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Personal Stats

Age : 20


height : 5'4" (165cm)

Weight : 132 lbs (60kg)

Bust : 34C

Waist : 26

Hip : 34

General Description : Silky black hair that has a bit of a blueish tinge under the moonlight. Deep blue eyes who usually carry a tinge of amusement, but can go into ice-cold rage at any time. trough her mother's extensive training she has gained a perfect body and graceful movements. She also bears three large scars on her body : - one on her forearm from blocking a knife aimed for one of her subordinates, they punished the subordinate quite harshly for it but she does not regret saving his life. - one on her inner thigh from an arrow that grazed her skin in a battle a few months ago, the cut was surprisingly deep and it will probably stay there forever. - Finally, the scar at the base of her throat which she got during a sparring match with her mother that got out of hand, she was starting to be able to keep up with her mother quite well and they got a little too serious.

History : Saya's mother hails from Arun's ally to the south, while their relationship is good their traditions are very different. For one, the women of their warrior are usually warriors themselves and expected to hold the fort while the men are away. Her mother especially was known as a legendary warrior and refused to lay down her blade when she got married, becoming her husbands personal guard. Saya followed into her footsteps as a female warrior and proved both her personal strength and tactical genius from a young age. Supported by her mother, she managed to convince her father into making her one of his generals. When the other generals spoke out against this, she challenged them to duel her. After 4 of the countries' most renowned generals were defeated by a 16 year old girl, the others wisely decided to acknowledge her rather than face her.

As a general, Saya fought on the front-lines during the war with Graias and gained much renown among both allies and enemies. She turned many a lost battle around and her army bit deeply into Graias' own territory despite their numerical superiority. The faces of all the men she killed in battle sometimes haunt her, but she does not regret her actions and is firmly determined to slay any who would raise their blade against her country or father. Aside from that, there is something within her that enjoys war. She hates to admit it but knows well enough nothing good will come from deceiving herself. The wicked smile on her face when she charges in like a god of death has led others to realize this as well, tho none have had the courage to say so in front of her.

On the other hand, she does not spend all her time on the battlefield and has gained another form of reputation as well. Her natural curiosity led her to explore around the castle since a very young age and she eventually happened upon a maid and one of her boyfriends. The feelings she got from watching this were firmly imprinted in her mind and she soon learned all the spots were couples often went. When she grew older and her body matured, she took it a step further and started teasing some of the young servants. That's when her mother noticed her peculiar interests and decided a thorough education on the topic was in order. If she hadn't received that education there's no way she would've remained a virgin to this age. Even so, anything short of actual sexual acts she has certainly tried at some time or another and the rumors inevitably spread.

General Personality : She is very whimsical and curious, has a high sex-drive kept at bay by her willpower alone. Usually friendly, responsible and ready to help others, but also casually brutal towards people she doesn't like. Once she gets angry, you don't want to be around. She isn't scared of getting her hands dirty when needed, but usually does so to help others.

Favorite colors : Black, Blue, Silver

Hobbies : She spends large amounts of time perfecting her swordsmanship, the graceful sight of her completely dedicated to her training has captivated many a young man's heart. She also loves to go out adventuring, exploring creepy dungeons for the thrill of it and searching for treasure. She cannot deny the thrill she gets in battles and knows she will never be satisfied living a peaceful life. She's always liked high places and took to running and jumping on the rooftops, seeking the thrill and the unrestrained feeling of soaring trough the air. Ah, what it would be like to be able to fly like the birds. She's always liked to go for a swim occasionally - not even the winter cold could stop her - but she found true passion when she went diving for oysters with a number of children in a fishing village and has since explored the bottom of many a lake or river. Without her father or anyone else knowing, ofcourse.

Likes : Informality, Confident Men, 'Cute' People, Friendly Competition, Impossible Odds.

Dislikes : Bad Drunks, Cocky people, Oppression, Misers.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Melee Weapon: Katana, Combat power: 75. (Few can match her blade. On the battlefield, she is a whirlwind of death.)

