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Talk Page : The Talk Page

Spellbook : W.I.P. - The old version is still up in medieval, I intend to make quite a number of changes, no idea when I'll be getting around to it though.

Maps : W.I.P. - I have a couple raw sketches about this on my 4-shared account, I'd leave a link but external links are a pain on this site. Not going to be focusing on this anytime soon.

Countries & History : The life of a fantasy princess - Background Still quite vague atm, I'll update as the countries get more involved in the story.

Story Planning :

March 2015 : Setting up multiple categories to make a structure that won't leave me painfully confused while editing my story. Content will be added later.

April 2015 : Categories are mostly finished, I've got most paths ready to the meeting with the spouse so I've started adding content, might be slow since I'm proofreading everything and changing anything I don't like (which turns out to be quite a lot. Might have to change some of the earlier content to make it compatible with later content also.)

I think I'll start by getting all paths to the werewolf ambush event en-route to Lord Ruairi.

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