magic can do virtually anything with an adequate supply of magical energy. It is generally too draining to be very effective in a fight. Magically creating money is highly illegal, but they have no way of telling the difference if the creator is skillful enough..

White Magic Called 'white' magic because people like to believe this magic is of divine origin. It offers the most powerful (legal) healing spells known to men. White mages are often recruited as priests by the church, some larger churches require one to be skilled in white magic in order to become a priest. It offers very little in terms of offensive abilities, what few offensive abilities it has are generally not taught to priests. Paladins can use white magic to destroy the undead and certain magical creatures. (vampires, goblins, the Fae, Demons,..)

Necromancy/Black Magic Necromancy, often referred to as 'black magic' is despised by practically every religion and considered a crime against nature. Except for the occasional lunatic, the only necromancers that remain are those who know how to hide their skill in necromancy and use it only when necessary.. or while no one is looking.

Blood Magic Most people lump this together with Necromancy, but it is essentially different. Blood magic draws out power from the human body, mostly trough the blood. It is far more powerful than ordinary magic, can be used to empower any other magical abilities and very compatible with the art of summoning demons. Tho it's said to corrupt its user, blood magic is not evil by itself. Blood magic possesses healing abilities far beyond what white magic can do and is even able to restore the recently deceased to life. Not by animating their corpses like necromancy does, but truly reviving them from the dead. Most practitioners of blood magic are vampires.

Mind Magic The art of clouding or controlling an opponents mind. Mages specializing in these arts are also specialists in protecting their allies against its use. An army without any mind mages would be quite vulnerable to enemy mind magic.

Force Magic This a form of magic similar to Arcane Magic, but it uses pure physical power instead of pure mana. It is not considered magic by some, as it calls upon one's physical endurance, as opposed to mana for other magicks. This form of magic is used almost exclusively for offensive and enhancements, although it has some practical and defensive capabilities.

Celestial Magic This form of magic uses stars and space for powerful spells. These spells are incredibly unstable. One miscalculation could easily kill most mages below Archmage-class. The entire art of Celestial Magic is considered experimental, and only used as a last resort. Only beings born with incredibly high amounts of focus and mana can cast the advanced spells, and most Archmages steer clear of the biggest spells, Supernova and Black Hole.

Sexual Magic This form of magic derives from the power of a person's sexuality for power. Utilised by those who wish to use their own sexuality and body as a weapon, it includes many self-enhancements, many of a sexual nature. As a result, although males and females can both learn this form of magic, a male accolade can't perform a female spell on himself as he would be incapable of utilising it, though would be able to apply it to a woman. Most male spells are limited to increasing strength on the battlefield while female spells are a bit more varied.

(W.I.P - more magical arts may be added in the future)

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