Ranged Weapon : Shuriken & Kunai, Combat power : 60. (poisoned throwing stars and heavy throwing knives. The combo of the two is very hard to defend against and usually deadly.)

Unarmed Combat Power: 35. (Highly trained martial artist - lacks the edge of a legend.)

Special Abilities :

_Regeneration : heals non-lethal wounds rapidly and prevents blood loss. This has allowed Saya to fight on the front lines during prolonged battles for much longer than anyone else.

_Purify : Cleans any foreign objects inside her body, this renders Saya nearly immune to most poisons and diseases.

_Anti-Magic Ward : Blocks hostile spells to a certain extent, very useful against curses and restricting spells.

_Dispel : Attempts to disrupt an enemy's spell or magical defenses.

Abilities :

Strength: Medium. (Strong enough to do anything an average man could do, tho you would never be able to tell from looking at her delicate frame.)

Speed: Unmatched. (She can become a blur to the naked eye when moving at top speed.)

Endurance: High. (Able to take a beating with little trouble, tho she prefers to dodge rather than endure.)

Wisdom : Very High. (Able to determine the intentions of others naturally. She is rarely wrong when she feels someone can or cannot be trusted.)

Willpower: Unmatched. (Her determination and loyalty cannot be swayed and she is far too clever to be manipulated easily.)

Magical Ability: None. (She knows how to use enchantments or simple scrolls and staffs, but has no magical abilities of her own.)

Magical Knowledge : High. (Know thy enemy, she has studied how to defend against and disrupt enemy magics. She also received a powerful talisman from a Druid whose life she saved from bandits that allows her to regenerate her wounds quickly and purge toxins from her body.)


Patience: Medium. (She can be patient if she wants to be. Politics and ceremonies bore her, but she can wait nearly forever to draw an enemy into a trap.)

Diplomacy: High. (She can talk down most people, but diplomats/bureaucrats will bore her to tears.)

Intimidate: Unmatched. (She is generally calm and slow to anger - But you REALLY don't want to push her too far. On the battlefield her aura sometimes makes inexperienced enemies turn tail and run without lifting a finger. It could also be said those were the wisest enemies, for they're the only ones to survive facing her.)

Bluff: Very High. (While she is generally rather honest in her own way, she is quite adept at manipulating people if she has to - or wants to.)

Charm: Very High. (While still a virgin, she has a very vivid interest in sexual interaction, and knows very well what turns someone on. She is quite capable of seducing either gender. that said, she does have a lot of suppressed sexual desires so seduction carries the risk of backfiring on herself.)

Sneaking: Very High. (A lifetime of stalking and observing the intimate lives of others - the lives they don't want anyone to see - makes you quite good at sneaking up on enemies too. Who knew?)

Acrobatics: Unmatched. (She likes high places and often stalks people from the rooftops. Combine that with an already amazing physical ability, and she can get past almost any obstacle.)

Tool Use: High. (Those annoying locks on closed doors didn't stop her from stalking her friends, and they won't keep her out of the homes of her enemies, either. She even became familiar with traps and alarms after she took a liking to sneaking in the treasury for fun.)

Survival: High. (She likes to go off by herself and just camp out in the wilds for a few days with nothing but her wits to rely on. And you would wonder why her caretakers all have gray hair...)

Cooking : High. (She has a knack for making tasty food from simple ingredients, mostly for her own benefit or as a reward to close friends. Don't ask for anything too fancy though.)

Father : Karl Raingold, a wise and benevolent ruler who enjoys a certain popularity with his subjects. There are certain factions that work against him however, the most prominent one is a faction within the merchant guild that deals with Arabian slave traders as he outlawed this practice.

Mother : Maya Shimazu, daughter of the Shimazu clan - one of the ruling clans of Arun's greatest ally. She was a warrior of some renown and served as her husbands' personal guard. She passed away from a disease a little over a year ago.

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