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Personal Stats

Age : 19


height : 5'6" (171cm)

Weight : 125 lbs (57kg)

Bust : 30B

Waist : 22

Hip : 32

Physical description : A tall, blond girl with stern-looking, clear blue eyes.

History : From a young age she has always tried her hardest to be the heir her father desires. Even when she learned women cannot actually become king, she did not cease he efforts but instead tripled them. Hell-bent on proving that she - regardless of her gender - would not lose out in any way to a son. With undeniable skill in both personal combat and tactics, she eventually managed to grab her chance and take command of an army of civilian volunteers when a Graias' army broke trough the defense lines. Despite the lack of training and equipment, her forces managed to rout the invaders forcing both her father and other generals to acknowledge her capabilities. Arturia has since proven her worth many times as a general in Arun's army and her accomplishments are second to none. Even so, she is still a woman and denied the right to inherit the throne herself.

General personality : She sees herself as a warrior and regrets being born female. But deep down she's still a cute little girl. She usually carries herself with dignity, but easily gets embarrassed if anything sexual pops up. This is not helping her efforts to shake the preconceptions of the men around her. Despite her goals to prove herself being equal to any man, she is also quite attached to her own femininity.

Favorite colors : White, Blue, Gold.

Hobbies : She likes horseback riding and falcon hunting to pass the time. She also occasionally enjoys reading books and knows most books on the military arts by heart.

Likes : Jewelry, fine arts, refined people, the military arts.

Dislikes : sexual discrimination, uncleanliness, rude people, clumsiness or idiocy.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Melee Weapon: Longsword, Combat power: 50. (A fine blade-master capable of taking several ordinary soldiers at once.)

Ranged Weapon: Longbow, Combat power: 40. (She is a masterful archer, though nowhere near the best in the country.)

Unarmed Combat Power: 20. (Capable enough in her own right, she prefers to fight with weaponry rather than bare fists.)

Special Abilities :

_First Aid : If given some time, she can use magic to stabilize someone's injuries.

_Anti-Magic Ward : Blocks hostile spells to a certain extent, very useful against curses and restricting spells.

_Dispel : Attempts to disrupt an enemy's spell or magical defenses.

Abilities :

Strength: High. (She is stronger than most men. This is also a source of shame for her since her muscles aren't very feminine.)

Speed: High. (A swift runner, capable of charging into opponents at a high speed.)

Endurance: Very High. (Her body bears many a scar from rough training and past battles.)

Wisdom : Low. (She often fails to discern the true intentions of those around her.)

Willpower: High. (She is determined to prove herself as a warrior. But from time to time, she can be somewhat naive and easy to manipulate.)

Magical Ability: Medium. (She knows basic healing magic, some protection chants and enchantments to break trough magical defenses.)

Magical Knowledge: Medium. (She has studied the basics of magic but never really deepened her knowledge on the subject matter.)


Patience: High. (She has enough composure to make it through most ceremonies without yawning.)

Diplomacy: Very High. (She is intensely familiar with politics, which makes her a fine diplomat.)

Intimidate: Medium. (While her strength is unquestionable, she has a bit of a soft edge which doesn't help if you're trying to scare someone.)

Bluff: None. (She would never tell a lie and feels it to be her duty to report events exactly as they happened - even if this means she or someone close to her will be punished.)

Charm: High. (Spending most of her time with warriors, she knows how men think. She has limited confidence in her own femininity, though.)

Sneaking: Medium. (She can scout out the area from a distance without being seen by the enemy, but sneak attacks are too dishonorable for her.)

Acrobatics: High. (She has a nice athletic ability and should be able to cope with most obstacles. but you won't see her jumping from rooftop to rooftop or anything.)

Tool Use: Low. (She knows how to keep her eyes open for traps, but that doesn't mean she can disarm them. And if she needs to open a locked door, she'd have better luck trying to bash it down.)

Survival: Medium. (She can take care of herself to a certain extent, but no one would call her a survival expert.)

Cooking: Average. (She can cook as well as the next person and has some experience cooking for herself on occasion.)

Father : Karl Raingold, a wise and benevolent ruler who enjoys a certain popularity with his subjects. There are certain factions that work against him however, the most prominent one is a faction within the merchant guild that deals with Arabian slave traders as he outlawed this practice.

Mother : Arturia's mother is a strong and proud queen. A great asset to her father in matters of diplomacy. She is however, also, cold and rather distant to Arturia, though she will pretend to be very close when in public. They haven't met for some time.

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