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Personal Stats

Age : 18


height : 5'1" (155cm)

Weight : 116 lbs (52kg)

Bust : 30B

Waist : 28

Hip : 32

General description: Mia is a tiny, cute-looking girl with light brown hair and same colored doe eyes.

History: Mia is a sheltered, shy girl who has never really left the castle without a heavy escort. She has never really accomplished anything of note.

General Personality : A very shy and innocent girl who can be extremely alluring if she's oblivious to it. She has somewhat of a submissive side, though she isn't actively aware of her sexuality.

Favorite colors : Red.

Hobbies : Hiding, reading, dreaming.

Likes : Being Passive, having others in charge, Flowers and Gardens.

Dislikes : Making Decisions, talking to People, feeling Guilty.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon : Staff, Combat power : 15. (About as strong as a peasant with limited combat training.)

Unarmed Combat Power : 7. (she could defend herself against an untrained civilian...if he isn't too strong.)

Abilities :

Strength : Limited. (She's weak even when compared to other girls her age.)

Speed : High. (Her tiny figure can dart away at surprising speeds.)

Endurance : Limited. (The worst injury she ever suffered before the start of this story was scraping her knee when she tripped over her own feet)

Willpower : Low/High. (She is rather naive and therefore easily influenced by words - although her resistance against magical manipulation is High.)

Wisdom : High. (She can generally tell who means her well or ill, though she doesn't always trust her instincts and likes to believe everyone is a good person at heart.)

Magical Ability : Very High. (She has the potential to make a powerful mage, but was never trained in the arts of magic.)

Magical Knowledge : None. (She never learned anything related to magic.)


Patience : Unlimited. (People have toyed with her all her life - she's perfectly used to it.)

Diplomacy : Limited. (She's too shy to even voice her own opinion.)

Intimidate : None. (Ever saw a petite, shy girl threaten someone? Nuh-uh.)

Bluff : Limited/Unmatched. (She can't tell an outright lie without fidgeting all over the place. But if it's about simply not telling a part of the truth...)

Charm : Limited. (She hardly knows enough about sexuality to get flustered at the sight of a naked man.)

Sneaking : Unmatched. (Between her small frame and shy personality, not being noticed is her specialty. Although huge fluffy white dresses aren't very stealthy equipment... especially not in the poor district.)

Acrobatics : Limited. (She used to trip over her own feet until a few years ago...)

Tool Use : None. (Err.. mecani-what?)

Survival : None. (Has never been outside the castle without a heavy escort.)

Cooking : Bio-hazard. (The last time Mia was in the kitchen, she made an unidentifiable substance that had enough of an aroma to make everyone flee the kitchen.)

Father : Karl Raingold, a wise and benevolent ruler who enjoys a certain popularity with his subjects. There are certain factions that work against him however, the most prominent one is a faction within the merchant guild that deals with Arabian slave traders as he outlawed this practice.

Mother : Mia knows little of her mother as she died giving birth. She was known as a kind person, but few people can say they actually knew her and Mia is too shy to ask her father. The fact that he keeps her picture close and never remarried suggests he loved her a lot however.

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