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Personal Stats

Age : 18


height : 5'3" (161cm)

Weight : 122 lbs (55kg)

Bust : 36D

Waist : 24

Hip : 38

Physical Description : With her porcelain skin and sculpted features, she looks like a work of art. Deceptively innocent-looking blue eyes and bright golden hair complete the perfect picture.

History:She's always been the most beautiful girl around, earning her the love of all the men around as well as the hatred of all the girls. She ended up with a dislike for girls as a result and takes joy in stealing her maids' boyfriends just to dump them the moment they break up with them. Her fickleness has everyone on edge around her since she might just ruin their lives on a whim for no apparent reason or a minor offense.

Amelia has shown magical affinity from a young age and insisted on pursuing the path of magic, becoming a capable mage in her own rights. She is fascinated by the concept of magic and her dream is to unravel the secrets of Mana itself though her youth and attitude problem cause most of her theories to be dismissed by her peers.

General Personality : Deep down, she's a gentle girl who values her capable subordinates. But she never shows that part of herself to anyone and pretends not to care about anyone so she can't be hurt by any of them.

Hobbies : She is immersed in her Magical Studies to the point of obsession. She holds quite some interest for the culinary arts and - though she would never admit it - enjoys good food immensely. Getting revenge for anything that annoys her is like a lifestyle and she simply can't rest easy until she gets back at whoever offended her.

Likes : Magic, revenge, solitude.

Dislikes : Critics, girls & jealousy, inferior Men.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon : Void Staff (A magically charged fighting staff that can be stored in the void and deployed for combat out of thin air at any time), Combat power: 35. (She can hold her ground as long as she keeps the enemy at a distance. Magical impact can cause severe damage)

Unarmed Combat Power : 15. (She can hurt you in some sensitive spots(_^_ ouch), but isn't really a stand-up fighter.)


Offensive Spells :

_*Arcane Bolt : Single target short-range offensive spell, slams into an enemy causing massive impact damage.

_*Arcane Barrage : Amelia can summon up to 25 magical missiles. Low-damage, mainly used for harassing enemies.

_*Frost spikes : Summons spikes of magical ice that snap-freeze anything they hit. Freezing effect is generally non-lethal but good for suppressing enemies and crowd control.

_*Flame Pillar : Summons a large pillar of fire capable of melting steel. Useful for destroying a group of opponents but takes a while to cast.

Defensive Spells :

_*Arcane Shield : Basic magical defense shield, deflects arcane spells of lesser power.

_*Arcane Wall : Creates an invisible but solid force-field that ignores gravity and surroundings. It is a static field that cannot be moved after creation, great physical force may shatter it like glass tho there will be no shards or other debris. Keeping it around requires concentration so it'll fade as soon as the caster stops maintaining it.

_*Magic-Suppression Aura : Weakens all magic aside from the caster's own in the area.

_*Sanctuary : Last-resort defensive spell. Hides caster in the void.

Enhancement Spells :

_*Aura of Strength: Raises combat power of nearby allies.

_*Armor aura : Reduces damage taken by nearby allies.

_*Avatar : Greatly increases combat power of one ally. When cast on yourself, power of the spell is increased but will cause severe damage to caster after spell expires.

Curses :

_*Weaken : causes enemies to lose combat power and become fatigued. More effective when cast on a single enemy.

_*Slow : Causes enemies to become sluggish. can be used against multiple opponents, tho the power of the spell would decrease.

_*Curse of Mortality : Drastically decreases one creature's combat power. Disables healing/regeneration and causes damage over time. This spell is powerful enough that an average man has no chance of survival. Takes some time to prepare.

Mind-Affecting Spells :

_*Dominate Person : Attempts to take control of 1 humanoid target creature. Does not work on the undead.

_*Disrupt : Disrupts an enemy's thoughts, stunning them momentarily. Very fast spell that instantly hits and never misses. Strong willed targets are less affected and may not have their current actions interrupted much.

_*Mind Cleanse : Focus your magical energy into your allies, clearing their minds of any enemy influence.

Healing/Restorative Spells

_*Regenerating aura : Restores stamina of nearby allies, minor healing.

_*First Aid : restores minor injuries and prevents them from getting worse.

_*Stabilize : Concentrated healing particles on one ally, mostly used to stabilize heavily injured allies after the battle, not really designed for full healing just stops the injury from getting worse. Takes some time to cast.


Strength : Medium. (Quite strong for a young girl. Doesn't make her very impressive on a battlefield tough.)

Speed : Medium. (She doesn't like exhausting things, and running is one of those.)

Endurance : Medium. (Breaking a nail hurts, you know? That won't stop her from scratching your eyes out tho.)

Willpower : Very High. (She thinks of herself as superior to most people, therefore she won't easily yield or act on another's advice.)

Magical Ability : High. (Although her parents were against it, she insisted on training her magical powers from a young age, and, yes, she was enough of a brat to talk her parents down at the age of 9...)

Magical Knowledge : Unmatched. (She has spent a large amount of time trying to unravel the deeper secrets of magic and could be counted among the most knowledgeable scholars in this subject. She has had preciously few chances to put all this knowledge to the test however.)


Patience : Limited. (She won't allow anyone to waste her time.)

Diplomacy : Medium. (She knows her etiquette and manners well enough, but her arrogant demeanor and short fuse are a bit of a hindrance.)

Intimidate : High. (Her tantrums are famous, as is her ability to hold a grudge. Few people enjoy crossing her for long.)

Bluff : Unmatched. (She can lie trough her teeth without even realizing it herself.)

Charm : High/Unmatched. (She has high self-confidence and is good enough at acting to make most people believe she finds them attractive, but she knows very little of actual passion. She is also completely irresistible for men who prefer dominant women.)

Sneaking : High. (Information is power, and subtly listening in on conversations that weren't meant for her ears is a great way of gaining power.)

Acrobatics : Medium. (She isn't clumsy, but she isn't any acrobatic genius either.)

Tool Use : Medium. (She can deal with a lock in case she wants to sniff about in someone else's secrets, but she's never seen a trap close-up.)

Survival : High. (Surprisingly, she can be quite independent if she so desires, but most of the time she has her maids fussing over her anyway, if only because she enjoys seeing 'the little people' scurry about.)

Cooking : Very High. (Some of her fancier dishes could put the castle cook to shame and she loves to show off this skill to people in high positions, nothing wrong with a bit of 'networking'.)

Father: Karl Raingold, a wise and benevolent ruler who enjoys a certain popularity with his subjects. There are certain factions that work against him however, the most prominent one is a faction within the merchant guild that deals with Arabian slave traders as he outlawed this practice.

Mother: Amelia's mother was an enigmatic mage who seduced her father, married him, then left right after Amelia's birth. Little is known about her, except that her father still has people out looking for her, something most people see as a hopeless quest.

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