Meixiu/In front of the mirror

From Create Your Own Story

Your golden eyes stare back at you in the mirror. Such an event has never passed through your thoughts before and it makes you shiver. Soon you shall marry and rule your kingdom. 15 years of kidnappings and torture are most of what you know. Everything you have learned in the castle was bundled together with physical training and sparring. This is not something you are prepared for. How could your father-

“Milady, I’ve laid out some outfits.” Your personal maid and friend, Nobuko, gestures to a few dresses on your bed. You calm down a bit. “You may wish to stun you fiancé with your Eastern heritage, so I’ve lain out your favorite red and gold Oriental dress, hair and other accessories, and straps to hold Sun and Moon on your thighs (just in case), with red heels. Or you may wish to appease him with a more Western look, so I’ve lain out a metal corset (for your protection milady), bustle, petticoat, etcetera, with a lovely gown which has hidden pockets for Sun and Moon, with golden shoes. Or you may have other thoughts, so I’ve lain out a leather bodice and skirt with leather boots. You could easily hide or display both daggers and throwing knives in it. Which outfit do you wish to wear?”

Elegant Eastern Dress

Beautiful Western Ensemble

Peasantry Disguise

Health 100 Equipment:

Sun & Moon

Stamina 110
Mood Nervous Inventory:


Purse 00, 00, 00
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